• FlyingDuckManGenesis

    Dear users of Tiny Toon Adventures Wiki,

    I have been working on various Fandom websites for almost ten years now, but it is with a heavy heart that I announce that starting tomorrow, I will be closing my Fandom account and leaving Fandom websites for good.

    As of late, I have been put under a lot of pressure from trying to deal with sockpuppet users and their edits, and even though I do sometimes get the help I need from Fandom staff, these users keep making new accounts and will not stop messaging me to unblock them or to make edits that I object to. This is why I have decided to close my account. I have read the article on the consequences of closing a Fandom account, which is also why I have given admin and bureaucracy rights on the TTA Wi…

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  • FlyingDuckManGenesis

    Hello, users of the TTA Wiki. Currently, I am the only admin on this wiki that is active. The other admin on here, Artayes, was last active on October 11, 2016. I have been trying to contact him, but so far, he hasn't responded to any of the messages I sent him since that day. I definitely think the TTA wiki needs another active admin, and as an admin with Bureaucracy rights, I can grant them to that user so they can be the other active admin this wiki needs. Before I can grant that user those rights, this admin should meet the following requirements:

    1. This user must have a huge knowledge on the Tiny Toon Adventures continuity, and thus be prepared to correct any mistakes users might add.

    2. This user must be prepared to deal with vandals and…

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  • FlyingDuckManGenesis

    Since I have decided to start the Tiny Toon Adventures Controversy Meme, I have decided to post one with my answers.

    Favorite Character: Buster Bunny

    I see Buster Bunny as a dynamic character, mainly because he's the leader and the straight man to some of the more wacky characters he has to put up with. There are plenty of times when he acts like a nervous, neurotic kid, such as Prom-ise Her Anything. Of course, given the fact that Buster is Bugs Bunny's junior counterpart, he's not immune to being wacky himself. In fact, there are times when he outrights acts like Bugs, such as Ruffled Ruffee.

    Least Favorite Character: Rhoda Queen

    While I admit I haven't read The Bad Seed or seen its film adaptation, I can guess that Rhoda Queen is an accurate r…

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  • FlyingDuckManGenesis

    Since other wikis have this posted, I have decided to add one as well; a controversy meme relating to what people like or dislike about their favorite franchise. In this case, I have created one for Tiny Toon Adventures. In this controversy meme, I have posted twelve different categories;

    1. Favorite Character(s)
    2. Least Favorite Character(s)
    3. Most Overrated Character(s)
    4. Most Underrated Character(s)
    5. Favorite Episode(s)
    6. Least Favorite Episode(s)
    7. Favorite Movie(s)/Special(s)
    8. Least Favorite Movie(s)/Special(s)
    9. Favorite Video Game(s)
    10. Least Favorite Video Game(s)
    11. Favorite Couple(s)
    12. Least Favorite Couple(s)

    I will be posting one with my own answers as well. Any users on this wiki who would like to make one are welcome to do so and post it on a user blog with a lin…

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  • FlyingDuckManGenesis

    I have recently contacted the Wikia Community Central Staff and requested bureaucrat rights for this wiki, because while I am currently the only active admin on this wiki, the other two, User 50 and Artayes, are not as active as they used to be. User 50 is currently the only admin on this wiki who has bureaucrat rights. The reason why I have requested bureaucrat rights is so that someday when there is another admin-worthy user, I can give him or her the admin rights. Would you support me in being the TTA Wiki's newest bureaucrat?

    Update 11/26/13

    I have just been granted bureaucrat rights from the Wikia Community Central staff. Thank you all for your support!

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