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Tiny Toon Adventures
You Asked for It
Season 1, Episode 20
Babs Trusting Dizzy.png
Babs with Dizzy on Graduation Day
Air date 11 October 1990
Written by Wayne Kaatz, Tom Minton, Sherri Stoner and Eddie Fitzgerald
Directed by Eddie Fitzgerald, Art Leonardi and Art Vitello
Gag credit Guy Who Says Narf - Eddie Fitzgerald
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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You Asked for It is the 20th broadcast episode and fourth production episode of the animated series Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster and Babs host a "viewer request" day. Babs dresses as a viewer named Gladys Freem, and requests the whole episode be of Buster & Babs cartoons, which Buster approves. Plucky, jealous that Buster and Babs are the stars of the show, invents a machine that can read viewer's minds to pick who will star in each segment, but becomes frustrated when it fails to pick him and instead picks Babs for the first act.

During the second act, Plucky eliminates Babs from the list of choices in the machine. However, that doesn't stop Buster from starring in the next cartoon.

During the third act, Plucky eliminates every other choice from the machine, so that he will have to be the star of the last cartoon. Buster and Babs, wise to his plan, make some adjustments to the machine as well, so that the viewers could decide what happens to Plucky.


Debutante Devil

Babs sings "Don't Fence Me In" as she burrows her way to a spot for a picnic. When she emerges from the ground, she finds out she's not in the Kalamazoo Carrot Convention. She wonders where she is, then sees a sign that says, WELCOME TO TASMANIA. Babs decides to set up a picnic spot there. She sets up a picnic blanket, lawn chair, and umbrella, and unpacks her lunch, consisting of carrot juice, carrot salad, carrot chips, and carrot cake.

Meanwhile, at Acme Looniversity, Taz tells Dizzy Devil that his homework assignment for tonight is to eat a rabbit, showing a picture of Babs on a projection screen. Dizzy asks Taz, "Is bunny yummy?" and Taz tells him, "Yes, bunny yummy!", and then eats the projection screen. Dizzy sets off to find Babs and eat her, tearing up Acme Looniversity along the way.

When Dizzy reaches Tasmania, he sees Babs relaxing in her lawn chair, reading a book, and visualizes her as a tasty morsel. After gearing up to spin, he charges through her lawn chair and sends her up into the air and landing on the ground below. Babs gets up, looks at her wrecked lawn chair, and says, "What a dump!" She hits, Dizzy and asks him why he wrecked her lawn chair. Dizzy pulls out his license, which states he has the right to destroy any and all picnics, as well as eat rabbits. Dizzy takes back his license and roars at Babs. Babs spins Dizzy, who burrows into the ground, and decides not to stick around, as she's got a "hare" appointment. She kisses Dizzy and runs away. Dizzy emerges from the ground, roars, and gears up to chase Babs. As he looks under a boulder to see if Babs is under there, someone pokes him from behind. It is Babs in a tuxedo, inside a TV set. Babs asks Dizzy, "Hey, pal, how's it going?" and Dizzy tosses the boulder aside. Babs tells Dizzy he looks lonesome, as if he doesn't have a friend in the world. Dizzy sadly tells her, "Uh-huh.", and Babs tells him he's not well liked. Dizzy cries loudly, and Babs tells him that Lady Babs' Charm school can turn a hopeless slob like him into the most popular monster in town, and leads him to a door. She tosses him through the door, and he lands near a desk. Babs, who is now in a wig, tells Dizzy that the first step to being a proper gentleman is to always knock before entering a room. She hits Dizzy with her pointer, and he dizzily was back out the door. Dizzy knocks at the door, and Babs asks, "Who is it?" Dizzy destroys the door and roars loudly at Babs. Babs decides to begin the next lesson, in good posture. She makes Dizzy carry a book on his head so he can walk gracefully and with good purpose. She puts various items on Dizzy's head, including more books, a canoe, a refrigerator, a safe, a car, a steamroller, a tugboat, a space shuttle, several boxes, and finally, the White House, which she puts on top with a crane. Babs climbs to the top of the crane's arm, and says, "I just can't help myself!" as she puts a piece of tissue paper on top of the White House. This sends all the heavy objects crashing down on top of Dizzy. As Babs goes down to check on Dizzy, his mouth emerges from under the first book, and says, "I hate you." Babs runs off as Dizzy emerges from the ground to chase her. Babs appears in a black hat, a pink blouse, and a black skirt, with her ears tied in a ponytail. She tells Dizzy that it's time for his voice class. She puts pebbles in Dizzy's mouth, and tells him that by talking with them in his mouth, he can lose his bogus accent. She tells him to repeat "The walls in the mall are totally totally tall!" after her. Dizzy does so, and Babs puts bigger rocks in his mouth, telling him to repeat again. Dizzy does so, and Babs steps on his foot, emptying his mouth of all the rocks, so she can put a boulder inside. Babs tells Dizzy to repeat once more, and he does, this time adding, "For sure!" at the end. Babs spins Dizzy with the heavy boulder in his mouth at the end of a cliff, which breaks and he falls down it.

Dizzy falls through the clock tower of Acme Looniversity, landing in a room in the middle of a boxing ring. Sweetie, dressed as a referee, counts to nine and bangs a bell repeatedly over Dizzy's head, saying, "Saved by the bell!" Taz snatches Dizzy and tells him, "The fight not over yet! One more round!", winding up the propeller on his beau and sending him flying back to Tasmania. Dizzy flies toward a door and it closes and slams into his face. Babs tells Dizzy it's time for his graduation, and measures him, to find out he is a "Size 58; Extra Portly." She puts Dizzy in a graduation gown and cap, and dusts him off. She congratulates Dizzy, leads him to a platform, and gives him a diploma. She lights a fuse, which sets off the rockets and sends Dizzy and the platform into the air. As Dizzy and the platform fly into the air, and the rockets explode, Babs, who is watching from her lawn chair, says, "Like I said, 'It's a lovely day for a picnic, really it is!'"

Sleight of Hare

It's Montana Max's birthday, and the spoiled brat has rented his own party and friends, and becomes frustrated when they can't remember his name. He opens one of his many presents, which is a water gun. Monty hates the present, because it only shoots water. He opens another present, which is the exact same water gun. After getting the same present twice, Monty throws a tantrum that causes him to regress into a literal crybaby. He asks who was it that gave him the present, and everyone points to the boy who did. Monty ejects the boy out his party.

Grovely, the butler, tells the children that the magic show, featuring Presto the Great, is about to begin. Monty doesn't want a magician to steal the spotlight on his birthday. Presto performs a magic trick where he pulls a rabbit out of his hat. The rabbit is Buster Bunny, who is working for Presto as a part-time job. Monty, who is unimpressed with Presto's trick, throws pies at him and Buster. This causes Presto to quit, as Presto decides to become a dentist. After Presto leaves, Buster decides to get revenge on Monty, as he cost him and Presto their jobs.

Buster announces to the children that he, as Haredini, is the new magician, and appears on stage. Monty is outraged, and snatches the magic hat and stomps on it. He challenges Buster to see his magic act. Buster tells Monty to step into a box. Buster closes the box as Monty sarcastically states that Buster is going to saw him in half. Buster cuts the box in half with a chainsaw, and moves the pieces of box apart as Monty tells the children that Buster's magic isn't real. Buster puts the box back together, and Monty escapes the box to prove that Buster's magic is fake. As he jumps up and down, his body, which is split in two, bounces around. Buster is now concerned that he didn't put Monty back together, and checks a book called Messed Up Magic to see what went wrong. Monty tells Buster that since it's his birthday, he should be the magician. He puts Buster in a box, chains and nails the box together, and puts many swords in it. He uses a crane to put the box into a tank full of water. After Monty completes his trick, the real Buster is right behind him, telling him the trick was fantastic. Monty is confused and wonders who is in the box if Buster is next to him. Buster operates the crane, and takes the box out of the tank. Monty removes the chains, boards, and swords, and Buster tells Monty he should check the box for him. Buster opens the box, and Monty is inside. Buster and the children applaud Monty, and Monty, who is now enraged, chases after Buster. When Buster runs into Monty, he toots a party favor, and tells the children it's time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Monty. As the children sing, Buster takes his hands out of his gloves, and the gloves lead the children as Buster bakes a birthday cake, with a stick of dynamite as the top candle. Buster returns to the party, gives Monty the cake, and puts his hands back in his gloves. Just as Monty is about to blow out his candles, the cake explodes in his face. Buster says, "Eh, I also do Bar mitzvahs." and eats a carrot.

Duck Out of Luck

Plucky begins by driving a rocket ship, which flies toward a giant space shuttle. Inside the giant space shuttle, Plucky proclaims himself as Duck Daring, Guardian of the Galaxy. Several large soldiers arrive to tell Plucky that hey are ready to report for duty. Plucky orders the soldiers about, but the soldiers tell him they can't do that yet, because they haven't sung the Duck Daring theme song yet. Plucky asks the soldiers how the theme song goes, and one of the soldiers toots a horn to begin the song. The soldiers sing, "Oh, we'll... jump, jump, jump, for justice! We'll chop, chop, chop, and thump! We'll stomp, stomp, stomp, for freedom, and we'll run and…" as they jump, chop, and stomp Plucky. When they are confused for how the theme song ends, Plucky asks them, "Uh, jump?", and the soldiers sing the theme song, and jump, chop and stomp Plucky again. Plucky, who is now flattened, angrily says, "Get me out of here!" Plucky emerges and states that he's not the comedy relief, rather he is the star of the show. He demands to be the biggest duck in Acme Acres, and grows to about a hundred times his normal size. Plucky is instantly impressed with his new size, and decides to wreak havoc upon the city, as Duck Kong. He knocks over several buildings, and then stops at an Acme Burger restaurant, poking his head inside and eating all the food, which counts up from 6 Billion Served to 50 Billion Served. Plucky pokes his head back out and burps up several napkins.

Plucky goes to the Empire State Building, and decides he needs a rest. He sees an elderly lady sitting on a bench near a Bus Stop sign, and asks her if he can sit down. As he sits down, a bus arrives, and he squeezes into the bus. The bus leaves, revealing the elderly lady to be flattened. The bus drops Plucky off at the Empire State Building, and Plucky climbs it, in an obvious nod to the movie King Kong. On one of the floors is Shirley the Loon, applying her makeup at her vanity. When Plucky reaches her floor, she screams in horror when she sees his eye staring at her from the window. She pulls down his eyelid like a window shade, which rolls back up. Plucky snatches Shirley and says, "Hey, I was never able to pick up girls like this before!" He climbs up to the roof the Empire State Building with her in his hand. At the bottom of the Empire State building is a line of tanks with a soldier ordering the others to fire. Plucky looks down to see what's happening below, only for a missile to land in his mouth. Plucky swallows the missile and it explodes in his stomach. He climbs up towards the top if the Empire State Building and sits down. Several planes are now in the air, firing at him, using a bunch of silly objects as ammunition. At the top of the Building, Plucky meets King Kong, and Ann Darrow, whom he calls Chuckles, and introduces her and Shirley to each other. He gives Shirley to King Kong, and walks off the Empire State Building, falling hundreds of feet below, and his impact causes several buildings to shake and collapse.

Plucky declares that he gives up and tells them that he's not giving them any more suggestions, as he would rather see what the viewers want to see onscreen. The viewers make Plucky grow Buster's pointy blue tail and long rabbit ears. Plucky is now upset and states, "No, not that! Not that!" Plucky grows a second head, this one with Babs' pink ears. Plucky says, "Now, wait just a minute!" as he splits into Buster and Babs. Babs is happy that the viewers like her and Buster, and Buster tells them that they'd like to see anything they still want to see. The words, THE END appear above them, and Buster asks if that is a hint. Babs says goodbye, snatches Buster, and runs off, as the words, THE END, collapse to the floor.


  • In the beginning of "Debutante Devil", Babs sings "Don't Fence Me In", a 1934 song written by Cole Porter.


  • In production order, this is the first episode animated at Wang Films Productions; the characters and props were animated with thicker outlines and had slightly choppy animation. In the episodes animated at Wang, the outlines will slowly thin out and the animation will later run smoothly.
  • Before Babs is chosen in the first act, Lightning Rodriguez, an early incarnation of Montana Max, and a possible early incarnation of Fowlmouth appear.
  • In "Debutante Devil", Dizzy's license reads "Age: Unripe. Hair: Lots. Eyes: Two. Height: Tiny".
  • In "Duck Out of Luck", when airplanes fire at Plucky as Duck Kongn, some of the ammunition that fires include a yellow kitchen sink, a green Smurf, a television set, a purple trash can, a green boot, George Jetson from The Jetsons, a soda can, a toilet, Superman's S logo, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, and a golden boxing glove.
  • Buster is without his gloves in "Sleight of Hare", one of the few times he takes them off. He also performs this feat in the "Music Day" segment "Ruffled Ruffee", during Ruffee's body song.
  • In the closing credits, the gag credit lists Eddie Fitzgerald as "Guy who says Narf." "Narf" would later become one of Pinky's catchphrases in Animaniacs and its spin-off Pinky and the Brain.
  • "Duck Out of Luck" is inspired by "Duck Amuck" in that an off-screen presence controls what happens to Plucky.
  • "Debutant Devil" is inspired by "Devil May Hare" in that a Taz-style character is trying to devour a rabbit in a forest-like setting.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Grovely, Soldier
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Presto the Great
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Frank Welker Furrball (credit only)
Noel Blanc Taz
Candi Milo Sweetie Bird


  • Babs Bunny (unpacking her picnic lunch): "Let's see; carrot juice, carrot salad, carrot chips, carrot cake, picking up on a theme here?"
  • Dizzy Devil: "Is bunny yummy?"
  • Montana Max: "With Rent-a-Friends like you, who needs Rent-an-enemy?"
  • Montana Max: "A repeat present? Grrr! Wasted present! I don't want it! Waaah!" (regresses into a literal crybaby) "Who was it?" (everyone points to the boy who gave Monty the present) "You're out of here!" (ejects the boy out of the party)
  • Presto the Great (while performing a magic trick): "Nothing in my hat."
Montana Max: "And nothing in your head, either!"


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