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Tiny Toon Adventures
Weekday Afternoon Live
Season 3, Episode 95
Air date 16 November 1992
Written by Peter Hastings, Deanna Oliver, Paul Dini
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit We wanted this to be funny - But noooooooo!
End tag Dizzy: "Show over!"
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Weekday Afternoon Live is the 17th episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 88th in production, and the 95th episode overall.


Babs Bunny is applying make-up when Buster Bunny enters the powder room to tell her a joke: "How does a dumb bunny answer a question?" Babs tells him, "I don't know." Buster tells her she's right. Says Babs with cynicism, "Brilliant. Very mature." Buster asks to use it for the opening, resulting in a fight between whether he or Babs is doing the opening until Babs' pupil kicks Buster's. Buster plays heads or tails with Babs with a coin, and Babs chooses tails. But when Buster flips the coin, it lands onto a high beam, causing Buster to get a ladder and look. It turned out to be heads, so Buster decided he was doing "the OPENING!!!!" (He was on the ladder when it tipped over). Later, he was doing the opening.

During the opening, the announcer announces (respectively) Babs and Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, Elmyra, Hamton J. Pig, and even Montana Max, Dizzy Devil and Calamity Coyote in the Weekday Afternoon Live band, and some others that may not even appear, and finally, their guest star, Blard Simpleton. Babs shows Blard that their show isn't like his, because anvils falling, and getting eaten by monsters whole and alive, and getting uneaten in one piece, wouldn't happen. He asks Babs if it's too late to back out, and she says it is. As a camera falls on him, he says the guest-host monologue stinks, which Babs tells him is a tradition and is supposed to stink.

Then come the sketches.

After that, Blard says "Good night, man!" just before the stage falls with him and the other characters, including Elmer Fudd, whom there had been multiple clones of in one of the sketches.


Cheese E. Sneezer's Commercial

Buster and Plucky are bored, and Hamton is hungry, so Sneezer takes his friends to Cheese E. Sneezer's.

Another Moment in American History

Babs tricks Blard, as General Lee, to sign a surrender document, which is really her autograph book.

We're Going to Blow You Up

Buster and Plucky, who look and sound like German body builders, help Hamton change from his porky, fat self to a muscular version of himself. However, after gaining the muscles, Buster and Plucky tell him he's not done yet and help him continue to exercise until he explodes, in which they literally "BLOW HIM UP!"

Samurai Film Critic

Hamton and Dizzy Devil review a series of movie parodies like Siskel and Ebert, but with Dizzy dressed as a samurai. The movies they review include Gnome Alone Again, Dances with Lobsters, and Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs III.

Elmyra's Reel (Be Prepared)

Elmyra Duff shows a cartoon of Mr. Skullhead preparing for an earthquake.

Weekday Update with Rabbit Chase

Buster, as Rabbit Chase, reviews the top stories of Tiny Toon Adventures, such as Concord Condor revealed to have been the grandson of former Three Stooges member, Moe Howard because they both have the same hairstyle, Barky Marky's lack of appearances on the show, and the issue of too much violence on TV, which Elmyra mistakenly hears as violets, which she doesn't think there's enough of on TV.

ABC Gum Commercial

Sneezer and Sweetie enjoy their friendship, sharing their laughter, tears, and yes, even their gum. A lonely Sneezer decides to relive the feeling with ABC (Already Been Chewed) gum, which the announcer describes as "The next best thing to a best friend."

Countdown to Hunting Season

At the Moose Liver Lodge, Plucky, as Plucky Funely the host and singer, announces the upcoming time for hunting season. As he tells the crowd they have a few seconds, he decides to sing them a strange version of "A Hunting We Will Go". After the crowd applauds his song, Plucky introduces his piano player, Ham-Tone Jones. He walks up and annoys one of the people, Elmer Fudd, singing "I've been working on the railroad" while on his arms. Just as it is about to be time for hunting season, Plucky asks all of the hunters to count down. Plucky asks what type of hunting is this season. The crowd is revealed to be a lot of Elmer Fudd look-likes, who reveal it is Duck Hunting season, and begin shooting him.

The Cornheads

Buster, Babs, and Elmyra play The Cornheads, a family of extraterrestrials with corn on their heads. Blard Simpleton plays a paperboy and the non-corn date of Elmyron, who rejects her, causing her to get so angry, she pops her corn.


  • The title and episode are a play on the live-action comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live. The episode parodies classic SNL sketches such as "Hans and Franz are Going to Pump You Up", John Belushi's Samurai character, "Weekend Update", which includes parodies of Chevy Chase, Emily Litella, Garrett Morris as the Headmaster for the School of the Deaf, and Dennis Miller, "Nick the Lounge Singer", and "The Coneheads".
  • Blard Simpleton is a parody of The Simpsons character Bart Simpson. Blard is Stephen Spielberg's personal friendly jab at Fox, because he provided the Indiana Jones theme song for The Simpsons' Season 3 episode "Bart's Friend Falls in Love", hoping in return, he would get to use The Simpsons theme song for the "Pledge Week" segment "It's All Relatives" during Babs' impressions of Marge, Bart, and Maggie. Even though Fox tried, he was denied the rights.
  • Cheese E. Sneezer's is a parody of the restaurant and arcade Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • In "Samurai Film Critic", the movies that Hamton and Dizzy review are Gnome Alone Again (a parody of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York), Dances with Lobsters (A parody of Dances With Wolves), and Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs III (a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Turtles in Time). Hamton mentions that next week, he and Dizzy will be reviewing Young Gums (a parody of Young Guns), and Dizzy complains about how dated that reference is.
  • In "Weekday Update with Rabbit Chase", when Elmyra talks about there not being enough 'violets' on TV, even though she's supposed to talk about 'violence' on TV, she holds out title cards for the shows, The Violet Bunch (a parody of The Brady Bunch) and I Love Violets (a parody of I Love Lucy).
  • In "Weekday Update with Rabbit Chase", Buster's first story reveals Concord Condor is grandson to Three Stooges member Moe Howard, because they both have the same hairstyle.


  • Production-wise, this is the first episode animated at both Wang Films Productions and Cuckoo's Nest Studios.
  • On the Tiny Toon Adventures Vol. 4: Looney Links DVD, the episode stops at the end of "Elmyra's Reel (Be Prepared)" and cuts to Plucky's verse in the "Toon TV" music video "Toon Out, Toon In", playing the rest of that episode afterwards. This glitch also occurred with The Hub's first broadcast of the episode. Warner Bros. has since sent replacement discs with the full episode to consumers who have reported this issue and also reissued the DVD set with the corrected disc, and the corrected version is now airing on the Hub Network.


Voice Actors: Character:
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Blard Simpleton
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil
Frank Welker Furrball, Gogo Dodo, Don Pardo, Elmer Fudd
Kath Soucie Li'l Sneezer
Candi Milo Sweetie Bird


  • Blard Simpleton: "Stick around for a great show, I hope!"
  • Blard Simpleton: "This guest host monologue stinks!"
Babs: It's supposed to. It's a tradition.
  • Hamton: "Tune in next week, when one of the films we'll be reviewing is Young Gums."
Dizzy: "Dated reference! Another dated reference! Who cares about Keifer Sutherland?!"
  • Buster: "Also in the news, complaints have been received at the Tiny Toons Central Casting Office that the character, Barky Marky is not in enough scripts. The Tiny Toons Casting Director had this to say;"
Babs: "Who's Barky Marky?"
  • Elmyra: "Hello, friends. I wanna know why people are all upsetty-wetty about violets on TV. What's wrong with little violets? They're pretty and cute and all lovely all over. I don't think there's enough violets on TV. How about shows like The Violet Bunch?"
Buster: "Elmyra..."
Elmyra: "Or I Love Violets?"
Buster: "Elmyra..."
Elmyra: "Oh, violets are oh, so pretty. If they were aminals, I'd hug them and Squeeze them..."
Buster: "ELMYRA!"
Elmyra: "Yes?"
Buster: "The issue is not violets on TV. It is violence. Too much violence on TV."
Elmyra: "Oh. Not this?" (Holds up a bunch of violets)
Buster: "No, this." (Drops an anvil on Elmyra)
Elmyra: "Never you mind."
  • Buster: "And now we'll repeat today's top story with translation by Gogo Dodo for the wacky impaired. Topping tonight's stories, it was revealed today that Concord Condor is actually the grandson of former Three Stooges member, Moe Howard."
Gogo: "My underwear is made of bologna!"
  • Blard: Hey, back off, man! I'm not dating some chowder-headier corn! I'm the paper boy, not your blind date!


  • To read the transcript for this episode, click here.


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