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*Artwork with vulgar or offensive content is not allowed.
*Artwork with vulgar or offensive content is not allowed.
*Fan Artwork is to be submitted only to the [[TTA Offical Art and Fan Art Class]] page, and must be kept off of official character pages.

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A list of rules of Tiny Toon Adventures Wiki.

Basic editing guidelines

  1. No spamming
  2. No cussing outside of a PG level (damn, hell, and ass are ok).
  3. No crude or vulgar images
  4. No plagiarism
  5. No trolling/baiting
  6. No editing for the sole purpose of earning badges or boosting your own edit count.
  7. Photos are to be placed in corresponding gallery sections.

Classifying Characters

There are several specific rules when classifying the different types of characters on the Tiny Toon Adventures wiki, but these mainly apply to their appearances on the show;

  1. If the character(s) has appeared only once on the show, he and/or she is counted as a One-time Character.
  2. If the character(s) has appeared more than once on the show, but less than ten times, he and/or she is counted as a Minor Character.
  3. If the character(s) has appeared at least ten times on the show, he and/or she is counted as a Recurring Character.
  4. Information regarding the character's appearances in spin-off media (comic books, video games, etc.) is currently pending.

Fan-made information

  • Fan-made information is tolerated, but must be acknowledged that is fanon.
  • Any fan pages must have the Fanon template placed at the top.

Non-Tiny Toon Adventures pages

While the Tiny Toon Adventures wiki's focus is primarily on the Tiny Toon Adventures cartoon series, we permit a small number of non-Tiny Toon Adventures pages. The sections below should explain how they qualify:

Looney Tunes and Animaniacs Characters

  • To qualify, any character from Looney Tunes or Animaniacs must have appeared in at least one episode or special of Tiny Toon Adventures. Their appearance(s) on Tiny Toon Adventures must also be listed on their page. For the former, their relationship with the student who is their respective counterpart (if there is one) must also be listed.
  • Each Looney Tunes or Animaniacs character is limited to one Non-Tiny Toon Adventures image in the header. This can either be a piece of stock art or a screenshot from a Looney Tunes cartoon or Animaniacs episode. Any other images added to the gallery section of their page must be of their appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures.
  • Any non-TTA-related information outside of their personality will be deleted. For example, their appearances on Looney Tunes and Animaniacs.

Voice Actors/Actresses

  • To qualify, the voice actor/actress must have voiced at least one character on Tiny Toon Adventures. Their photo must also be included in the header.
  • Pictures of the character(s) the actor/actress voiced must be listed in the gallery section below.

Satire/Television networks

In order to qualify, the page must meet at least one of the criteria:

1. Tiny Toon Adventures must have aired on the network listed in reruns and syndication. The period of time that it aired on the network must be listed on the page.

2. Tiny Toon Adventures must have made at least two references to their network on their show. The network can also have any references they made to Tiny Toon Adventures listed on their page.

Non-Tiny Toon Adventures blogs

Blogs on the TTA wiki must pertain to at least one of the following:

  1. The Tiny Toon Adventures series and its fandom.
  2. The Tiny Toon Adventures wiki and its users.

Blogs which do not pertain to any of these will be deleted. Users wishing to discuss off-topic subjects are encouraged to use our IRC channel or chat feature.


  1. No profanity above a PG level
  2. No role-playing
  3. No cyber bullying
  4. No cyberdating
  5. No linking to pornographic or shock imagery


The Tiny Toon Adventures Wiki allows any user to upload images to the wiki. However, the images must meet the criteria of the Tiny Toon Adventures television series and any of its spin-off media (video games, comic books, etc).

No Profanity or Vulgar Images

In keeping with the TTA wiki's primary policy, all images must be kept clean. If the image contains offensive language and/or graphical content, it will be deleted.

Non-Tiny Toon Adventures Images

Since the TTA wiki's prime directive is on the Tiny Toon Adventures franchise, any images uploaded must be relevant to Tiny Toon Adventures. Exceptions are listed below:

  1. For satire or television networks, the logo is allowed in the header.
  2. For pages of voice actors who worked on Tiny Toon Adventures, their photo is allowed in the header.
  3. For pages of Looney Tunes and Animaniacs characters that have appeared on Tiny Toon Adventures, one stock image or screenshot of the Looney Tunes or Animaniacs character is allowed in the header. Any pictures in the gallery section must be of their appearance(s) on Tiny Toon Adventures.
  4. Tiny Toon character appearances on other shows

Images of Tiny Toon Adventures characters appearing in non-Tiny Toon Adventures series is allowed, so long as it meets the "No profanity or vulgar images" criteria.


It is believed at all official Tiny Toon Adventures artwork, as well as screenshots taken from official TTA series material (including video games, TV series episodes, comic books, etc.) may be used on this wiki under the fair use doctrine of the United States copyright law.

  • Users are not allowed to edit any artwork done by another person. Once again, official artwork is allowed.
  • Users cannot use others' fan characters without permission.
  • If a user does not know if he or she can edit or use someone else's artwork, permission needs to be asked. If they are unable, then they can seek an active admin.
  • Users cannot falsely claim the ownership of a drawing.
  • Artwork with vulgar or offensive content is not allowed.


Please do not upload full episodes or clips from episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures to the TTA wiki. Users are encouraged to buy the DVDs if they want to see the episodes or clips from those episodes for themselves.

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