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Tiny Toon Adventures
Toon Physics
Season 2, Episode 71
Orson Whales, the host of this episode
Air date 4 November 1991
Written by Nicholas Hollander, Dale Hale, Chris Otsuki
Directed by Art Leonardi
Gag credit Top 5 "Toon Physics" facts:
5. "Cub For Grub" becomes funny when you watch it backwards.
4. Sneezer is actually a 45 year old man.
3. Barky Marky was in this episode.
2. The Boy in the Orange Hat is actually Danny Bonaduce.
1. We wanted Carl Sagan to do the wraparounds, but he snubbed us. Go figure.
End tag Plucky: "Parting is such sweet sorrow!"
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Toon Physics is the 6th episode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 71st episode overall.


Orson Whales is the host of today's episode and throughout the episode, he demonstrates how Toon Physics differ from real life physics.


Once Upon a Star

Elmyra Duff wishes on a star that her Barbette doll was real so that she could play with her. Her wish comes true and Barbette comes to life. Barbette rudely wakes her up and demands she get her ready. She gets Elmyra's name wrong, and interrupts her when she tries to correct her (which becomes the running gag of the episode). When Elmyra brushes her teeth, Barbette demands her own toothbrush, as it is bad hygiene to share someone else's. She pushes Elmyra, who lands in the bathtub. When Elmyra gets dressed, Barbette complains about having to wear doll clothes and demands designer clothes instead. When Elmyra compliments Barbette on how beautiful she looks, Barbette insults Elmyra, telling her she will get uglier as she grows up, whereas she, being a doll, will never age and will always remain beautiful. Later that night, Elmyra wants to take back her stinky-butt wish and wishes Barbette was just like her other dolls. Her wish backfires and brings all her dolls to life, who demand various things from her.

A Cub for Grub

Furrball is digging in trash cans because he is hungry. He notices Li'l Sneezer, who is attending a boy scout camp. Furrball sneaks onto the back of the bus, and the bus goes to Camp Acme. Furrball takes clothes from other scouts to disguise himself as a scout. The Camp counselor assigns each cub scout to pick an older explorer scout to team up with. Furrball chooses Sneezer, who asks him what he wants to do first as he measures him. Furrball wants to cook dinner, and Sneezer tells him the first step is to set up the tent. He gives Furrball an inflatable tent to set up, but as Furrball tries to set the tent up, he accidentally swallows it and it inflates inside him. Furrball spits out the tent and uses a pump to inflate himself. As Sneezer tries to decide what to eat, Furrball sets up a campfire. The smoke from the fire causes Sneezer to Sneeze, which pushes Furrball, now charred, into a tree. That night, Sneezer gets ready for bed and apologizes to Furrball for sneezing him into the poison ivy patch. Furrball sneaks up on Sneezer, who mistakes him for a forest creature, but remembers he set a trap. The trap catches Furrball and tangles him up to a tree branch. The tree branch breaks and Furrball falls into a thorny bush. Sneezer spends the rest of the night removing thorns from Furrball and Bandaging him. It's morning when he finishes, and time to head back home. As Sneezer takes Furrball to the bus with him, Furrball's banadges come loose and Furrball falls off a cliff. On his way home, Sneezer notices Furrball in a canoe trying to catch up with him. Furrball is unable to keep up and falls down a waterfall. Sneezer ends the cartoon by saying, "You know, a mouse scout must always be prepared-ed, especially when his leader is a hungry kitty!"

The Year Book Star

Every year, Babs Bunny and Plucky Duck compete to see who can get the most pictures in the Acme Looniversity school yearbook. The loser has to suffer the humiliation of the winner's choice. This year, Plucky has a secret strategy; being the yearbook editor. His job is to take club photos, but he wants to make sure he is in every photo. At the Drama Club, Babs tells Plucky he can't be in the photo because he's not in the Drama Club. Plucky proves to Babs that he is in every club, much to her disapproval. As they perform a play, a photo is taken of them and a boy wearing an orange hat. Later that day, at the Philosophy Club, Plucky is impatient to take the photo as Babs starts the meeting. Today's philosophical discussion is Plato's Famous Cartoon Violence Theories. Plucky gets hit by an anvil and tells Babs, "You just made that up!". A new photo is taken, this time of him, Hamton, Elmyra, and the Boy in the Orange Hat. At the Magic Club, Plucky is about to take his photo before Babs arrives, but Babs notices him and takes him to the guillotine to perform the disappearing head act. Just before the guillotine is about to slice Plucky's head, Orson Whales interrupts to discuss the meaning of life. A new photo is taken, this time of Hamton, Fifi, and the Boy in the Orange hat. As Plucky pulls his head, which was hiding in his body out, he heads over to the Acme Looniversity Gym to take the gymnastics club photo. Babs is at the gym, practicing her swinging. She grabs Plucky, and tosses him around the gym, eventually landing him on a balance beam. A new photo is taken, this time of Plucky, Fifi, Furrball, and the Boy in the Orange Hat. Hamton falls asleep editing the yearbook, and Plucky sneaks in, replacing most of the photos of the other students with pictures of himself. The next morning, Babs and Hamton discover they have been cut out of the yearbook. Babs tells Hamton that Plucky will get his comeuppance in the official photo count-off tonight. Babs and Plucky tie, with 302 photos each. Babs and Plucky argue over who should be the winner, but the judges find out there may not be a tie. They recount the photos, and find out the winner with 604 pictures is the Boy in the Orange Hat. Babs and Plucky are outraged, but look over and find out the judges were right, as the Boy in the Orange Hat appears in the background of every picture. Orson interrupts again, this time to tell the viewers he gets paid more for every line he says. The Boy in the Orange Hat tells the audience that he wanted to teach Babs and Plucky not to compete to win a bet. The boy reveals himself as Buster Bunny, who outrages Babs and Plucky, who beat him up.


  • Orson Whales, the host of this episode, is a parody of the famous actor Orson Welles.
  • In "Once Upon a Star", Jiminy Cockroach is a parody of Jiminy Cricket, who sings "When You Wish Upon a Star" in Disney's Pinocchio.
  • Barbette of "Once Upon a Star" is a parody of the popular Barbie doll. Also, when complaining about having to wear doll clothes and demanding designer clothes, Barbette mentions Mattel, the company that makes Barbie dolls, and Fisher-Price, its subsidiary.
  • In "Once Upon a Star", when Barbette complains about having to wear doll clothes and demanding designer clothes, she mentions Sesame Street, a long-running educational children's television show that has been airing since 1969.


  • In "A Cub for Grub", Furrball snatches some clothes from the other scouts. One of them says, "He took my pants!", but Furrball clearly took a shirt.
  • Maurice LaMarche would later reuse Orson Whales' voice for The Brain in Animaniacs'.
  • The credits claim they wanted to get Carl Sagan to host the episode. Sagan was a noted astrophysicist best known as the creator and host of the PBS miniseries Cosmos: A Personal Journey.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, The Boy in the Orange Hat
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Singing Cub Scout, Additional Voices
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Plucky Duck, Jiminy Cockroach, One of Plucky's Relatives
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff, Barbette, Talking Dolls
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil, Orson Whales, Cub Scout #2
Frank Welker Furrball, Cub Scout Leader, Cub Scout #1
Kath Souci Li'l Sneezer, Singing Cub Scout


  • Orson: "In real life, wishing upon a star would be fruitless, it would burn your wishes into cosmic dust; you'd be left with squadoo. However, in toon physics, wishing upon a star will get you whatever your heart desires, and the end result; pure-fire comic hi-jinks."
  • Barbette: "Who butchered my hair?"
  • Barbette: "That's disgusting, Elvira. I want my own toothbrush."
  • Barbette: " I want designer clothes, you twit! Labels like Chanel, not Mattel! Fabriche, not Fisher-Price, fashions from Paris, not Sesame Street!"
  • Barbette: "I suppose someday you'll grow out of this homely stage you're in now, and you'll probably end up looking like your grandmother with wrinkles and gobs of cellulite, whereas I will never age, I'll always be beautiful."
  • Sneezer (As Furrball has swallowed the tent that has inflated inside him): "Well, the tent's up, yep, it is, but according to the manual, the tent should be around you, not in you!"
  • Orson: "In real physics, helium would be needed to make a balloon rise. In Furrball's case, any old gas would do. For comedy's sake, a can of baked beans might have been funnier."
  • Sneezer: "Good night, sir, who is inexplicably no longer wearing his uniform. Sorry I sneezed you into the poison ivy patch."
  • One of Plucky's Relatives (As Plucky's family is sitting down to eat a family dinner): "None for me, thanks, it gives me gas."
  • Orson: "At this point, I thought we'd all take a moment to consider the meaning of life. I prefer to believe that all living things were descended from the brussels sprout. How about you?"
  • Babs: "Look at me, I'm Mary Lou Retton!"
  • Plucky: "Babs, is there any club you're not a member of?"
Babs: "Yeah. The Auto Club."
  • Orson: "At this point, I thought I'd interrupt for interruption's sake. I get paid more for every line I say."


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