Since I have decided to start the Tiny Toon Adventures Controversy Meme, I have decided to post one with my answers.

Favorite Character: Buster Bunny

I see Buster Bunny as a dynamic character, mainly because he's the leader and the straight man to some of the more wacky characters he has to put up with. There are plenty of times when he acts like a nervous, neurotic kid, such as Prom-ise Her Anything. Of course, given the fact that Buster is Bugs Bunny's junior counterpart, he's not immune to being wacky himself. In fact, there are times when he outrights acts like Bugs, such as Ruffled Ruffee.

Least Favorite Character: Rhoda Queen

While I admit I haven't read The Bad Seed or seen its film adaptation, I can guess that Rhoda Queen is an accurate representation of Rhoda Penmark. Rhoda is a devil in plain sight (which, may I add, plays against Kath Soucie's long line of kind-hearted voice roles, including Fifi and Sneezer from this same series), she bullies Elmyra into being her friend, and manages to pull the wool over her Mother's eyes. Elmyra's low intelligence gives Rhoda the advantage of acting as mean as she wants without anybody trying to stop her. The only karma Rhoda ever received was having Montana Max dump a cherry cola and having Elmyra tell her off when she wants her to give her Furrball, and even then, the latter didn't last too long, given Elmyra's low intelligence. Thankfully, Rhoda was just a one-time character.

Most Overrated Character: Fifi La Fume

I know I'm probably going to receive a lot of flak for this, but I personally think that Fifi La Fume steals the fans' attention away from the show's memorable humor and writing, as well as most of the main cast in a large amount of fan works. Maybe it's because of her lack of screentime, but I just don't think Fifi's personality is as strong as Babs Bunny or Shirley the Loon's. Besides the fact that she's Pepé Le Pew's junior counterpart, she's a skunk, and skunks are generally looked down upon by people in real life; nobody ever wants to own a skunk, let alone get near one, so I don't really see what sets Fifi apart from other skunks.

Most Underrated Character: Elmyra Duff

A lot of people seem to hate on Elmyra Duff for two things; the short, Out of Odor, and the spin-off, Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain, and usually those two things alone. I can see past those things, and see Elmyra more as someone who, despite her low intelligence, never really means the harm she causes. Elmyra does have a sensitive side, as seen in episodes like Prom-ise Her Anything. In that episode, Elmyra was more interested in dating Montana Max rather than going after animals. Not to mention, while Elmyra is Elmer Fudd's junior counterpart, her personality completely contrasts his; Elmer willfully hunts animals, but isn't seen as a dangerous threat, whereas Elmyra means no harm to the animals, but is seen as a dangerous threat.

Favorite Episodes: Ruffled Ruffee, The Potty Years, Born to Be Riled

Ruffled Ruffee is my favorite Buster Bunny cartoon, and a fine example of a Tiny Toon short that lives up to the Looney Tunes short it's based on. In this case, Ruffled Ruffee is the spiritual successor to the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Long-Haired Hare. The Potty Years is one of funniest and most memorable Tiny Toon shorts ever, and for good reasons, one of them being that said short was based on a true story involving Tom Ruegger's son, Cody. In Born to Be Riled, Babs' impressions of her friends were, though unflattering to them, spot-on, so much that even Maurice LaMarche admitted during a convention, that Tress MacNeille's acting put him, Joe Alaskey, Gail Matthius, and Kath Soucie in just a bit of fear of their jobs.

Least Favorite Episode: The Undersea World of Fifi

The Undersea World of Fifi is a fine example of a fourteen-minute short that could have easily been cut down to a seven-minute one, and had another seven-minute short run after it. Much of the first act is filler, namely Elmyra getting beaten up by various sea creatures. A lot of the second act is also filler, in Elmyra trying to catch a sea monkey. And while Fifi is heard all throughout this short, she is hardly seen at all. I will admit I liked one thing about this short, though; the ending, and not just because it ended the short.

Favorite Movie/Special: How I Spent My Vacation

The closing credits weren't joking when they said the reason this movie was released straight to home video was because it's so darned good! This movie has many different sub-plots, from Buster, Babs, and Byron travelling downriver in a G-rated Deliverance Parody, to Fowlmouth taking Shirley to the movies to see a movie he's seen 100 times before, and will not shut up through. The best sub-plot, though, has to be Plucky's, where he travels with Hamton's family to HappyWorldLand, and has to put up with their antics, such as car games, bringing their own lunch to the drive-thru, and picking up a chainsaw-wielding hitchhiker. This is a movie I look forward to watching every summer.

Least Favorite Movie/Special: None

While the Spring Break Special may not be as funny or memorable as How I Spent My Vacation, it still has its good moments, and I look forward to watching it every Easter. Night Ghoulery is a very well-done Halloween special, which I look forward to watching every Halloween. If Warner Bros. ever decides to release these two specials on DVD to complete everyone's Tiny Toon Adventures collection, I would gladly buy those DVDs.

Favorite Video Game: Buster's Hidden Treasure (Sega Genesis)

Maybe it's because I love Sega games, but Buster's Hidden Treasure is one of my many favorites for the Genesis, and while it may not make it onto many top 10 Sega Genesis games lists, it'll probably make it onto some of the top 20 or 30. Buster Bunny runs, jumps, climbs, and swims through over 30 levels through seven different territories to find a sunken pirate treasure and rescue his friends from Montana Max and Dr. Gene Splicer. Sure, it's seen as a clone of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, but as far as Sonic clones go, it's a really good one. It ranks right up there with Rocket Knight Adventures, which should come as no surprise, since Konami developed both games for the same system around the same time.

Least Favorite Video Games: The Great Beanstalk, Toonenstein: Dare to Scare, Plucky's Big Adventure (Playstation 1)

This is more having to do with my preference of console than the actual quality of the games themselves, as my preferred method of playing video games is either on Nintendo or Sega consoles. But from what I've heard, these are some of the few TTA licensed games that don't live up to the same high standards as Konami's TTA licensed games.

Favorite Couple: Babs and Buster Bunny (No Relation)

Given Babs' sense of humor and Buster's strong leadership, as well as the fact that they've gone on many adventures together, and the fact that they're both rabbits, Babs and Buster aren't just the perfect foils for each other, they're also the best of friends. These things make them the perfect couple, and while they may be a little young for any serious romance right now, maybe they will related someday.

Least Favorite Couple: Buster Bunny and Fifi La Fume

I don't see why some people want to see Buster and Fifi together as a couple. Buster's a rabbit, and Fifi's a skunk, so it would never really work out. While Fifi might not have a specific boyfriend of her own, Buster already has the perfect girlfriend for him, in in the form of Babs Bunny. Thankfully, this couple was only used one time on the show, and that time wasn't even canon, given that Fifi was revealed to actually be a disguised droid.

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