Since other wikis have this posted, I have decided to add one as well; a controversy meme relating to what people like or dislike about their favorite franchise. In this case, I have created one for Tiny Toon Adventures. In this controversy meme, I have posted twelve different categories;

  1. Favorite Character(s)
  2. Least Favorite Character(s)
  3. Most Overrated Character(s)
  4. Most Underrated Character(s)
  5. Favorite Episode(s)
  6. Least Favorite Episode(s)
  7. Favorite Movie(s)/Special(s)
  8. Least Favorite Movie(s)/Special(s)
  9. Favorite Video Game(s)
  10. Least Favorite Video Game(s)
  11. Favorite Couple(s)
  12. Least Favorite Couple(s)

I will be posting one with my own answers as well. Any users on this wiki who would like to make one are welcome to do so and post it on a user blog with a link to it on their profile page. Please place images of what aspects you like or dislike about Tiny Toon Adventures in the respective rectangles and explain your reasons for liking or disliking these aspects in the description below. I would like to hear from other other users what it is they like or dislike about Tiny Toon Adventures. Just remember that these controversy memes need to follow the TTA wiki's policy prohibiting profanity or vulgar images. Any controversy memes containing profanity or vulgar images will be deleted. You are also free to use this controversy meme on DeviantArt or other art websites, so long as I am given credit for it.

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