The "Looking Out for the Little Guy" episode segment, "The Re-Return of The Toxic Revenger"

Toxic Revenger is one of the superhero alter-egos of Plucky Duck. He is an obvious parody of Toxic Avenger. As Toxic Revenger, he goes after those who are careless toward the environment, usually Montana Max.

Appearances on the Show

In production order, Toxic Revenger appears in the Strange Tales of Weird Science episode segment, Duck in the Muck, the You Asked for It, Part II episode segment, The Return of Toxic Revenger, and the Looking Out for the Little Guy episode segment, The Re-Return of Toxic Revenger.


The Toxic Revenger in Buster's Hidden Treasure

Appearances in Video Games

The Toxic Revenger appears as a boss in Buster's Hidden Treasure for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, trying to take down Dr. Gene Splicer before Buster can. In the game, he continually denies his true identity until Buster threatens to stop helping him with his homework.

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