Hello, users of the TTA Wiki. Currently, I am the only admin on this wiki that is active. The other admin on here, Artayes, was last active on October 11, 2016. I have been trying to contact him, but so far, he hasn't responded to any of the messages I sent him since that day. I definitely think the TTA wiki needs another active admin, and as an admin with Bureaucracy rights, I can grant them to that user so they can be the other active admin this wiki needs. Before I can grant that user those rights, this admin should meet the following requirements:

1. This user must have a huge knowledge on the Tiny Toon Adventures continuity, and thus be prepared to correct any mistakes users might add.

2. This user must be prepared to deal with vandals and vandalism in an orderly fashion, I.E., using appropriate account blocks depending on the vandalism and the vandals.

3. This user must frequently work on the TTA wiki, so that we can be able to contact each other on a regular basis if we need to, in order to discuss important matters.

In conclusion, I definitely think the TTA wiki could use another active admin to keep the TTA wiki up to date, and have someone I could talk to when having to deal with uncertain situations.

In the meantime, if you need help, I am the person to talk to. Thank you for your time.


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