Tiny Toon Adventures
Wake Up Call of the Wild
Season 1, Episode 23
Tiny Toon Adventures ep-Wake U.flv
Concord having a weenie roast inside a bear's stomach
Air date October 17, 1990
Written by Tom Minton, Pat Allee, Ben Hurst, Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV
Directed by Rich Arons
Gag credit Wayne Kaatz's Office Hours - 3:15 - 3:45 P.M.
End tag Buster & Babs: "Aloha!"
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Wake Up Call of the Wild is the 23rd episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

Episode Segments

Migrant Mallard

The episode begins one night in Elmer Fudd's farm. Buster and Babs sneak past Elmer's house to find him finishing brushing his teeth. As Elmer turns off the light, Buster and Babs go into Elmer's carrot patch and Buster and Babs each pull out a large carrot. Elmer arrives and is about to hit them with a gardening hoe, but Buster tosses his carrot in Elmer's mouth and runs away. Elmer chases them, but is unable to keep up with them, as they escape into the forest. He then tells them, "Stay out of my cawwots, you wittwe wippewsnappews!" and heads back home to go to bed. Babs then asks Buster why they go to such dangerous lengths to get carrots. Buster tells her that getting carrots, no matter the danger, is in their genetics, just like their ancestors before them. He then shows her a flock of ducks flying south for the winter and introduces the first cartoon about Plucky.

One night, as Plucky's house, Plucky is trying to sleep when he hears the sound of ducks quacking as they fly south for the winter. He goes outside his house to yell at the ducks, but then he sees them flying south for the winter and refuses to try it himself. He suddenly quacks and tries to resist, but he quacks again and runs back home to try to get back sleep. He tries to resist, as he doesn't want to leave his modern technology behind, but is unable to resist and reluctantly joins the ducks by flying out the window. As Plucky says good-bye to Acme Acres, Buster and Babs tell him, "So long, Plucky!" Plucky tells them, "See you next spring!", but Buster assures Babs that Plucky will be back by next morning.

The next morning, Plucky, flying behind a flock of non-anthropomorphic ducks, is unable to keep up with them. He is wearing a walkman to listen to some music, but requests a pit stop to buy new batteries for it. Plucky sees a shopping mall below and he and the ducks fly down. To Plucky's surprise, the ducks are in a pond, hunting for worms. Plucky is disgusted at the thought of eating worms and decides to take them to somewhere where they can get a real meal.

At The Mallard restaurant, Plucky talks to the Maitre D' about booking a reservation for Plucky, party of 28. The Maitre D' tells them that all food deliveries are in the rear. Plucky then tells the Maitre D' that they're not on the menu, but want to be tonight's guests. The Maitre D' tries to protest, but Plucky rushes off.

Plucky requests 28 sloppy joes, with extra MSG, then he suddenly sniffs something. He sees a waiter about to serve roast duck to a customer, and is shocked by it. He tells the waiter to get rid of it before his relatives see it, and kicks him out. He then is shocked to find the ducks have made a mess of his table eating bread. Plucky tells them to stop, but they fly around the restaurant and eat everyone's food. Plucky tries to tell the Maitre D' that his relatives are not like him, but the Maitre D' kicks him and the ducks out of the restaurant. Plucky lands in the city park, and tells the ducks that the playground is all theirs. Plucky plays on the monkey bars, only to find the ducks have knocked over a garbage can to eat the garbage from it. As the sun sets, Plucky tells the ducks that he is not like them. He is a civilized duck, and prefers pizza to worms and a warm house to the freezing park. The ducks fly away as he explains to them that he doesn't want to join them in flying south anymore. To his surprise, all the ducks are gone and he decides to go back home to Acme Acres.

That night, Buster and Babs welcome Plucky, who is now eating chinese food, back to Acme Acres. Plucky is glad to be back, and he tells them that today's experience was one he will never forget. Buster tells Plucky that he bets the ducks won't forget him, either. As the cartoon ends, the ducks are flying south, now wearing walkmen.

It's A Jungle Out There

Buster and Babs see a condor pass by and Buster tells the viewers that the wild condor has to fly all night to get its food. Babs then tells the viewers that their tame friend, Concord Condor, has an easier life, as he lives at the Acme Zoo. Buster then continues, saying that at times, even he hears the call of the wild. In Concord's exhibit, he is watching television, but is bored because he can't find anything to watch. He changes the channel, and the program, Wilderness Kingdom tells him that real condors live out in the wild. Concord is eager to try living out in the wild, instead of in the zoo. As Concord prepares to leave, Arnold the Pit Bull, who is working as a guard, is watching TV while lifting a barbell with his tongue. His favorite show, Dialing for Poodles is on, and he does not want to miss it. As he dials the phone, Concord says good-bye to him. Arnold is distracted and is unaware that Concord has escaped. Concord then bounces down the stairs and calls for a taxi. The taxi stops with its tire just an inch from Concord. Concord tells the driver, "The wide open spaces, please, and step on it!" and the taxi runs over Concord, then the driver stops and picks up the flattened Concord.

At the Acme Forest, the taxi stops and Concord gets off. Concord stands atop a cliff and watches the sunset. He then says, "I wonder what else is on." and as he clicks his remote, the moon moves in front of the sun and causes a solar eclipse. Concord is impressed, and turns around to run into a bear. The bear roars at Concord, and Concord clicks his remote at the bear. The bear then snatches Concord and eats him. Concord, now in the bear's stomach, turns on his flashlight and decides to set up camp. Concord builds a tent and a campfire, then cooks a hot dog over the campfire. The bear, uncomfortable to what Concord did inside him, spits him out, and Concord flies, looking for a taco stand. Concord bumps into a tree, and says, "Nope nope nope nope." as he slides down.

The next morning, Arnold, driving a monster truck, is looking for the escaped Concord. He knocks down a tree, peers trough a bush, and scares another tree. He eventually finds the tree where Concord is sleeping in a nest, and pulls it down. Concord, now awake, is surprised to see Arnold, and narrowly escapes when he tries to grab him. Concord then hides in a bush, and Arnold attempts to pull him out. To Arnold's surprise, Concord is not in the bush and is on the other side of the forest. Arnold then is shocked to find him holding the paw of the bear that Concord encountered earlier. Arnold, now nervous, asks the bear if he'd like to go to the zoo, as there is free food there. The bear beats up Arnold, and Concord walks away. Arnold, now with his arm in a sling, a bandaged foot, and a crutch, says he will go insane if he doesn't find Concord soon. He then sees Concord crawling into a log and chases after him, but when Arnold gets to the end of the log, he falls off a cliff.

Concord then decides to leave the Acme Forest, as he is hungry. He then calls for a taxi, and the taxi runs him over and the driver takes the flattened Concord away.

Concord is back in his exhibit, watching television. Arnold, now in a wheelchair, wheels his way back to his office. Concord says, "No place like home, huh, Arnie?" to Arnold, and Arnold, dazed, says, "Yup yup yup!". Concord says, "Yup yup yup yup yup!" as the cartoon irises out.

Kitty Cat-Astrophy

Buster practices his wolf imitation, until Babs nudges him. Buster then tells the viewers that inside all animals lurk the dreams of their wild ancestors. He then shows the viewers Hamton sleeping in his house, dreaming of the days when his ancestors were fierce, wild boars. Babs then shows the viewers Sweetie sleeping in an egg house in her nest, dreaming of the days when prehistoric canaries ruled the earth. She then shows Gogo Dodo in Wackyland, sleeping in a bathtub of spaghetti and meatballs, dreaming of his wild relative, a blender. Buster then shows Furrball, who likes to live out his dreams of his wild cat heritage. Furrball imagines the alley around him is a prehistoric forest.

At Hamton's house, Hamton is baking a huge cake to fill in the 15-minute gap between brunch and lunch. Furrball is outside, pretending to be a prehistoric cat, but Hamton is not amused and asks Furrball what he is doing. He tells Furrball he will never understand what ever he dreams about in that tiny little kitty brain of his. as Hamton looks in his refrigerator for ingredients for his cake, Furrball imagines that Hamton's butt is an elephant. Furrball then charges toward Hamton's butt and jumps on it, hurting Hamton. Furrball then bites Hamton's butt and Hamton turns around. Furrball nervously resists as Hamton yells at him. Furrball then rtracts his claws, jumps down and licks his paws. Hamton kicks Furrball out of his house and tells him to stay out.

As Hamton mixes the ingredients to his cake in the blender, Furrball imagines the blender is a poisonous rattlesnake. He imagines the rattlesnake is about to eat Hamton and tries to save him, but Hamton finds Furrball making a mess of his kitchen. Hamton chases Furrball, which Furrball imagines as him being chased by a bunch of wild animals. Hamton grabs Furrball's tail and Furrball runs all over, Hamton's house, eventually slipping on a bunch of eggs and into the oven, which Furrball imagines is a giant alligator. Hamton's house explodes, and Hamton, dazed, thinks he's a cat and imagines Furrball as a mouse. He then chases Furrball and tells the viewers, "If you can't beat em', join em!"

Buster and Babs then end the episode by saying good-night to the viewers, and imitating Concord Condor.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Frank Welker Furrball, Ducks
Rob Paulsen Concord Condor, Arnold the Pit Bull
Greg Burson Elmer Fudd, Maitre D'


  • Babs: "Buster, why do we do it?"
Buster: "Do what?"
Babs: "Why do we take such crazy chances to just sink our teeth into carrots?"
Buster: "Hey, we're rabbits, Babs, carrots are in our genes."
Babs: "Buster, we don't even wear pants!"
Buster: "No, no, I mean, our genes. Our heritage. Our wild rabbit ancestors foraged for carrots, and so do we. It's in our blood. It's all instinct, like the call of the wild."
  • Plucky: "I can't fly south! I hate flying!" (to the viewers) "Unless I'm in first class and there's a movie I haven't seen."
  • Arnold: "Arnold not like stupid birdies that escape. I hurt you. I mess you up. I make you not there!"


  • This episode's title is a parody of the novel, Call of the Wild, by Jack London.
  • The episode segment, It's a Jungle Out There's title may be a parody of the album of the same name released in 1989 by Mastedon.
  • The episode segment, Kitty Kat-astrophy's title is a pun on the word, catastrophe, meaning a disastrous event.


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