Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers is a video game for the Game Boy Advance, developed by Warthog and Released by Conspiracy Entertainment in 2002. This game is the first puzzle-related Tiny Toon Adventures video game.

The cover art for Wacky Stackers


The game plays similarly to Puyo Pop (as well as its many adaptations) or Tetris. Various different-colored dodo eggs fall from the sky and to make them disappear, you have to match four or more of the same color. Be careful, as if four eggs of the same color are arranged into a square, they will merge into a giant egg, which can only escape with a neighborhooding group. If space runs out, then the game is over.

By making combos, you will get a token. Depending on how many tokens you have, your helper will differ. Your helpers are:

  • Elmyra Duff - In Vs. Mode, Elmyra will mail some of your eggs to your opponent.
  • Plucky Duck - Plucky is dressed as a fireman and will use a fire hose to flood the screen with water, sinking some of the eggs on the bottom half (a possible nod to the Henny Youngman Day episode segment, The Potty Years, complete with flushing sound effect).
  • Babs Bunny - In Vs. Mode, Babs will provide you with a temporary shield. If your opponent tries to use an attack maneuver on you while you are shielded, it will return to them and affect them instead.
  • Gogo Dodo - Gogo will appear in a UFO and clear the two middle rows vertically.
  • Montana Max - In Vs. Mode, Monty will darken your opponent's screen, but will leave a bit of it brightened by shining a flashlight.
  • Furrball - Furrball will use dynamite to clear the top half of the screen, in case you've stacked too many eggs.
  • Buster Bunny - In Vs. Mode, Buster will use a ray gun that will turn your opponent's eggs into refugees, which can only be cleared with a neighborhooding group.


  • Survival - The objective of this mode is to last as long as you can, by keeping your pile of eggs at a maintainable level, while at the same time, going for a high score.
  • 1P Vs. Computer - Your opponent is one of the Tiny Toons characters, unseen, but referred to by name. Your objective is to get your opponent's screen stacked with eggs, while trying to keep your screen clear. Use your helpers wisely.
  • Puzzle - You have a limited number of eggs and you must put them in the right place to clear them or else you will lose a life. In certain situations, you will need to save up enough combos for tokens to use helpers as well. There are 50 different preset puzzles in this mode. In order, your hosts are Calamity Coyote, Bookworm, Fifi, Concord Condor, Shirley the Loon, Hamton, Little Beeper, and the King of the Dodos. If you have selected "8 Challenges", Sweetie is one of your opponents as well.
  • Multiplayer - This mode can be played with up to four players, provided they have all the hardware and link cables required.



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