Tiny Toon Adventures
Toons from the Crypt
Season 3, Episode 86
Buster as the Cryptkeeper
Air date 7 November 1992 ("Wait Till Your Father Gets Even" in The Plucky Duck Show)
4 December 1994 ("Night of the Living Pets" in Tiny Toon Adventures: Fiendishly Funny Adventures VHS
October 1995 (on Nickelodeon in its entirety)
Written by Nicholas Hollander, Paul Dini
Directed by Ken Boyer
Gag credit We gave Concord Condor a new haircut - And he still isn't funny.
End tag Elmyra: "Let the show begin!"
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Toons from the Crypt is the eighth episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 86th episode overall.


Buster, as the Crypt Keeper, introduces scary toons in a tomb in the heart of a mansion. His first cartoon is entitled, "Wait Till Your Father Gets Even".

In the second act, Buster feeds a skull to Concord Condor's older brothers, and then tells about the bad seed in their family, Concord the Kindly Condor.

In the third act, Buster plays with a voodoo doll of Elmyra Duff to introduce the next cartoon about Elmyra and her undead pets.


Wait Till Your Father Gets Even

At the Acme Park, Plucky and Hamton are Playing jacks. Plucky bets Hamton can beat him in the next game. If Hamton wins, he gets Plucky's halo. If Plucky wins, he gets Hamton's dad's bottle cap collection. Hamton wants no part in gambling, as his father has collected the bottle caps since he was a kid, and his dad would be furious at him if he lost it. Plucky acts sad, and Hamton gives in. Plucky wins the game and the bottle cap collection. Hamton is distraught, and sadly makes his way back home, as it begins to rain. When Hamton arrives home, he tells his mother, Winnie Pig, about his gamble with Plucky, and she sends him to his room without dinner. (For a hungry pig like Hamton, this is a big deal.) When Hamton goes to his room, he imagines what his father will do to him after he tells him about his gamble. In his fantasy, Hamton is sent to the desert, where his items are confiscated by wild boars, and he is roasted.

When Hamton's father, Wade Pig, arrives home, Winnie tells him about Hamton's gamble. Wade is surprisingly not mad at Hamton, and tells him that the bottle cap collection was given to him by his father, and he was hoping to give them to Hamton someday. He knows Hamton is sorry and hopes he's learned his lesson. The next morning, He, Hamton, and Uncle Stinky start a new bottle cap collection, which, according to Wade, looks better than the first.

Buster says that it's not the usual frightening ending they run in the stories, as all ended well for Hamton. Plucky's parents took a slightly harsher view of his gambling: Plucky is tied to a table, with a saw on the other side, but that's another story.

Concord the Kindly Condor

Concord Condor wants to be a veterinarian, and spends all his time helping out injured animals, but his three older brothers try to teach him how to be a condor like them, and eat the defenseless animals. Nasty, the oldest of the brothers, sends him to catch a squirrel with a broken tail. Concord takes the squirrel to his bed, and takes care of it. Nasty is outraged, and tells Concord that condors are supposed to eat defenseless animals, not help them. Concord finds this appalling, but Nasty tells him that he's going to be a real condor wether he wants to or not.

Concord flies away and refuses, as he is a veterinarian, and will not eat his patients. He sees an old elk, who asks him if he has his medicine. Concord's brothers have followed him, and want to eat the elk, but Concord has warned them that the elk's medicine is about to kick in. The other condors are not scared, but the elk has recovered and beats them up, tying them in his walker.

Later, as Concord is taking care of some small animals, Nasty dresses Lardo up as Buster Bunny with a thorn in his paw. This will distract Concord as Nasty snatches the raccoon who needed ointment. He, Slim, and Lardo, fight over who gets to eat him. Concord returns and tells his brothers that the raccoon has a bad case of poison ivy.

Later, Concord finds a bear trapped in a tree trunk, and leaves to get some ice to help the swelling go down. Concord's brothers, mistaking the bear for a smaller, more defenseless animal, attempt to pull him out by the nose. Concord returns and tries to tell them about the bear, but they refuse to listen to him. The bear breaks free, and beats the condors up. Concord uses a wheelbarrow to take his brothers back home and nurse them back to normal. For once, Nasty is grateful that he has a vet in the family. Concord decides to give his brothers something he gives all his patients. At first, the condor brothers expect to get lollipops, but Concord gives them their medical bill instead. The condor brothers run out the cave, and Concord says, "Who says I don't prey on the weak and sickly?"

Buster says, "Looks like Concord's brothers had quite a comedown, eh, kiddies? I guess it's true what they say; 'Birds of a feather flop together.'" He then introduces something really horrible, a commercial break!

Night of the Living Pets

Elmyra is sad, as she is looking through her photo album, looking at the pets she has killed by accident over the years. She wishes she could see them all one more time. Her wish comes true, as the pets rise from their graves as zombies, and make their way towards her house. Elmyra is scared when she sees her zombie pets are at the door, and tries to keep them out. They make their way into her house, and she hides under her bed. The pets make their way to her room, and she stops being scared when she smells them. They have been buried for years and she decides they all need a bath. She washes two of them and they fall apart into dust in the bathtub. She attempts to clean up Fluffikin, an undead cat, with a vacuum, but he ends up losing all his skin except his head, and his skeleton is exposed. The rest of the zombie pets return to their graves, remembering just how dangerous she was.

Elmyra wakes up, as it was all a nightmare. She was so scared, but it was fun to see her old pets again. She goes to the cemetery and digs them up to play with them. Buster doesn't dig the creepy ending.


  • The title and episode parody the television horror show Tales from the Crypt. Coincidentally, John Kassir, the host of Tales From The Crypt, would later become Buster Bunny's second voice actor after Charlie Adler quit after being denied a part on Animaniacs.
  • In the first wraparound, a skeleton of Bullwinkle Moose from Rocky & His Friends is at the entrance of the hallway.
  • In the first segment, Hamton says, "Now I know how Pete Rose feels." Rose is a baseball player who infamously gambled on some games.
  • "Concord the Kindly Condor" is a spoof of Casper the Friendly Ghost. Concord's brothers are also similar to the ghostly trio, who serve as the main antagonists of that series.
  • "Night of the Living Pets" is a parody of the film, Night of the Living Dead.


  • In "Concord the Kindly Condor", Concord has a different haircut, which is even joked about in the gag credit.
  • Babs Bunny does not appear in this episode.

Unaired on Fox

"Toons from the Crypt" did not air during the third season's original run on Fox Kids after the Fox broadcast standards and practices department pulled the episode, citing the graphic content from the "Night of the Living Pets" segment. The segment "Wait Till' Your Father Gets Even" premiered 7 November 1992 in The Plucky Duck Show, and the segment "Night of the Living Pets" was released on the Tiny Toon Adventures: Fiendishly Funny Adventures VHS in 1994. When Nickelodeon gained rerun rights to the series in 1995, they finally aired the episode in its entirety in October of that year.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Lardo Condor
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Wade Pig
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Frank Welker Furrball, Boar, Byron Basset, Crow, Flicka, Fluffikin
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Rob Paulsen Concord Condor, Slim Condor
Edie McClurg Winnie Pig
Jim Cummings Nasty Condor, Old Elk


  • (Prologue for "Wait Till Your Father Gets Even"):
Buster: (laughs and falls to the floor) "Welcome, kiddies, for a collection of cartoons so ghoulishly gruesome we can only call them Toons from the Crypt! (laughs) I've brought out some real screamers tonight, starting with this bloodcurdling tale of a panicked pig which I call Wait Till Your Father Gets Even! (laughs and falls to the floor)
  • Plucky: "Just call me a lucky duck, just call me a lucky duck, just call me a lucky duck, and I'll call you a... SUCKER!"
  • (Epilogue for "Wait Till Your Father Gets Even"):
Buster: "Yes, I know it's not the fiendishly frightening finale we usually run on these stories. For Hamton, all ended happily, but Plucky's folks took a slightly harsher view of his gamblings!" (shows front cover of Toons from the Crypt book with Plucky screaming and yelling as he is about to get sliced) "But that's another story!" (laughs)
  • (Prologue for "Concord the Kindly Condor"):
Buster: "Welcome back, shriek freaks! You're just in time to watch me feed the birds!" (throws skull at Nasty who eats it, then gets punched in the beak by Lardo) Aren't they the cutest things? Of course, now and then, a bad seed comes along to spoil it for the others, namedly, Concord the Kindly Condor!"
  • (Epilogue for "Concord the Kindly Condor"):
Buster: "Ah, looks like Concord's brothers had quite a comedown, eh, kiddies? I guess it's true what they say: 'Birds of a feather flop together!'!" (laughs) "And coming up next, a real bit of horror: a commercial!" (screams)
  • (Prologue for "Night of the Living Pets"):
Buster: 'Hi-ho, "tombsters'! Next up, a dipsy dweeb gets hers in a cute and cuddly tale titled Night of the Living Pets!
  • Elmyra: "This is the way we wash our pets, wash our pets, wash our pets, this is the way we wash our pets, because they're dead and rotten and decaying!"
  • (Epilogue for "Night of the Living Pets"):
Buster: "Ooh, yuck! Even I don't 'dig' that creepy ending! I'd better get while the getting's good! See you next time, 'tombsters'!" (laughs)


  • To read the transcript for this episode, click here.


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