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Tiny Toon Adventures
Two-Tone Town
Season 3, Episode 87
Air date 28 September 1992
Written by Deanna Oliver
Directed by Ken Boyer
Gag credit Quote of the day - "Do you like our butts and ears better up or down?"
End tag Buster: "Say goodnight, Babs."
Babs: "Goodnight, Babs."
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Two Tone Town is the ninth episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 87th episode overall. It was written by Deanna Oliver and directed by Ken Boyer.


Buster frets over the security of his employment when casting notices for a new show called Acme Oop! are advertised on television. Babs assures him that everything is okay because they are on Tiny Toon Adventures, but Buster suggests that they audition for the show due to his fear of him and Babs becoming has-beens and ending up doing Toonywood Squares. Plucky then shows up and reveals his plan to pitch his new show Hudson Duck to the Warner casting directors due to his ego confirming that his show will put Acme Oop! out of production. The rabbits laugh, and Buster is convinced that their jobs are safe.

Buster and Babs walk over to Two-Tone Town, a completely black-and-white section of Acme Acres. They walk over to the theater, where the ticket taker gives them tickets to see a cartoon. The bunnies take their seats to watch The Big Buzz of 32, a 1932 cartoon starring early Warner Bros. cartoon stars Foxy and Roxy, Goopy Geer, and Big Bee. They realize that Foxy is the ticket taker. They enjoy the cartoon immensely and they praise it to Foxy. Foxy refers to color cartoon characters as "hues". He reveals that life in Two-Tone Town has been hard ever since cartoons switched to color, and they had to get by by selling all of their music and sound effects, including Big Bee selling his buzz. He introduces Buster and Babs to Roxy and Goopy Geer. An agent from Acme comes to take the music out of Goopy Geer's piano, but Buster and Babs save them by saying that they have an audition for Acme Oop!

Babs prepares the Two-Tones for their audition by teaching them some jokes as well as how to quick change, but without success. Meanwhile, Buster goes off as Robin Hare to steal music and sound effects for them.

Buster begins his stealth at the Acme Acres Cereal Bowl, where Daffy Duck is conducting an orchestra made up of Looney Tunes characters. While they play, the score for the music appears above them and Buster, while being pursued by Daffy, steals the musical notes from the score and puts them in a bag. Next, Buster goes over to Yosemite Sam's House of Sound FX. He attempts to go in, but Sam kicks him out, literally. Buster decides to take a play out of Bugs Bunny's playbook and dress in drag. The "lady" seductively asks Sam for certain sound effects that are on shelves that are out of reach while "she" steals them from the shelves. Buster makes his escape with enough music and sound effects to save the Two-Tones.

Meanwhile, Babs is still having difficulty preparing the Two-Tones for their audition, so she suggests that she do all the talking. However, once hey enter the casting office, they are immediately rejected due to the executives having difficulty seeing any merchandising potential. After they leave, Plucky comes in with his Hudson Duck pitch reel.

Outside the casting office, Babs and the Two-Tones are met by the Acme agent who once again attempts to buy Goopy Geer's piano, but Goopy refuses. Buster arrives with music and sound effects, also kicking the agent to the Sun, (An Unusual Death) much to Babs' disappointment in his timing. But Buster cheers up Big Bee by giving him his buzz back. The execiutives overhear the joy and laughter outside and leave Plucky's pitch to see what's going on.

The toons are asked to move by a fat pig and a yellow bird. A crowd of people gather around them to see what is going on. Goopy finally successfully does a quick change and Roxy manages to get Babs' humor by doing a joke in her style. The casting executives sign the Two-Tones up and dismiss Buster and Babs, much to the rabbits' surprise. Plucky decides to join in by painting himself white.

The theme song to Two-Tone Town Adventures plays to the tune of the Tiny Toons theme. Buster and Babs are disgracefully demoted to has-beens making weekly appearances in Toonywood Squares.


  • In the advertisement for Acme Oop!, clips from "Robin Hood Daffy", a typical Foghorn Leghorn cartoon, and "Bedevilled Hare" are reanimated.
  • Babs does an imitation of Mae West. When demonstrating how to quick-change, she sings a song in the vein of "Getting to Know You" from Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I.
  • Toonywood Squares is a parody of Hollywood Squares; this parody was previously seen in "Acme Cable TV".
  • Plucky's new show idea Hudson Duck is a take on Hudson Hawk.


  • The ending credits are in black and white with yellow lettering.
  • Foxy, Roxy and Goopy Geer are Warner Bros. characters who appeared in some of the earliest Merrie Melodies cartoons. Initially, Roxy was not named in her appearances and was given that name for this episode.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Toonywood Squares Host
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Casting Executive #1, Woman
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Pig Toon
Greg Burson Daffy Duck, Narrator
Maurice LaMarche Yosemite Sam, Acme Man, Casting Executive #3
Robert Morse Goopy Geer
Desiree Goyette Roxy, Bird Toon
Rob Paulsen Foxy
Frank Welker Big Bee, Casting Executive #2, Man


  • Babs: "Listen up, Two-Tones!" (in a dramatic voice) "You will get work, I have the strength to fight for you! If I have to, I will give up everything for you! But you will be stars again!"
(Buster gives Babs an award for her dramatic performance.)
Babs: "Eat your heart out, Susan Lucci."
  • Two-Tone Town Adventures Lyrics:

Foxy, Roxy, and Goopy Gear: We're two-tones, we're loony, we're wacky, silly, goony,

You can watch our cartoony on your black-and-white TV!

Our comedy's faster, pitch and alabaster,

Uncolorized adventures, two-tone classic comedy.

So here's Two-Tone Town, it's where we live and where we play.

We're not in Technicolor, we were drawn in shades of gray!

There's Foxy and Roxy, they're straight out of Biloxi

On Two-Tone Town Adventures, it's a two-tone day!

There's Big Bee and Plucky...

Plucky: "I'm really Hudson Ducky!"

Foxy, Roxy, and Goopy Geer: "And don't forget Goopy on those old piano keys.

So come join the two-tones and our swarthy family--

Hilarious adventures, ebony and ivory!

We're two-tones, we're loony, we're wacky, silly, goony,

And do you like our ears and butts better up or down?

Let's go to Two-Tone Town!"

  • Toonywood Squares Host: "Remember, cartoon characters never die!"
Buster and Babs: "We just do game shows."


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