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Wade and Winnie Pig are minor characters in Tiny Toon Adventures. They are the parents of Hamton J. Pig. They are two of the parents in Tiny Toon Adventures with recurring appearances, though unlike Plucky's Parents and Babs' Mother, their entire bodies, including their faces, are shown. Wade was originally voiced by the late Jonathan Winters. The also-late Joe Alaskey voiced him later in the series, including the Tiny Toon Adventures: Spring Break Special. Winnie is voiced by Edie McClurg. Winnie has a brother that is known as Uncle Stinky; Hamton's dirty uncle.

Appearances on the Show

In the direct-to-video movie, How I Spent My Vacation, they play a prominent role in Plucky's events. When Plucky finds out that Hamton and his family are on their way to HappyWorldLand, and Plucky does everything in his grasp to make sure he goes along with them. When Winnie offers to let him join them, Plucky is ecstatic, until he has to put up with the family on a very long car ride. When they do finally make it to HappyWorldLand, Plucky is happy to be there, until they leave shorty after riding the monorail. When Hamton's family arrives back home, they show Plucky a slideshow of their vacation, much to his horror.

In the Season 2 episode, Hog Wild Hamton, Wade and Winnie prepare for their second honeymoon, but are unable to find a babysitter for Hamton, as Uncle Stinky is at the bacon convention. Hamton tells them that he is old enough now to watch the house on his own. His parents trust him, and decide to leave him in charge of the house while they are gone. When Plucky finds out that Hamton is staying home alone, he talks him into throwing a party, much to Hamton's disapproval. He decides he will throw a quiet party and only invite Plucky, but Plucky invites everyone in Acme Acres to the party behind Hamton's back. Soon, they throw the wildest house party in Acme Acres, and Hamton falls into a coma. In his dream, Wade and Winnie remind him that Plucky is throwing a party at his house, and when they get back, they are going to kill him. The wild party disturbs Egghead Jr., who is working on his homework, and it causes him to destroy Hamton's house. When Wade and Winnie arrive home, Hamton tells them the truth, about Plucky talking him into throwing a wild party. Even though his parents are amazed that he got everyone in Acme Acres to come to his party, as they were worried that he didn't have any friends, they are still going to punish him for destroying their house. Fortunately, Hamton won a free house in the Acme Clearinghouse sweepstakes, by subscribing to thousands of Ed McMayhem's overpriced magazines.

In the Toons From The Crypt episode segment, Wait Till' Your Father Gets Even, Wade used to own a prized collection of bottle caps he collected ever since he was a kid. Plucky makes a bet with Hamton that he could win Wade's collection. At first, Hamton wants no part in the bet, but Plucky acts sad and Hamton gives in. Plucky wins the bet and the bottle cap collection. Hamton is distraught, and when Winnie finds out about the bet, she sends him to his room without dinner (which, for a hungry pig like Hamton, is a big deal). When she tells Wade about what happened, she also tells him not to be too hard on Hamton. Wade tells Hamton that he was hoping to give his bottle cap collection to him someday. He knows he's sorry and hopes he's learned his lesson. The next day, Wade, Hamton, and Uncle Stinky start a new bottle cap collection, which according to Wade, looks better than the first.

Wade and Winnie appear near the beginning of the Spring Break Special to talk (and basically force) Hamton into visiting his grandparents in Ft. Lauderdale for his spring break instead of staying home and cleaning. Hamton's grandparents, Pappy and Bubbie, could be either Wade's or Winnie's parents, as it is never made known in the special.


In the Pig family, only Winnie is ever seen wearing shoes (not including the whole family in cleaning gear).

Winnie's eyes are mostly hidden behind sunglasses.


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