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Tiny Toon Adventures
Weirdest Story Ever Told
Season 1, Episode 54
Buster and Babs at the library
Air date 8 February 1991
Written by Gordon Kent, Paul Dini
Directed by Art Leonardi
Gag credit Foghorn Leghorn compliments of - Bob McKinson
End tag Dizzy: "Show over!"
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The Weirdest Story Ever Told is the 54th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster and Babs are spending the day at the Acme Looniversity Library. Just as Buster tells the viewers that they have to be quiet in libraries, he and Babs are told to be quiet by Foghorn Leghorn, who ironically is being very loud.

In the second act, Buster uses a fishing pole to sneak some earmuffs on Foghorn so he can't hear them. Babs Bunny reads about William Shakespeare, as she wants to be an actor, and it is every actor's dream to be in one of Shakespeare's plays.


Robin Hare

Montana Max is the Sheriff of Naughtyham and is taxing the citizens, with Dizzy Devil as his mule. Buster Bunny is Robin Hare, and with his gang of merry men, and Mary Melody, he takes the money back from the Sheriff. The Sheriff uses Dizzy as a loincloth and goes back to to his castle to plot his revenge.

Robin Hare is the host of the game show As Ye Wheel Turns, so the citizens of Naughtyham can get a chance to win some of it back. Sweetie spins the wheel and gets one brass farthing. Back at his castle, The Sheriff orders Dizzy to capture Maid Babs. With her captured, he uses her as bait to capture Robin Hare, and hangs her above a pool filled with hungry fish. Just as Concord Condor is about to win cab fare, The Sheriff sends messages to Robin Hare, telling him he's abducted Maid Babs in his lair. Robin Hare tells his merry men (and Mary Melody) that they have to team up to rescue her, but most of them run away. He takes Friar Pluck and Little Ham with him, and they swing into the castle, rescuing Maid Babs, but trapping themselves in the process.

Maid Babs battles The Sheriff, using a swordfish as her sword. The Sheriff is defeated as Robin Hare, Friar Pluck, and Little Ham make their escape. As Robin Hare returns everyone's money, he gives The Sheriff a coin, as it is his job to make sure no one, not even him is poor. This puts The Sheriff in a greedy mood, and Maid Babs asks Robin Hare, "What's with him?" He tells her, "What else? He's merry."

To Babs or Not to Babs

William Shakespeare is looking for an actor to be in his next play, which opens tonight. Babs wants to be in his new play, but he rejects her. She decides to prove how great she is as an actress, so she performs for him. He is unimpressed, and rejects her again.

As he checks the prop department, he catches her, dressed as a ghoul, preparing a potion. He is frightened by the bear costume she wears. She runs after him, then notices an Acme Tempest Machine, which makes a storm cloud that electrocutes him. He rejects her from the play once again, as the last thing he needs in the play is a hyperactive pink bunny. She walk away, sad, into the prop closet. The sight of her getting hit makes him laugh, so he decides to put her in his play after all, as the king's royal fool.

Elmyras Round the World

Buster Bunny reads about foreign countries, and would like to travel to them someday. Elmyra Duff sneaks up on him, and Buster says that to get away from her is one of the causes. As she chases him, she tells him that she will chase him all around the world. Buster gets knocked out by a globe and has a nightmare that Elmyra's worldwide relatives are chasing him.

When Buster wakes up from his nightmare, he asks Elmyra if she has any relatives on Sumatra. She tells him no, and so he goes to Sumatra to relax. Unfortunately, an orangutan that resembles Elmyra is there, and she scares him away, and the orangutan climbs down a tree.


  • "Robin Hare" is a parody of the legend of Robin Hood.
  • Donald Trump is one of the prizes on the wheel.
  • In the second wraparound, Foghorn is reading a Teenage Mutant Aardvark comic, which parodies the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • "To Babs or Not to Babs" contains numerous reference to the works of Shakespeare:
    • The title is a parody of the "To Be or Not to Be" speech from Hamlet.
    • Shakespeare says, "What fools these actors be," a parody of the "What fools these mortals be" line from A Midsummer's Night Dream.
    • Babs lampoons the "Friends, romans, countrymen" speech from Julius Caesar, and the "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" scene from Romeo and Juliet.
    • Babs pokes fun at The Taming of the Shrew by taming an actual shrew.
    • Babs recites the "Hubbe bubble, toil and trouble" and "Life's but a walking shadow" speeches from MacBeth.
    • Babs uses an Acme Tempest machine, referencing The Tempest.
  • Babs' sorceress outfit is a reference to horror television host Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
  • "Elmyras Round the World" parodies the Disneyland ride "It's a Small World".


  • "Robin Hare" was adapted into a Golden Book entitled The Adventures of Buster Hood.
  • In "To Babs or Not to Babs", Babs mentions "The Wheel o' Comedy" was one of her better parts, in her opinion.
  • Each of the segments' title cards have their own distinct music and do not make use of the previously composed title card music as per usual.
  • In the credits, Bob McKimson's name is misspelled.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Elmyras Round the World Singer #2
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff, Mary Melody
Frank Welker Gogo Dodo
Clive Revill William Shakespeare, King Lear
Jeff Bergman Foghorn Leghorn


  • Buster (whispering to the viewers): "That's the one thing you gotta remember about libraries, folks. You have to keep..."
Buster and Babs: "Yes, Sir."
Foghorn: "GOOD!" (To the viewers) "Nice kids, but about as quiet as a train wreck."
  • Mary Melody: "Another cameo, another paycheck."
  • Babs: "Friends, Romans, countrymen, you don't have to lend me your ears; I've got two of my own."
  • Buster: "Ahhh. Africa, Asia, the Antarctic. I'd love to travel to far-off places."
Elmyra (as she jumps in and hugs Buster): "Hi, snuggle bunny!"
Buster (in a strained voice): "Especially now!"
  • Quebecois Elmyra: "Oooh, Fere Jacques! Regardez le cute bunny-wunny!"


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