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Tiny Toon Adventures
Viewer Mail Day
Season 1, Episode 55
Buster and Babs checking their viewer mail
Air date 11 February 1991
Written by Paul Dini, Arleen Sorkin, Beth Milstein, Tom Minton, Wayne Kaatz
Directed by Art Leonardi
Gag credit Thanks to our loyal viewers - Both of you
End tag Fifi: "Au revoir, mon petit potato du couch!"
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Viewer Mail Day is the 55th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Today, Buster and Babs check their viewer mail. The first thing they look at is a postcard from Plucky, as he and Hamton were on a trip to Ireland.

The next letter is from a little girl in the hospital, who claims to be very sick. She likes every Tiny Toon, but Fifi La Fume is her favorite. She requests that Fifi come to the hospital to visit her. Fifi, in tears of sorrow along with Buster and Babs, has heard about the little girl and is willing to help her. The sick little girl reveals herself as Elmyra Duff, as she'll do anything to get her hands on Fifi.

The last letter is from a viewer who wants to see a cartoon about people with Big Butts.


Pluck O' the Irish

Plucky and Hamton are working summer salesman jobs, selling Acme gags. One of their destinations is a castle in Ireland. Inside the castle, they see statues of people in frightened poses. The castle's only inhabitant is a little girl named Bridey O' Connor, who tells them about The Screaming Banshee who haunts the castle. One look from her eyes can turn a person to stone. Hamton tries to run away, but Plucky doesn't believe in the Banshee and insists he and Hamton stay. Plucky asks for a room in which to spend the night, so Bridey leads them there, reminding them she warned them.

Later that night, the Banshee haunts the room. Hamton sees her and shows Plucky. Plucky believes after all, and the Banshee turns Hamton to stone. They escape from the castle, where Plucky discovers that Hamton has been petrified. He realizes he should have listened to him, and Bridey hides them. She tells them to leave, but Plucky won't leave until Hamton is back to normal. She tells him that the only way to reverse the spell is with a Banshee's laugh. Using the Acme gags, Plucky makes the Banshee laugh, which turns her into a fairy.

The next morning, Hamton is back to normal. Bridey thanks them for defeating the Banshee, so that the castle's rightful owners can reclaim it. Hamton asks who owns the castle, and she tells them, "The little people." Plucky doesn't believe it, until Bridey reveals she is made of several leprechauns. He and Hamton run back home.

Out of Odor

At the Acme Dump, Fifi is narrating the strange events that happened after she woke up, such as stepping in and finding a dish of cream labelled "KITTY" outside her house. Later, at Acme Looniversity, While entering her combination, she finds three hundred flea collars in her locker, and in class, when she opens her desk, she finds it filled with sand and sandbox equipment. She comes to the conclusion that one of her classmates thinks she is a cat, and the suspect is revealed to be Elmyra Duff. She tells her she gave her those presents so that she would live with her and be her pet kitty. After the school bell rings, Elmer Fudd appears and tells the student that for today's lesson, they will be reading selections from the classic play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Elmer selects Fifi to read the part of Maggie the Cat, and Elmyra, who is standing up from her desk, says she knew that Fifi was a "Pretty Kitty Witty". While Fifi does agree with Elmyra that she is witty and pretty, she tells her that she is NOT ("I repeat, I am NOT") a kitty.

Later at the gym, during the girls basketball championship with Acme Loo vs Perfecto Prep, Babs dribbles the ball and passes it to Fifi. However, Elmyra blocks her. When Fifi tells Elmyra that they are on the same team, Elmyra explains that she just wants to be closer to her kitty. While Fifi makes a point, her stink spells out the word "SKUNK", and she tells Elmyra that she is not a kitty, but a skunk. The stink is so powerful that it causes both Elmyra and Fifi to rocket to the hoops and score the winning shot. While Fifi is being carried away, Elmyra appears out of nowhere and captures Fifi, but Fifi uses her stink again and runs away.

While at the library, Elmyra does some research to figure out how to stop Fifi from being stinky. Elmyra knows Fifi is a skunk, but thinks "skunk" means "stinky kitty". She finds out that a skunk's ill-smelling odor can only be erased by tomato juice.

Later that night, Elmyra stuffs a chocolate box with tomatoes, and disguises herself as Pepé Le Pew, as Fifi has a crush on Pepé. She walks up to her home, and while Fifi is inside reading a love book, she hears the song "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" and sees who she thinks is Pepé singing to her. With excitement, Fifi leaps out of her home and grabs "Pepé", wrapping him up in her tail and hugging him. Just as she is about to kiss "him", "Pepé" escapes her clutches and offers her a box. Fifi is about to take a sample, but "Pepé" throws the box into her face. Fifi grabs the mask to reveal that "Pepé" is really Elmyra in disguise. Elmyra's plan is working, as Fifi is unable to use her smell. Elmyra chases Fifi across the streets all night long.

The next morning, the 44th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, hosted by Elmer Fudd, is held. Fifi leaps onto one of the floats and asks the people who are driving it if she can borrow it, as she is a desperate skunk. Upon hearing that, everyone runs away from her, despite the fact that Fifi is drenched in tomato juice and cannot use her smell. Elmyra takes a float of an elephant made of roses and chases after Fifi. They go through the Acme Car Wash, where Fifi has washed the tomato juice off, and the rose elephant is destroyed. Elmyra is allergic to roses, and as a result, has lost her sense of smell, meaning she can take Fifi home with her. Fifi says, "This ending stinks!" with Elmyra dragging and swinging Fifi home.

Buttering Up the Buttfields

Plucky Duck has a new job at the Acme Acres Country Club. The manager tells him to wait on the Buttfields, who are the most important and hardest-to-please customers. When Plucky sees the Buttfields, they are a human couple with abnormally sized butts, and their names are Bottomly and Fanny. One of the things they order is Canard a la'Orange, and Plucky takes their order right away.

At the kitchen, Plucky is shocked to find out from chef Pete Puma, who has read Cooking for Morons, that 'Canard a la'Orange' is the French term for roast duck in orange sauce. Pete pursues a terrified Plucky throughout the kitchen until Plucky tells his oversized customers that they should eat something else. The Buttfields are outraged, but Plucky, having noticed Buster delivering some carrots to the Country Club, tells them they should have roast rabbit instead, and the Buttfields acceptingly change their mind.

As Plucky puts Buster on a plate, Chef Pete puts Plucky in a pot full of orange sauce and cooks him. Buster distracts Pete by telling him that roast duck is best served with lumpy mashed potatoes. The pot in which the mashed potatoes are in is attached to a breakaway shelf, and a bunch of heavy objects on the shelf fall on him and knock him out. Buster rescues Plucky, but is still angry at him for trying to cook him. Plucky tells him about the cannibalistic Buttfields, and Buster gives Plucky an idea. When the Buttfields are finally served, their dinner is the finest French delicacy - Skunkette a la Fifi. Fifi's smell scares the Buttfields away.


  • The title "Pluck o' the Irish" is a play on the 1948 film The Luck of the Irish.
  • When Plucky says, "He ain't heavy, he's my sidekick!", he references the song "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", by The Hollies.
  • Buster calls Pete Puma "Wolfgang", a reference to celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.


  • In "Pluck O' the Irish", Plucky proves that he does care for Hamton, as he refuses to leave the castle until he can turn Hamton back to normal.
  • In "Out of Odor, Hamton's locker is misspelled as "Hamon".
  • In "Out of Odor", Hamton is in the girl's basketball team.
  • In "Out of Odor", after Fifi hit Elmyra with bullet-like stinks, her pink bow turned red then back to pink.
  • In "Out of Odor", Fifi acts as Penelope instead of Pepe, as she is the one being chased and being mistaken for another animal.
  • In "Buttering Up the Buttfields", Hamton, Sweetie, and Sneezer are on the menu, literally!


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Maitre d'
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Banshee, Fanny Buttfield
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck,
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Jeff Bergman Elmer Fudd, Sylvester the Cat
Maurice LaMarche Bottomly Buttfield
Tracy Rowe Bridey O' Connor
Stan Freberg Pete Puma


  • Plucky (yawns): "It will sure feel good to hit the old sackarooski."
Hamton: "But what if a B-b-b-banshee shows up?"
Plucky: "Oh, she can sleep on the couch with Bigfoot and the tooth fairy."
  • Fifi: "I may be witty, I most certainly am pretty, but I am not, repeat, am NOT a kitty!"
  • Elmyra (Driving the rose elephant float): "I don't even have my learner's permit!"


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