Toys R Mine, as seen in Playtime Toons.

Toys R Mine is a fictional chain of toy stores owned by Montana Max in Tiny Toon Adventures. It is a parody of the popular children's toy store, Toys R Us, with Monty parodying its mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

  • Toys R Mine first appears briefly in the Season 1 episode, Citizen Max as one of the franchises owned by Montana Max. The store's arm snatches a large teddy bear from a little boy, causing the little boy to cry.
  • Toys R Mine returns in a commercial in the second wraparound of the Season 2 episode, Playtime Toons. The commercial parodies the "I Don't Wanna Grow Up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid" song, and features Montana Max buying every toy in the store. After buying all the toys, Monty destroys them.

Appearances in Video Games

Although the toy store does not appear in any video games specifically, the head of Monty parodying Geoffrey can be seen in the Monty's Playroom stage of the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game, Acme All-Stars.

Theme Song Lyrics

"I just wanna have fun, I'm a Toys R Mine brat,
I go running through the store, screaming, 'Give me this and that!'
From games to balls, to spiky-head dolls,
It's a happy place to be!
I can break them all and my folks don't squall,
cause they all belong to me!"


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