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Here are the results:

What is your favorite animation studio that worked on Tiny Toon Adventures?

  • Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS) - 1st - 2 votes
  • Wang Film Productions - 0 votes
  • AKOM - 0 votes
  • Freelance Animators New Zealand - 0 votes
  • Encore Cartoons - 0 votes
  • StarToons - 1st - 2 votes
  • Kennedy Cartoons - 0 votes

Wow. This poll seemed to go mostly unnoticed. In fact, the only two animation studios that seem to have gotten any attention are Tokyo Movie Shinsha and StarToons. Since they both tied for first and there's no third choice, I don't see any reason to make a winner's podium picture. I did everything I could; I gave people two weeks to vote on the poll, I even sent some messages, but for some reason, this poll apparently bombed. Until we can get more voters here on the TTA wiki (and any ideas for which I'd be glad to consider), this is going to be the last poll. What a shame, too, because I had so many more planned.

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