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Vanilla Lice is the singer of the song "Toon Out, Toon In" in the episode "Toon TV". His name is a parody of rapper Vanilla Ice. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


He first appears singing. "Toon Out, Toon In" while explaining the characters in the song, such as Buster looking through his locker, whose body he jumps on, causing him to itch. Babs appears while jumping rope, inadvertently stepping on the itchy Buster's foot. Next, he introduces Plucky, who is on a date with Shirley. When he whispers something to her, she slaps him in the face. Next, he sings about Montana Max, who is seen dancing with giant bags of money. When he donates a coin to a man sitting on a street corner, the same man drops giant sacks of money on him. Elmyra is shown next, and Vanilla explains that her brain has the density of a brick. Elmyra then inadvertently hurts various animals by hugging them, and is later taken by ASPCA for animal cruelty. She then raps how she loves animals. Vanilla then introduces Dizzy, who loves pizza rolls and whose I.Q. is between those a dopefish and a chicken drumstick. After that, he introduces Furrball, who is about to eat Sneezer, However he uses a feather to tickle Sneezer's nose, causing Sneezer to sneeze and blow Furrball away into space. After that, we see Little Beeper, who is being chased by Calamity while on a roof of a building. Beeper tricks Calamity into following him to the edge of the rooftop, where Beeper hides on a ledge while Calamity falls off the roof. We are then shown Hamton, who is seen eating a large sandwich and other foods. Vanilla then says he eats 3 meals an hour. To prove his point, when a really obsess Hamton tries to weigh himself, he breaks the scale and many floors. Gogo then introduces himself as a head detached from body while explaining Wackyland. Vanilla is then shown at the park on a tree, where he oversees Buster and Babs. While they are talking, Vanilla gets all of his family to jump into their bodies, making them itch like crazy. While singing, he dodges busters feet, only to be crushed by him at the end of the song.