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Wile E., favorite teacher and mentor of Calamity

Wile E. Coyote is a main character of many Looney Tunes cartoons along with Road Runner. He is the mentor and favorite teacher of Calamity Coyote. In the Looney Tunes shorts, he is seen trying to capture and eat the Road Runner, and on occasion, Bugs Bunny. With a couple of exceptions, he rarely speaks, communicating instead with written signs. When he is shown to speak, he calls himself "Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius" (and ironically mispronounces his own last name).

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

Wile E. is voiced by Joe Alaskey when he talks in Tiny Toon Adventures.

Wile E. is the mentor and favorite teacher of Calamity Coyote, as such, most of his appearances in Tiny Toon Adventures usually show him alongside him. He teaches his student how to become a genius and how to catch a roadrunner, but like Wile E., he has little success.

Wile E. appears briefly in The Looney Beginning to have an anvil fall on his head in Anvil Dropping class.

In Fields of Honey, Wile E. is briefly shown at a meeting held by Babs at Acme Looniversity with a majority of the other Looney Tunes teaching staff. Babs is so intent and overzealous on them building a "really big theater" and show nothing but Honey cartoons so that people would come and watch because the "strange voice" (revealed later as Bosko) told her to do so, that she appears to be going mad (even drooling over the table). They promptly send her to the nurse's office to see Elmyra, who also concludes that she has gone crazy.

He appears briefly in Animaniacs!, where he is sitting with many of the of the Looney Tunes characters. When Bugs announces it is time to judge the Acme Looniversity Student Film Festival, Wile E., along with most of the other Looney Tunes, runs away, as he does not want to be one of the judges.

In the Psychic Fun-omenon Day episode segment, Piece of Mind, Wile E. appears as the narrator for Calamity's life story as Calamity falls from a really tall building (Wile E. follows him down on a floating cloud). In this rare speaking appearance, he is voiced by Joe Alaskey. After narrating Calamity's life story, he says a long-drawn out good-bye (despite his self-proclaimed intellect) and Calamity, annoyed with him, puts him in his place (literally, as he yanks the cloud from underneath him and uses it to save himself, causing the older coyote "super genius" to plummet to the ground). Wile E. smashes into the road, and in a daze, asks, "Don't I get anything flashed in front of my eyes?," as Little Beeper, behind the wheel of a large truck, flattens him shortly after.

Wile E. briefly appears at the beginning of Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?, where he is seen attending Bugs Bunny's award ceremony. He is seen chasing Road Runner as they both exit the limo.

Wile E. appears briefly in the opening wraparound of Looniversity Daze, where Buster and Babs explain to the viewers in song that he is the dean of the School of Hard Knocks. Wile E. then pulls a rope, which causes a safe to land on his head.

Wile E. is briefly shown alongside Calamity in the opening wraparound to the episode, Son of Looniversity Daze, where they both try (and fail) to catch Roadrunner and Little Beeper.

In Thirteensomething, he teaches the kids a lesson on tunnel painting.


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