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My name is Rock-O-Jello. Need I go on?

Welcome to mys user page. Feel free to hang around.

About Me

  • I crack a lot of jokes
  • I'm absolutely nuts
  • I'm currently ranked at "#5" on this wiki
  • Although I'm a male, I'm rather fond of cute things...
  • I think (most, and nearly all) Disney movies are amazing
  • I'm an aspiring director
  • Like most people, I think Obama needs to get his head out of his rearend
  • I want somebody to laugh at my jokes
  • I've watched 5 episodes of Tiny Toons, and still have yet to laugh at any of them
  • I prefer verbal humor over slapstick
  • I love cartoons
  • I think Whose Line Is It Anyway? is hilarious, even though I don't watch it anymore