The outside of Big Weenie in the "Career Oppor-toon-ities" episode segment "Buster's Guide to Part-Time Jobs"

Weenie Burger is a restaurant in the animated series Tiny Toon Adventures. Weenie Burger resembles popular fast-food chain restaurants like McDonald's. They serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and fast food items. The Tiny Toons often eat there. This restaurant appears in the animated series several times. It's possible that the name "Weenie Burger" is taken from the initials WB which also stands for Warner Brothers.


  • Life in the 90s episode segment, Whining Out - Buster and his pals Hamton, Plucky and Babs end up going to Weenie Burger instead of the lame restaurant Attitudes.
  • Europe in 30 Minutes - When the toons ride in a fast tour bus around Europe, they notice that there are Weenie Burger signs everywhere. They receive Weenie burgers in the Buckingham Palace.
  • Career Oppor-Toon-ities episode segment, Buster's Guide to Part-time Jobs - Buster is suggesting part-time jobs, and working at Weenie Burger (called "Big Weenie" in this episode) is one of the jobs to do in Acme Acres. He and Babs work there, and they have their first customer. Unfortunately, their first customer is the the rich and bratty kid in Acme Acres. Monty orders a burger and a Mega Weenie Cola, and asks Babs to hurry up. Babs gives him his meal, but obviously he changes his mind and he rather wants 2 cheeseburgers, a fish-o-burger, and 2 shakes. Montana Max throws his skateboard, and while Babs carries Monty's food, she trips on the skateboard and falls. To get revenge (all the while with forced smiles), they put Montana Max in a box with food and a stick of dynamite. Buster hits his skateboard and rejects him from Weenie Burger. Unfortunately, this costs him and Babs their jobs.
  • Love Disconnection double-length episode segment, My Dinner With Elmyra - When Montana Max is forced to go to dinner and a movie with Elmyra, he takes her to Weenie Burger, where he is teased by Fowlmouth, Dizzy and other Tiny Toons.
  • A commercial for Weenie Burger was featured in the Wheel O' Comedy episode segment, Win, Lose or Ker-plowie!. This commercial would later be used again in the Dating, Acme Acres Style episode segment, Dream Date Game.


"Weenie Burgers are so much fun to eat, if you look real hard, you might even find the meat!"

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