The white rabbit and Buster

The white rabbit is one of the three female rabbits that auditioned for the role of Buster's new co-host when Babs joined Thirteensomething in the episode "Thirteensomething".


The white rabbit is a realistic rabbit with white fur, big black eyes, four legs, whiskers, floppy ears and a bushy tail.


After Buster dared Babs to go to New York and audition for a role in Thirteensomething, he held auditions to find a replacement co-star. The white rabbit was the last of the auditions. Due to her being a realistic rabbit and not an anthropomorphic one like Buster, she just hopped onto the set and twitched her nose. When Plucky came to show Buster that Babs got onto Thirteensomething, he asked if the white rabbit was Buster's new co-host, to which Buster replied with a dry "Hardly".

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