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Tiny Toon Spring Break
Air date 27 March 1994
Written by Peter Hastings
Nicholas Hollander
Tom Ruegger
Directed by Rich Arons
Michael Gerard
Dave Marshall

Tiny Toon Spring Break is the first of two prime-time Tiny Toon Adventures specials produced in 1994, the second being Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery. It first aired in prime-time 27 March 1994 on FOX. Unlike Night Ghoulery, Spring Break did not receive a VHS release, nor was it even re-aired in the United States until the Hub Network rebroadcast it 20 April 2014.


The sun rises over the horizon and melts away the snow from winter. The trees and flowers bloom and the animals come out to play, including a Satyr playing a flute. Spring is here, but the rejoicing quickly comes to a halt as the animals and the Satyr are all suddenly captured in various traps. The raccoon falls down a hole into a cage and is pulled up into a tree by a hook on a rope. Elmyra is standing on one of the branches and now has the helpless raccoon in her grasp. She squeezes the raccoon and happily declares, "I love springtime."

Babs, Buster and many other toons begin singing a song about going on their spring break from Acme Looniversity to Ft. Lauderdale, except for Hamton who is staying home because spring cleaning is his passion. Plucky then advertises his Tan Meister 6000, claiming that anyone can go zero to bronze in under sixty seconds. He questions how much would someone expect to pay for it, asking would they pay $19.99 or even lower at $9.99, but then the real prize of $99.99 is revealed. Plucky exclaims you pay much more for it, but it is worth every penny. The end of the commercial has Plucky showing off the Tan Meister 6000, a suitcase that opens up to reveal a lawn chair with many gadgets attached to it such a giant magnifying glass, lamps and a home-built satellite dish that all point to the center of the chair, as the announcer adds, "Money back guaranteed to be hazardous to your health. Batteries, sunlight and ozone layer not included. "Requires 67,800 AA Batteries" is shown in writing as well. Plucky, trying to keep a friendly smile for the viewers, responds, "Fade out already."

At a special presentation of TT Music Television, the hosts, Buster in 1990s hip hop fashion complete with giant clock around his neck, and Babs in a blue dress, introduce themselves as Babs "Rodham" Bunny and Buster "Rodham" Bunny, "No relation!" Babs speaks of their "pilgrimage" to Fort Lauderdale, as Buster has quickly changed into a pilgrim outfit and is holding a shotgun. He pulls a bag from his clothes that presumably has a turkey inside, as Babs tells him "wrong holiday," and Buster apologizes.

Babs then says that not everyone in Acme Acres is making the trip south, as Hamton is shown running to his home. He opens the door and is overjoyed about spring break so that he can do his spring cleaning. The happy pig opens up the closet doors where many household cleaning appliances are stored, donning a full-bodied rubber suit, the same type of suit he and his family put on at a public rest stop on their vacation. All ready with vacuum in hand, Hamton turns around to start cleaning, but only to be greeted by his mother, Winnie. She tells him that she and Wade believe that Hamton should go to Fort Lauderdale to mingle with his peers and have some fun. Hamton makes it clear that he wants to stay home, so Winnie tells him that he will have to have a one-on-one talk with his father.

Hamton sits in a chair in the living room across from his father, who is sitting in a much bigger chair and says one word, "Son." Hamton replies, "Dad," and they repeat this several times. Wade then pats Hamton and tells him that he is glad that they had the talk. He shouts to Winnie that it was all settled and Hamton is going to Ft. Lauderdale, much to Hamton's chagrin. He reminds his son to visit his grandparents while he is there and literally swipes the cleaning suit off of Hamton's body as he won't be needing it any longer.

The toons are outside of Acme Loo getting loaded into the bus, which has a banner on it that reads "FT. LAUDERDALE OR KABLOOIE". Babs, wearing a top hat, black sweat pants and a pink top, comments on everyone showing up for one of the world's most exciting experiences, as Buster responds, "Sixteen hours on a charter bus." Babs spins back into her normal attire, shrugs and smugly remarks, "Gee, you make it sound like a bad thing."

Elmyra, dressed in Army attire with a painted bunny head on the helmet and gold medals pinned to the left chest in the shapes of different animal heads, is watching the bunnies on a giant monitor from a storage room or basement in an unknown location (possibly the basement in her home). The storage facility is stocked full of cages that each contain some sort of human, monster or animal in it, including an Alien, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Satyr she recently captured, a canary that looks suspiciously similar to Tweety Bird and many others, as Elmyra walks around and explains that as irresistible as the "hippity hops" might be, her new mission is to capture the Easter Bunny. She pulls a rope that separates two large curtains, revealing a giant screen with a picture of the Easter Bunny on it. She crazily asks, "Why do I want him?," and answers that it is mostly for his candied eggs. She then has a delightfully devious laugh. She looks up the screen with the white Easter Bunny on it and remarks on how it doesn't take a lot of imagination to reveal the true identity of him, as the Easter Bunny's purple jacket and polka dot bow tie change into a red shirt and his white fur changes to blue. The shape of the Easter Bunny changes into Buster Bunny, as Elmyra truly believes he is the Easter egg-delivering rabbit. She declares that he and his candy will be her's, as it shows Pinky and the Brain some distance from her in their own separate cages. They turn with sad looks on their faces. Elmyra is extremely thrilled about her new plan and lets out another sinister laugh.

Gogo, in the shape of a train whistle sitting on top of the bus, loudly signals the other Acme Loo students that the bus is boarding then morphs back to normal, as Buster, dressed as a train conductor, also shouts out that the bus is boarding for the final time. The toons depart Acme Acres, as Gogo is skiing while holding onto a rope attached to the back of the bus. He shouts out, "Aloha, Acme Acres," as they enter onto the highway with a nearby sign reading, "Fort Lauderdale 8000 Miles."

Many toons have made the trip, including Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Gogo, Sneezer, Fifi, Shirley, Calamity, Beeper, Arnold, Furrball, Sweetie, Concord, Dizzy, Barky, Mary and Fowlmouth. Plucky sits next to Hamton and excitedly tells him about the possibilities of selling his Tan Meister 6000 in Ft. Lauderdale. Hamton asks if Plucky will have time to eat with his grandparents, as the egotistic duck exclaims that not only will he have time to eat with them, he will be so rich that he will buy them their own restaurant. Plucky gets so excited he jumps up and smashes his head against the ceiling. The bus soars down the road, as two hitchhikers, Beaver and Big-Head, hold up a sign that reads, "Ft. Lauderdale," indicating they are heading there as well. Beaver is happy when he believes that the bus is their ride to get them there, but Big-Head realizes that it is the Tiny Toons bus and says, "That show stinks." Beaver agrees, but says that he likes shows that stink. They share a laugh as the bus runs them over. Lying dizzied and bruised on the ground, Beaver laughs and says, "Firestone radials," as Big-Head responds, "Radial tires are cool," and has another laugh as well. The Tiny Toons gang sing a quick song inside the bus about their exciting journey to Ft. Lauderdale.

At nighttime, Elmyra runs to a large building with the address "12415 Baker Street" and happily remarks, "This is the place." She runs up many flights of stairs until she reaches the door to the roof, claiming that the Easter Bunny is her's and she is going to get the only man in the world that can help her catch him. She opens the door, as a Police helicopter lands on the roof. Deputy Samuel Gerard and his US Marshals exit the helicopter, as he orders them to put up road blocks, have dogs combing the woods and get him "some little sprinkly candy chewies on a cupcake." His men scatter, as Elmyra approaches and offers to love and hug him to pieces if he captures the Easter Bunny for her. He grabs her and tells her that he doesn't bargain, then drops her to the ground. She informs him that she has Harrison Ford in a cage at her house, as Gerard raises an eyebrow at the viewers. Outside of Elmyra's house, two US Marshals are taking away the cage with Harrison Ford in it, as Gerard shakes Elmyra's hand and tells her that she has a deal. He clinches his fist and firmly says, "Let's hunt us down an Easter Bunny," as lightning strikes in the distance and Elmyra has a devilish laugh.

The gang arrives in Ft. Lauderdale as Buster and Babs inform them of their "luxury lodgings" by doing impersonations of Robin Leach. The bus pulls up to a grand hotel and the gang is impressed, but the hotel seems to be moving away as it is revealed to be only a billboard of the hotel. Behind the billboard is the actual vacationing spot, which is a small, rundown motel called "Spring Breakers Motel." The gang groans with disgust at the motel and madly glare at Babs and Buster. The blue bunny nervously tugs at his collar and responds, "Best we could do on short notice," as Babs adds, "They got free ice."

Buster and Babs walk inside and approach the front counter, where Buster tells the hotel manager Rodney Dangerfield that they reserved ten rooms under the name "bunny." The manager looks up their reservation and tells them that it will one hundred bucks a night. Gogo immediately appears and presses his face against the manager's face and replies, "One hundred bucks," as he pauses and runs to the door. "No problem," he continues as he opens the door, revealing many male deer outside the motel, "Where do you want 'em?" Rodney disappointedly asides, "I hate spring break." He then holds out ten keys, as ten different toons each grab one and dash to their rooms.

They leave the motel as Buster shouts out for everyone to meet at the pool in fifteen minutes. Buster, Plucky and Hamton run up their doors (which are all next to each other), as Babs, Shirley and Fifi rush to their doors (which are also next to each other) and Fowlmouth, Dizzy, Furrball and Gogo make haste to their doors (also all next to each other). When they all simultaneously open the doors, they discover to their disappointing surprise that the doors all lead to the same room. Plucky sarcastically remarks, "Gee, it looked somewhat bigger in the brochure."

Plucky rushes to the bed, but Fifi and Shirley jump on it and claim it before he gets to it. He then bolts to the couch, but Buster gets to it before he can. Hamton claims the cot and Dizzy takes the couch by spinning around and devouring it. Plucky looks around to see what he can relax and sleep on, but everything in the room is taken. Concord is sitting on a table with a lampshade over his head next to the bed with Shirley and Fifi, Sweetie is on top of a lampshade, Gogo is occupying a drawer on another table on the other side of the bed, Buster, Babs and Fowlmouth are relaxing on the couch, and Hamton and Dizzy are surrounding the cot and Furrball above them on top of a television set. Plucky is forced to decide on underneath the couch. He looks underneath and to his dismay, Barky Marky, Calamity and Beeper are already there. Plucky remarks on how the place needs fumigation and begins to storm out with his Tan Meister 6000. Hamton quickly approaches before Plucky leaves and tell him that they can stay at his grandparents' house where there should be plenty of room. Plucky cockily responds, "Nah, I'll buy my own motel with the mint I'm going to make," as he grabs Hamton and pulls him out of the room with him.

Plucky takes Hamton and his Tan Meister 6000 with him to a sidewalk near the beach, which is heavily populated by pedestrians. He tells Hamton to observe him closely as he displays his "super salesmanship on the unwashed masses." He hops onto a bench and loudly informs everyone to gather around, as he has "good news" to tell them. He then goes around the beach and sings a song about sunshine and how great it is, he then says "sunshine" repeatedly until the large crowd of people around him begin repeating it as well. He jumps back onto the bench and explains how everyone comes to Florida once a year for some sun, but his suitcase contains sunshine that they can enjoy all year-round. He presses a button on the suitcase which opens it up, as he presents his Tan Meister 6000. Plucky boasts that it will give them a tan quicker than they can say, "George Hamilton." The crowd begins to say "George Hamilton," but an irritated Plucky interrupts them so the crowd goes back to repeating "sunshine."

Plucky brags further about how the Tan Meister 6000 can track the sun with satellite guidance. He pulls out a "rotisserie" attachment that he says will cut the tanning time down to a mere 30 seconds. He asks from the crowd who wold like to be the first to try it, as many people volunteer willingly, but Plucky chooses Hamton from the masses as he pretends to cover his eyes to randomly pick someone. Plucky tells the crowd that the two of them have never met before and wants Hamton to tell the crowd as well. Hamton tenses up, sweating and shaking, and nervously responds, "Right. We have never met before...Plucky." The green duck con artist has a slight, awkward laugh and tosses Hamton onto the Tan Meister 6000 and speaks out-loud about him getting tan that will be the "talk of the town." He presses a red button on a remote control that activates the Tan Meister 6000, which zaps Hamton into a large piece of bacon. Hamton asks if he was "done," as Plucky hesitatingly responds, "You could say that." The crowd is disappointed and quickly disbands, as Plucky pleas for them to stay. The area has emptied out, as Plucky dumps a bucket of water over Hamton, causing him to pop back into his normal self, but with a tan. Plucky blames Hamton and calls the Tan Meister 6000 a stupid machine, as he yanks the control device off of it. He opens it up, which reveals a bunch of odd gadgets and metal devices inside that makes the Tan Meister 6000 work. He fiddles around with it, even throwing a piece out, before he gets tapped on the shoulder by what sounds like a female. "Excuse me?," she asks, but Plucky doesn't even look at her, as he tells her that he show is over and to find another sucker to laugh at. He continues tearing apart the insides of the control device, until she mentions that he is kind of cute, in which Plucky responds, "Cute, aye?," and gets a welcomed surprise when he turns and notices an attractive, young female duck. She is wearing a swimsuit (as are most of the pedestrians on the beach) and has long legs and long blond hair. She is also taller than Plucky (possibly meaning she is meant to be somewhat older) and has a light green color compared to Plucky's darker green color.

Plucky falls in a daze over her beauty, and is basically in shock (with tongue constantly hanging out of his mouth) as she struts away and assumes that he is busy. His eyes dart towards her walking away, as his eyeballs turn into the shapes of hearts and he removes his beak and places it on his chest. His heart extends out from his chest with his beak on it, as it yells out in complete happiness. He plays his leg like a guitar, talks into a microphone and twists his body around so tight that he loses all color from his body and clothes. His exhausted and colorless body lies panting on the ground, but he is not done yet celebrating, as he folds around like a map and changes into a stick of dynamite. He explodes into several pieces which fall down and connect back together, but not correctly (such as his head where his right leg should be and his legs where his arms should be), so he spins around and is back to normal. Plucky then unzips himself, revealing a shorter Plucky, as he repeats this as few times until he is only a baby (Little Plucky). He is wearing a diaper and holding a teddy bear, as he points at the direction she left in and comments (in his Little Plucky voice), "She push the button. I no push the button, she push the button." He darts off into a spaceship, taking off into space and blowing up, leaving behind a large sparkling image of Plucky's face.

Plucky falls from the sky and lands on Hamton, who desperately tried to avoid him. He joyously tells Hamton that he saw an angel and that she thinks he is cute. He picks his pig friend from the ground only to drop him again, as he suddenly realizes she is getting out of his sight. He rushes after her, but trips over the Tan Meister 6000, accidentally activating it with his foot. The machine zaps Plucky into a cooked version of himself, as Hamton asks if he is okay. The cooked and dazed duck responds, "She thinks I'm cute," and stumbles off to find her. Hamton asks about the Tan Meister 6000, which Plucky responds by telling him to sell it as he is after his dream girl.

Three helicopters fly over the beach, as Lieutenant Colonel William "Bill" Kilgore sits at an open door of one of the copters and comments, "I love the smell of suntan oil in the morning." Gerard kicks him out of the helicopter from behind and then glares out with the Spring Breakers Hotel in his sights. His helicopter lands on the roof, but the weight is too much for it, as it crashes down into the lobby. Gerard, Elmya and his marshals step out, as Gerard orders the marshals to seal the perimeter and get him some new socks. Gerard questions the hotel manager on if he has seen a rabbit, and he asks what he looks like. Elmyra describes him as a "furry, fuzzilious hippity-hop Easter Bunny all full of jellybean-aroos." Gerard and Rodney both have blank looks on their faces at the ridiculous answer, as Rodney looks at Gerard and asks again on what he looks like.

Gerard looks through the registry and notices a Mr. Bunny checked in recently in room 12, so he and Elmyra sneak up to the room. Elmyra delightfully replies, "Eeww, we're being sneaky," as Gerard quickly covers her mouth with his hand and she giggles. Gerard quietly opens up the door, but many of the Tiny Toons fall out of the room on top of him and Elmyra due to the tight space. Gerard tries to force himself up from beneath all of the toons, but it is no use as Babs (dressed as Groucho Marx) and Buster (dressed as Chico Marx) appear and mock them. Buster (imitating Chico's voice) responds, "Hey, lookie here! It's Elmyra!," as Babs (imitating Groucho's voice and using a carrot in substitute of a cigar Groucho normally wiggles around when being sarcastic/funny) adds, "Next time you want to see me, change your mind...and change your socks while you're at it." They then dash away, as Elmyra and Gerard lie helplessly under the massive weight of the other toons.

Some of the toons then begin partying under the sun and singing a song about flirting and having fun with the opposite sex, "Nothing' Can Be More Fun" from the Sgt. Plucky's Lonely Hearts Club Band album and directed by Weed Memlo, Jr. Babs, Shirley and Fifi sing for the girls, while Buster, Plucky and Hamton sing for the boys; Mary, Sneezer, Dizzy, Arnold and Gogo also chime in during different times. Elmyra interrupts their song while they sing outside of the motel with what she thinks is the most fun ("Cute little fuzzyhead Easter Bunny-wunnikins," as she puts it), causing Shirley, Fifi, Plucky and Hamton to dart back into the motel. Elmyra grabs both Buster and Babs, declaring, "Now I got you cutie-wuties," but they grab her straw hat that she is wearing and pull it down around her waist, destroying her hat and restricting the use of her arms. They simultaneously respond, "Not," and take off, as Elmyra, along with Gerard, take after them.

Hamton and Plucky are standing outside in front of the motel, as Plucky is combing his new puffy black hairdo while looking at his reflection in a window. He claims in order to find his dream girl, he will have to use the must proven method up to date. Hamton asks what that is, as Plucky responds, "Look like Lyle Lovett," and laughs. He then holds his arms out and happily responds, "And here they come," as a huge crowd of young women in bikinis gather around him. "That funny nose"..."That crooked grin"..."That Brillo hair," are gleeful remarks spoken from different females referring to Plucky's apparent likeness to Lyle Lovett.

The girls rush towards him and lift him into the air, as if they were all madly in love with him. Hamton believes he sees Plucky's "dream girl" waving at him from a distance, so he points to her and asks, "But, Plucky, isn't that your dream girl over there?" Plucky notices her as she begins to walk away again and tells the girls it has been fun and he has to go. He runs his hand over his new hairdo, causing it to vanish back into his normal feathered head, and hops down, but the girls are upset and feel that he is breaking their hearts. Plucky reaches around to the back of his head and recreates the black hairdo, pointing at it with a big smile on his face, but this is no use as they jump on him and beat him up in a big cloud of dirt. Plucky is able to sneak out of the large dirt cloud, as he grabs Luke Perry nearby and says, "You'll like this. Trust me." He then pushes Luke into the dirt cloud of angry females. He shrugs to the viewers and chases after his dream girl. He notices her walking on a sidewalk and chases after her, but a car parked on the curb disrupts him as one of the doors opens suddenly and he slams headfirst into it.

An elderly pig couple come out of the car, as Plucky tells the "old coots" to get out his way and that he is on a mission. The grandmother, Bubbie, replies, "You were right, Hamton. This boy's a spunky one, Mr. Plucky Duck," as she pinches his cheeks and pats his head. Plucky is confused until Hamton comes running up and hugging them, telling Plucky that they are his grandparents. The grandfather, Pappy, shakes Plucky's hand and tells him that Hamton has been telling them all about him. Plucky notices his dream girl in the distance about to leave his sight, as he tells Hamton's grandparents that it was nice to meet them and that he has to be going, but he will never forget the time they had. He tries to dash towards her, but something has a hold of his leg, as it stretches out ridiculously far and he is slung back to the grandparents. Pappy has a hold of his leg and tells him, "Calm down, Mr. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Plucky Duck. Time for dinner." Plucky tells them, as he is dragged to their car, that he has a bad fever, but Bubbie informs him that she has a soup that will make him like a "fat, healthy chicken" quicker than he can say "Froinlaven." Plucky looks to the viewers and says, "Froinlaven," as Bubbie admits, "Okay, maybe not that fast," and squeezes his cheek.

Pappy tosses Plucky into the backseat, as the family proceeds to get in the car with him. The steering wheel of the automobile is too high up for the slouched-over grandfather pig, however, as he has to use sticks with gloves on the end of them to grab it. They drive off, passing Plucky's dream girl on the way, as the lovestruck duck tries desperately to get out through the back windows, but the switches to get them to go down won't work. He asks the grandparents why they don't work and they tell him because the draft makes Bubbie's ankles cold. Plucky loudly states, "It's 87 degrees out!," as Pappy responds, "Maybe it'll warm up tomorrow." Plucky accepts his fate and relaxes back into his seat, as he watches people pass by in their cars. He sarcastically replies, "Better slow down there, Pappy. You might roll this thing," as the grandfather doesn't pick up on his sarcasm and responds," Good idea, Mr. Plucky Duck."

The bunnies are on the beach, as Babs (wearing a purple outfit, black boots and a black wig with hair that hangs over her face) tells the viewers, "Hey. Back on Toon TV, I'm Babs Rhodham Bunny," with Buster adding, "And I'm wearing no pants." They welcome their guests, The Lettermans, four guys who have their backs turned to the bunnies and begin singing about "a person who would like to hug you." They turn around and all look like David Letterman, as three of them walk away and the other one approaches the bunnies. The "Letterman" continues to sing, but "his" voice changes drastically, as Babs and Buster immediately pick up on this and rip the fake Letterman outfit off of the real culprit, which is revealed to be Elmyra on stilts. They are shocked that she continues to chase them, as Buster asks her why she won't leave them alone. Elmyra answers, "I got a one track mind," as Babs replies to Buster, "And the train is derailed." Elmyra swipes at the bunnies, but they are too quick for her and dash away. She yells for the "Easter Bunny" to come back and chases after them on the stilts. Babs tells Buster that Elmyra actually thinks that he is the Easter Bunny, as Buster believes Elmyra has finally lost her mind. Babs turns to the viewers and responds, "Or has she? To find out, we go to Washington."

In Washington D.C., the title logo pops up for the show Punchline, as the announcer welcomes the host, Red Moppel. An image of Elmyra giving Furrball a tight, agonizing hug is shown behind Red Moppel, as he begins to tell the story of her. He states, "Since 1990, we've seen this rambunctious little lass assault animals and pester people with unrelenting vigor. And now that fury is focused on the Easter Bunny, whom she vows to capture. Elmyra has somehow convinced herself that the Easter Bunny is actually one Buster Bunny. Is Elmyra completely off her rocker? Here are opinions around the globe." There are short interviews with Michael Caine (concluding that she is "bizarro"), Howard Stern (who tells Robin that it is not Elmyra who is crazy, but the FCC that is crazy), Hilary Clinton (who says that she is not covered by their health plan), the Cuckco Puffs Bird (a parody of Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, who states that Elmyra is "Crackers for Cuckco Puffs") and Saddam Hussein (who is standing in front of a large bull's-eye and says that she is as sane as he is). Red Moppel concludes that the statements confirm Elmyra as a Looney Tune.

Back is Florida, the bunnies continue to run from Elmyra, as Buster wonders how they are going to shake her. Babs has an idea to show her the real Easter Bunny, as they dig into the sand and tunnel their ways to their escape. Elmyra steps over the holes that they have created and her stilts fall into them, causing her to slam headfirst into the ground. She then points to the holes and tells Gerard that is where they went and to chase after them. She then grabs him and slams him into one of the holes, but he is too big for the hole as she begins hitting him with one of the stilts. She repeatedly slams the stilt into him until he squeezes through the hole. Elmyra exclaims, "There! Now on with the chase! They're not getting away," as she deviously laughs.

The bunnies have tunneled all the way to Washington D.C., as they pop out through the ground near the White House. Buster tells the viewers that they are there for the Annual Easter Egg Roll, as Babs adds (with her Barbara Walters' impersonation) that it is a "weally (really) wonderful twadition (tradition) that wivs (lives) on." Easter eggs suddenly go rolling by them, as a crowd of children go chasing after them. Dead End Kid is following behind them and shouts, "I wanna a Easter egg! I wanna Easter egg!" Buster informs the viewers that their mission is to find the real Easter Bunny so Elmyra will stop pestering him, as Babs says they should go to the West Wing and check it out. Buster grabs her before she can hop away, so that she doesn't get trampled by the children that pass in front of them again chasing the Easter eggs, with the Dead End Kid lagging behind.

The bunnies walk up in front of the White House (which is decorated with banners celebrating the Easter Egg Roll) and approach a man standing nearby. Buster tugs on his pant leg and says, "Excuse me," as the man lifts them up into the air and is revealed to be Clint Eastwood. He holds them to his face and tells them that somebody ruined his Easter Egg Roll 30 years ago and it wasn't going to happen again, as Babs nervously tells him that they just want to speak to the person in charge. "You mean the top banana...the boss...the big cheese?," Clint asks, as Buster answers, "Yeah." Clint drops the bunnies to the ground and responds, "I'll see if the First Lady is available," and walks off to find her. The children and Dead End Kid continue to chase the Easter eggs, as George H. W. Bush and Richard Nixon walk the area with metal detectors apparently searching for money and valuables.

The First Lady approaches, shakes Babs' hand and introduces herself as Hillary Rodham Clinton, as Babs replies that she is Babs Rodham Bunny. They simultaneously throw their arms out in the air and exclaim, "We're related!," and then give each other a hug. Babs shrugs and says to the viewers, "Who knew?" Buster approaches Rush Limbaugh (who is in an Easter Bunny costume with food stains and a large button that reads, "RUSH") and sarcastically comments, "Nice ears, Mr. Limbo." Ross Perot appears and enthusiastically says, "Now, just hold on a second. I got ears. I'm all ears and I'm going to listen. You're the boss and I'm just Ross. Now, what do you think? You like the ears better up or down or just flapping in the wind like the federal deficit? I'm listening. What do you want? What DO you want?" Dead End Kid suddenly jumps onto his face and begins beating on his head and pulling at his ears while repeatedly yelling, "I wanna an Easter egg!"

Gerard and Elmyra finally make their way through the bunnies' tunnels and emerge in Washington. Gerard scopes the area and says, "Now, let's find those," but is interrupted by Elmyra who finishes his sentence by blurting out, "Hippity-hop bunnaloos." Gerard frustrating remarks, "Bunnaloos? That's not a real word. Use real words," as he points at Elmyra and puts his other hand inside his jacket. He then pulls his hand back out, mimicking the shape of a gun, and tiptoes towards the bunnies with Elmyra behind. Bill and Hilary Clinton are standing on a podium outside of the White House, as Bill announces, "Let the egg hunt begin," and the children run off after the eggs. Yakko, Wakko and Dot have already found an Easter egg, but they have little time to celebrate as Ralph the Guard is quickly chasing after them with a large net. Dead End Kid has found an egg, also, and it is almost twice his size, as he runs around carrying it and excitingly repeating, "I found an Easter egg!" The top half of the egg suddenly bursts open, as Elmyra has been inside the egg and responds, "Good for you," and pats his head. Elmyra believes she spots the Easter Bunny nearby, as she dashes after him, leaving a frowning and disappointed Dead End Kid behind.

Buster and Babs turn around just in time as Elmyra closes in, darting away and leaving an unsuspecting costumed Rush Limbaugh as her victim. "There you are!," she exclaims, as she jumps into the air and grabs a hold of his head. She ecstatically says, "You're my furry-eared Eater Bunny wunny," but she unwittingly pulls down the hood of the costume, revealing his true identity to her. She irritatedly responds, "You're not the bunny," but notices her true target getting away and yells, "That's the bunny! Come back! I won't hurt you," as she briefly pauses and turns to the audience, "A lot." The bunnies make haste and Buster comments, "That was a waste of time," as Babs replies, "Oh, did you just notice that?" They dig back into the ground and begin to tunnel their way out of Washington. Elmyra runs to their freshly dug holes and wants her "jelly beany bunnies with marshmallow chickies in their pockets" to come back. Gerard informs his men by radio that he wants his "chopper," the tunnel followed, maps and a Red Skelton clown painting immediately. The chopper swiftly approaches Gerard and Elmyra and begins to land, as the bunnies dig away for their escape.

Elmyra (shown in triples in different outfits; one in a kimono on guitar, one in a black jacket and white T-shirt on cello, and one in a sari on drums) begins to perform her song, I'll Be Chasing You (from the Elmyra's Around the World album and directed by Cooper DeVille), fantasizing about chasing Buster around the globe. She pursues him with no success through the North Pole, Paris, the Himalayas and other areas of the world, but she refuses to give up until the bunny is in her grasp.

Hamton's grandparents drive him and Plucky to their home in the community of Jeriatric Park, which has a mechanical elderly T-rex holding a walker and waving to the incoming guests and residents. The grandparents notice one of their new neighbors as they drive through their neighborhood, which Pappy comments, "There's that nice Mister basketball player who just moved down here. Quite the shuffleboard player." They wave to him (who is shown to be Michael Jordan), as he is trimming a small tree in his front yard. He turns to them with a large smile on his face and waves back. Pappy recklessly drives over the sidewalk and smashes into a garbage can, out of which a startled Furrball comes running, to an abrupt stop in front of their house. They open the front door as Bubbie comments, "So, here we are. Home sweet condo."

Plucky walks through the living room with Hamton following him, but suddenly smells something unpleasant behind a door and asks, "What's that smell?" He opens the door as thousands of moth balls come tumbling out on top of him. Hamton, along with his grandparents, simultaneously ask, "What smell?" Plucky, with a box of Acme Moth Balls on his head, replies, "Never mind." Pappy tells them to go on in, as he pulls Plucky out of the moth balls by his cheek. Bubbie tells them to help themselves to some lemon drops on the table, but not to make their appetites "Froinlaven" before dinner. Plucky goes over to the table, blows the dust off of the lemon drops and tries to pull one of them out of the glass bowl, but it is firmly stuck to all the others. The bowl is stuck to the table as Plucky tries his hardest to pull the one lemon drop out, but it will not budge. Plucky accidentally yanks up the table and parts of the floor along with it that happened to be stuck to its legs. He turns to the viewers with a grim face and says, "This is a bad sign."

A car horn is blown from outside, as Plucky looks out the window and jumps for joy when he notices who it is. His dream girl is driving by and waving to him, as the lovestruck mallard tries desperately to open the window. The window won't budge, so Plucky asks why won't it open and Pappy reminds him of Bubbie's ankles. Bubbie asks him if he wants to play a game of Mahjong, but he numbly stands unresponsive with an open mouth and spinning eyes. The grandparents repeatedly call out to him (Pappy mostly referring to him as "Mr. Plucky" and Bubbie usually calling him "Hamton's friend, Plucky"), wondering why he won't respond, as Plucky goes into a subconscious daze, imagining himself trying to escape an actual prison and wearing a horizontally black and white striped prison uniform. In his delusional state, Hamton and his grandparents are prison guards on a lookout tower and their spotlight has found the frightened duck clinging against a concrete wall. Images of his dream girl's beautiful face and long-flowing hair quickly flash in his eyes, as Pappy, speaking through a megaphone, demands, "It's no use, Mr. Plucky Duck. You can't escape. Report to the Mahjong table."

Plucky begins to run, but is quickly exhausted and surrounded by tall concrete walls. "Must escape," he anxiously says, as he begins digging through the concrete floor. Hamton, speaking through the megaphone, tries to persuade his friend by telling him to give up and that he won't get hurt. "It's no use," Pappy pauses, snatching the megaphone from Hamton, and then forcefully yells, "Send out the dog!" A large, vicious, black dog wearing a spiked collar slams down a concrete door and stands on top of it, with a fierce bark and razor-sharp teeth and claws, all directed towards Plucky. The dog rushes towards the "escaping convict," but he is able to barely avoid the canine's jaws as he escapes through his freshly dug hole.

Plucky's delusional state ends. Hamton, sitting at the table and playing Mahjong with his grandparents, tells him, "It's your turn, Plucky," but the crazy mallard had dug through their floor and "escaped," as their tiny dog (a Chihuahua) yaps by the hole. Plucky digs his way to their yawn and pops out of the hole, as he is ecstatic to be "free" and spotting his dream girl stopping down the street at a red light. He runs into the busy street, neary getting clobbered by several automobiles, but he is able to makes a clear dash towards his dream girl's car. "Dream girl!," he cheerfully yells out, but the light turns green and she takes off before he reaches her. "Wait!," he desperately yells to her, as the car suddenly stops at another light at the same intersecting roads. He runs up to the car and drops to his knees, as he begins to express his love for her. "Dream girl. It's me, Plucky. Oh, duck of my dreams," he says as he quickly looks into the car and realizes he has made a mistake. Suzanne Somers has stopped to work out with her Thighmaster and is upset at the infatuated duck approaching her. "Get away, creep," she angrily says, as she stuffs the Thighmaster into his mouth. The Thighmaster expands in his mouth, causing his beak to open widely, as a car runs him over from behind. In a mumbled and delusional voice, he mutters, "Ain't love grand," as the Thighmaster expands again in his mouth.

Buster and Babs zoom underground and pop out near one the monuments in Washington D.C., believing to have escaped Elmyra's sight, but to their shock, a helicopter soars above them. Elmyra points to the bunnies and happily says, "There's the hippity-hopalooloos," as Gerard (who is piloting the helicopter) yells back at her, "Use real words!" The force of the wind from the helicopter throws the bunnies back against the monument, as they seem to be trapped with nowhere to go, but Babs looks to Buster and says, "This could be where our Acme Loo education comes in handy." They simultaneously paint a sewer tunnel on the monument and run through it. The helicopter lands and Gerard and Elmyra dash through the tunnel after them. The bunnies elude them momentary, as a loud Elmyra wonders, "Where did the fuzzy-wuzzies go?", but her mouth is quickly covered by Gerard and he shushes her. "This way, Babsy!," Buster's voice is heard from below them. Gerard pulls out a storm drain that leads below to another tunnel, as Elmyra does not hesitate to leap down through it while Gerard opts to take the stairs.

The bunnies run for their freedom through a tunnel that leads sewage and water to a larger tunnel. They jump into the pool of sludge-filled water, as the bunnies emerge, Babs cringes in disgust and says, "Leeches, leeches, I hate leeches." She yanks Tom Arnold from the water, looks at him, raises an eyebrow and tosses him away (as he yells, "Rosie!"). She looks to the viewers and snidely remarks, "No comment." Gerard has found them, emerging from the same tunnel that the bunnies took. Babs screams and dashes off, as Gerard and Elmyra jump down into the water and follow after them (with Elmyra giggling in delight). They run through the tunnel and stumble across Little Plucky, who is sitting down and holding a full diaper in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. He says, "Water go down the hole," as Gerard and Elmyra back away in disgust and run off into another direction. The bunnies are shocked when they notice they have come across the end of the sewer tunnel, as it leads far down below to gushing water and large rocky cliffs. Babs looks to Buster and says "Let's go...the other way," but as they start to dash back the other direction, Gerard and Elmyra are quickly closing in on them.

"Hey, hey, Elmyra, boy," is heard close by Gerard and Elmyra, getting their attention as they turn to spot someone (Babs dressed as Ed Norton from The Honeymooners and imitating his voice as well) standing near a pothole with traffic cones and a Men At Work sign surrounding it. Elmyra points at her and says, "Hello, funny sewer man. Have you seen two cute bunnyheads?" Babs points with the plunger to a different sewer tunnel and tells them that they went that way, as Elmyra and Gerard believe here and immediately take off in that direction. Buster (dressed as the The Phantom of the Opera) is steering a boat towards them through the sludge water. Gerard shows him his badge and demands, "Federal Marshal, give me that boat," as the bunny in disguise hops out and Elmyra and Gerard hop in. Buster removes his mask, waves to them and says, "Bon voyagee!"

Elmyra points and yells, "The bunny!," but they have no chance to get to him as he and Babs turn a water valve that releases a gush of water through one of the pipes, causing a tidal wave which smashes into the boat. The force of the flowing water sends the boat to the end of the tunnel and over the edge, but before it falls, a pair of arms reaches out from inside the tunnel and yanks Elmyra back in for safety. Gerard falls thousands of feet below, yelling, "I quit!," as he slams into the water.

Kevin Costner (wearing a blue suit and an earphone) is revealed to have saved her. He holds her in his arms, as Elmyra blissfully says, "You saved me. My bodyguard," and hugs him around his neck. She begins singing him a song, I Am Gonna Hug You (from the Bodylard soundtrack and directed by Floot Tipton IV), but she is quickly interrupted as Kevin Costner throws her over the edge, apparently not liking the song or being hugged by her. She falls to the bottom into the water, as the bunnies look on from the bridge above. Babs remarks, "Ahh...kinda cute the way she flapped her arms," as Buster calmly responds, "Well, we won't be seeing her for...," but before he can finish, a drenched Elmyra suddenly meets up face to face with him and says, "...Three or four seconds." The shocked bunnies simultaneously responds, "Elmyra!" as Elmyra asks, "Miss me?" The bunnies take off again to avoid her clutches, but she continues to chase them. Babs tells Buster that she is never going to stop chasing him as she believes him to be the real Easter Bunny. Buster wonders what if she thought someone else was the real one, as they simultaneously lower their brows with smirks on their faces (indicating they have come up with a plan) and joyfully say, "Let's do it!"

The bunnies run all the way back to Fort Lauderdale with Elmyra dangerously close behind them. "Ah-hah," Buster excitedly says, as he pulls out a pair of fake rabbit ears from his shirt. They make it to an amusement park named Fishyland World, as they wait outside of the entrance for a moment with Elmyra quickly closing in on them. Buster yells, "Elmyra, prepare to meet the Easter Bunny!," as they dash inside the apparently closed park and are only able to stay a short distance away from Elmyra's clutches. They pass by an above ground pool, where the high-tech submarine, seaQuest DSV 4600, submerges from the water. Captain Nathan Bridger opens the hatch, but is confronted by a giant shark in the same pool, which causes Captain Bridger to reply , "We're going to need a bigger boat," and close the hatch. The shark grabs a hold of the submarine with its large sharp teeth and takes it down into the water.

Elmyra hunts around the park for the bunnies, but they have escaped her sight. "Ladies, gentlemen...and Elmyra," Buster's voice blares from a set of loudspeakers, as he sits with Babs high above in an announcer box and speaking into a microphone. Elmyra is confused, but his voice has her full attention, as she stands still and stares up at the loudspeakers. "Fishyland World is please to present...a very special holiday treat...the Easter Bunny!" Buster enthusiastically announces, as a large killer whale jumps from the water from a nearby pool, wearing the fake bunny ears. She points at him and excitingly yells, "There you are, Bunny!" She clinches her hands together and raises one leg in the arm in glee, commenting, "I thought it was the blue hippity-hop...but no, it was you all along, you great, big beautiful Easter Bunny."

A song, Will U B Hare (from the Free Bunny soundtrack and directed by Fresh Jam and Biscuits), is being sung by Babs, with Shirley and Fifi as back-up singers, which is about Elmyra spending time with the "Easter Bunny"; the killer whale with the fake bunny ears attached. During the song at the Fishyland World park, Elmyra squeezes the killer whale to deflation, they make faces at each other until she makes such bizarre faces that causes the whale to hold up a sign of a screw and a ball (for "screwball"), they feed fish to each other, the whale squirts an extreme amount of water at her, and she rides him above water and smashes into a small bridge. Near the end of the song, Elmyra tells the "Easter Bunny" to go and swim away to be free into the ocean water, but as the whale attempts to jump over the barrier of rocks surrounding him from the ocean, he flattens Elmyra standing beneath him on the rocks, making sure she goes with him.

At night on the Ft. Lauderdale beach, the bunnies stand on a stage before a huge crowd, as Babs announces, "Hey, we're back on the beach with the big Spring Break Last Night Beach Party Blow-Out." Plucky, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, struts around close to the gathered crowd and says, "Well, Hammy..." but pauses for a moment when he realizes Hamton is not with him, "Hammy?" A white limousine pulls up near him and Hamton (wearing a buttoned shirt with purple splotches and white dress pants) steps out with a big smile on his face. Plucky asks him where he got the money for the limo, which Hamton responds that he sold a Tan Meister 6000 and points to the street where Deputy Gerard (wearing a chef's hat and a sign on his chest and back reading, "HOT DOGS 4SALE") is holding a large plate of steaming hot dogs and cooking a hot dog from the powerful rays coming from the TanMeister 6000. "You...I...but you...but I...yes...well..." Plucky stutters, both surprised and struggling to give Hamton credit for doing what he couldn't do.

The bunnies walk around on the beach as Buster (speaking into a microphone) comments that everybody is enjoying the music and food, as Babs adds "romance" as well, caressing one of his blue ears in a flirtatious way. He nervously says, "Did I mention the music?" yanking himself from her grasp. "Here's a song from one of the hottest recording stars of all...Michael Molton Lava!" he exclaims and points to the stage, as Babs seductively poses beside him. The audience claps as Michael Molton Lava begins to perform. "When a man loves himself, he can't get nothing done. He looks in the mirror...all day long," he sings, getting very loud at the end, as his long brown hair stands up on his head and takes the shape of a volcano. Lava burts from his hair and forms thick clouds of smoke, as Mary Melody, Shirley and Fifi swoon over him in the audience. Buster stands with his arms folded against the buffet table and appears bored, as Babs approaches and politely asks him if he wants to dance. "Is that a trick question?" Buster responds, as Babs yanks his arm and takes him near the crowd to dance. "When a man loves himself, he never has to wait...and he saves a lot of money when he goes out on a date," Michael Molton Lava sings, again yelling the lyrics at the end of the verse with his hair forming into the shape of a volcano and lava bursting from it.

Plucky approaches the buffet table and excitedly hops on top of it when he spots his dream girl a short distance away. She smiles and waves at him, as Plucky darts across the table towards her, but slips on the platters and falls to the ground. A steel top slams down hard on his head, smashing in his head and face and causing him to lose sight of his dream girl. Buster holds Babs close as they dance, and asks, "Babs?" She responds "Yes, Buster?" He looks into her eyes and softly says, "You're standing on my foot." Babs removes her foot from Buster's, but she is not pleased and begins to yell at him. She is quickly interrupted by Elmyra, as she yells, "Bunny!" much to thier chagrin. They simultaneously respond, "Not again!" She tells them with determination in her eyes that she is going to get them, as they once again run off from her. Michael Molton Lava continues to sing as the bunnies dash by him, but Elmyra is not so fortunate as she is blasted by the lava shooting out from his hair. A burnt Elmyra stumbles around the stage and passes out.

Plucky politely tries to make his way through the crowd of people in search of his dream girl, but no one wants to move for him, so he yells, "Spread out!" and everyone quickly dashes out of his way. In front of him, stands only his dream girl, as he happily shouts, "There! There! It's my dream girl!" with Hamton standing behind him seemingly happy for his friend. He opens up his shirt as his heart pounds out from within his chest and his eyeballs become heart-shaped, as Plucky runs towards her with Hamton following behind. On the other side of the crowd, the bunnies are running away from Elmyra and heading directly towards Plucky's dream girl as well. "Not getting away this time, mister big ears bunny," Elmyra loudly says with confidence to Buster, as she steadily gains on them. Plucky's dream girl puckers up and closes here eyes, expecting Plucky to plant a big kiss on her, as he comes racing at her with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. The bunnies come to a screeching halt near the female duck, as the tight crowd around her blocks them from having anywhere else to go. Elmyra has them cornered and is about to grab Buster, but the quick-witted rabbit pulls out the fake bunny ears and plops them on Plucky's head, who inadvertently collides straight into Elmyra and plants a huge kiss on her lips.

Plucky is smitten and relieved to finally have his "dream girl" in his arms, until he looks into her eyes and to his horror, realizes that it is Elmyra that he kissed. He walks around her and repeatedly spits on the ground, trying to get the bad tastes of her kiss from his mouth. "The Easter Bunny," Elmyra says, smiling and putting her hands together, believing Plucky (who doesn't realize he has the fake bunny ears on) to be him. She grabs the confused duck around the neck and tells him that she is going to take him home to hug and squeeze him until all the chocolate eggs fall out, as she slams him against the ground and drags him off.

"And you...you're beyond cute," Plucky's dream girl tells Hamton, as she lifts him up and kisses him several times on his face. Hamton laughs happily, with his face covered with lipstick. Elmyra drags Plucky by his leg, repeatedly slamming him into the sand and exclaiming that she has the Easter Bunny and he is all her's. "It's nice to see Elmyra happy," Buster comments. "It's nice to see Plucky..." Babs pauses, as she hears Plucky yell in fear, "It's nice to see Elmyra happy."

Back at the Spring Breakers Motel, all the toons are loaded in the bus and ready to go back to Acme Loo. Impersonating rich people, Buster says, "And so we bid a fond farewell..." with Babs adding, "to fabulous Ft. Lauderdale," as the bus takes off. Rank and Stumpy (parodies of Ren and Stimpy; Rank is a chicken and Stumpy is a squirrel) are hitchhiking and notice the bus coming towards them. "Hey, Rank, here comes our ride," Stumpy excitedly says, as Rank angrily replies, "You nincompoop, it's that stinking Tiny Toons bus," and pulls out a mallet to clobber Stumpy. Beaver and Big-Head suddenly appear, as Beaver remarks, "Hey, better look out. Gonna get hit," as they both laugh, upsetting Rank even further. Rank responds, "Go away, you disgusting excuse for a cartoon," with his arms flaring in the air. The bus immediately runs him and Stumpy over, flattening them against the pavement. Beaver and Big-Head simultaneously point at them and say, "Cool," as the bus somehow drives over the same spot again and flattens them next to Rank and Stumpy.

The toons sing a quick song inside the bus about their spring break experiences, as they arrive back at Acme Looniversity with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck waiting at the doors. "Who'da thunk Elmyra would cage me because I got big ears?" Plucky (still wearing the bunny ears) sadly says from inside an animal cage inside Elmyra's storage room, as Ross Perot; sitting inside his own cage nearby, responds, "Tell me about it." The Dead End Kid suddenly appears above Ross Perot's head and bangs on it, repeating, "I wanna Easter egg!" At Acme Loo, Babs opens her locker and nonchalantly says, "Some vacation," as Buster approaches and replies, "But you have to admit, we had some fun." Babs agrees and laughs, adding, "Can you believe Elmyra thought you were the Easter Bunny?" The bunnies share a final laugh, as Buster says, "Yeah, what a joke," and walks to his locker. He opens it up, and inside are many baskets filled with Easter eggs, indicating that Elmyra was right and Buster is in fact, the Easter Bunny. He grabs his school book and winks and closes his locker.


  • "I'll Be Chasing You" is a parody of The Police's song "Every Breath You Take", which includes a similar line, "I'll Be Watching You".
  • Plucky's song is a parody of "Ya Got Trouble" from the Broadway musical The Music Man.
  • "Will U B Hare" is a parody of Michael Jackson's song "Will You Be There".
  • Beaver and Big-Head are parodies of Beavis and Butt-head as anthropomorphic animals.
  • The famous helicopter scene from Apocalypse Now is parodied.
  • The end of the famous crowded stateroom scene from the Marx Brothers film A Night at the Opera is reenacted by the Tiny Toons in the motel. Buster and Babs reprise their Chico and Groucho impressions from "New Class Day" to emphasize this bit.
  • Punchline is a parody of the show Nightline, and host Red Moppel is a parody of Ted Koppel]].
  • Jeriatric Park is a parody of Jurassic Park.
  • Free Bunny is a parody of the 1993 movie Free Willy.
  • Michael Molten-Lava's performance of "When a Man Loves Himself" is a parody of Michael Bolton's cover of Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman".


  • Just after the intro:
    • When Fifi is about to get on the bus, her purple fur changes to black.
    • In the next scene, Fowlmouth was originally supposed to be wearing his green shirt, but he was briefly wearing a green tank top instead.
    • Sneezer's body is brown while his head is shown.
  • During the scenes when the toons are singing on their way to Florida, Calamity's nose is black. A couple of minutes later, it was reverted back to red.
  • In the scene when Plucky is upset that there wasn't enough space in the room, Shirley's pink shirt changed into a tank top that is similar to Plucky's white tank top.
  • Near the end of "Nothin' Can Be More Fun", the middle of Fifi's face changes from white to purple.
  • During "Will U B Hare", Fifi's tail disappears around the middle of the song, but later comes back.


  • During the "I'll Be Chasing You" song, Elmyra chases Buster through a town with a pole that has two intersecting street signs on it. One reads, "Tex," and the other reads, "Avery." Tex Avery was famous for producing animated cartoons during The Golden Age of Hollywood animation, also creating the characters of Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny, among others.
  • The deer from the intro is from the Animaniacs short "Bumbie's Mom".
  • Pinky and the Brain, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, and Ralph the Guard from Animaniacs all make cameos.
    • Hello Nurse appears on the magazine Shirley is reading in the intro.
  • The choppy CGI Punchline opening sequence would later be reused for a few Pinky and the Brain episodes and the second-to-last episode of Animaniacs.
  • This special marks the final appearances of Arnold the Pit Bull, Sweetie Bird, Mary Melody, Fowlmouth, Barky Marky, Concord Condor, Wade Pig, and Winnie Pig.
  • The animation of Elmyra swinging and slamming Plucky in hand is similar to what she did with Dizzy and Calamity respectively in "Devil Doggie" and "Bag That Bunny".
  • Blard Simpleton makes a cameo trapped in a cage with Tweety Bird and other woodland creatures and pop culture characters.
  • The only recurring character that doesn't appear is Bookworm.
  • Mitzi Avery makes a small cameo appearance.
  • Montana Max makes a small cameo appearance, but he doesn't join the rest of the toons for the Spring Break trip to Florida.
  • The first music video parody is credited as directed by Weed Memlo, Jr., son of Weed Memlo who, reluctantly, directed the Warner Brothers and their Sister Dot's first cartoons in Animaniacs.
  • Babs does impressions of Downtown Julie Brown (reprised from "Toon TV"), Robin Leach (reprised from "It's Buster Bunny Time"), Groucho Marx (reprised from "New Class Day"), Barbara Walters (reprised from "The Wacko World of Sports" and "Washingtoon"), Michael Jackson, and Ed Norton.

Voice Cast

Voice Actors: Character(s):
John Kassir Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Bubbie Pig, Beach Babes, Hillary Clinton, Suzanne Sommers
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Wade Pig
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff, Mary Melody, Beach Babes
Frank Welker Gogo Dodo, Furrball, William F. Buckley, Sonny look-alike, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, Dog
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil, Marshal Samuel Gerard, Howard Stern, Saddam Hussein, Tom Arnold, Roy Scheider
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon, Plucky's Dream Girl
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume, Li'l Sneezer
Jim Cummings Pappy Pig, Red Moppel, Announcer
Edie McClurg Winnie Pig
Nathan Ruegger Little Plucky
Rob Paulsen Beaver, Dead End Kid
Jeff Bennett Big-Head/Clint Eastwood, Stumpy
Jess Harnell Michael Molten-Lava, Rank

Tiny Toons/Looney Tunes Starring

  • Buster Bunny
  • Babs Bunny
  • Plucky Duck
  • Hamton J. Pig
  • Elmyra Duff
  • Gogo Dodo
  • Shirley the Loon
  • Fifi La Fume
  • Sneezer
  • Dizzy Devil
  • Mary Melody
  • Furrball
  • Concord
  • Arnold the Pit Bull
  • Fowlmouth
  • Sweetie Bird
  • Calamity Coyote
  • Little Beeper
  • Barky Marky
  • Dead End Kid

Also Starring

  • Pappy
  • Bubbie
  • Pappy and Bubbie's Chihuahua
  • Deputy Samuel Gerard
  • US Marshals
  • Harrison Ford
  • Plucky's Dream Girl
  • Suzanne Somers
  • Ft. Lauderdale Citizens/Visitors
  • Hotel Manager Rodney Dangerfield
  • Michael Molton Lava
  • Beach Party Blow-Out Audience
  • Ross Perot
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Howard Stern
  • Beaver
  • Big-Head
  • Children at Easter Egg Roll
  • Rank
  • Stumpy
  • Cuckco Puffs Bird
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Bill Clinton
  • Secret Service
  • Killer Whale
  • Captain Nathan Bridger
  • Shark
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Michael Caine
  • Michael Jordan
  • The Lettermans
  • Tom Arnold
  • Kevin Costner
  • George H. W. Bush
  • Richard Nixon
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Red Moppel
  • Lieutenant Colonel William "Bill" Kilgore
  • Luke Perry
  • Bucks
  • Elmyra's Caged Pets (Humans/Monsters/Mythical Beings/Animals)
  • Woodland Critters (Raccoon/Satyr/Bear/Rabbit/Fawn/Skunk)
  • Punchline Announcer (Heard only)
  • Tan Meister 6000 Announcer (Heard only)
  • Reporters
  • Photographers
  • Cameramen
  • Boom Operator
  • Bus Driver (Back of head shown only)
  • Guard Dog (In Plucky's thoughts only)
  • Fishyland World Spectators (Still images only)

Cameo Characters

Cameos: Cameos:
Wade Pig Winnie Pig
Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck
Pinky Brain
Yakko Wakko
Dot Ralph the Guard
Montana Max Little Plucky
Hello Nurse

Gag Credit

It's Palm Sunday!

You just missed "60 Minutes"

End Tag

  • Byron: "Woof."


  • "Nothin' Can Be More Fun"
  • "I'll Be Chasing You" (parody of "Every Breath You Take")
  • "I Am Gonna Hug You"
  • "Will U B Hare" (parody of "Will You Be There?")



  1. Home Sweet Home by H.R. Bishop
  2. Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush
  3. This Old Man
  4. Gaudeamus Igitur
  5. Aloha Oe by Queen Liliuokalani
  6. America the Beautiful by Samuel A. Ward
  7. Turkey in the Straw
  8. Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner
  9. Animal Fair
  10. Oh Happy Day
  11. Hail to the Chief by James Sanderson
  12. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  13. Animaniacs Theme by Richard Stone
  14. Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone? by Septimus Winner
  15. Pictures at an Exhibition: Promenade 1 - Gnomus by Modest Mussorgsky
  16. The Farmer in the Dell
  17. Shortnin' Bread by JW Riley
  18. Yankee Doodle
  19. The Stars and Stripes Forever by John Philip Sousa