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Tiny Toon Adventures
Created By
Tom Ruegger

Voices of
Charlie Adler
John Kassir
Tress MacNeille
Joe Alaskey
Don Messick
Cree Summer
Danny Cooksey
Maurice LaMarche
Frank Welker
Kath Soucie
Gail Matthius
Candi Milo
Jess Harnell
Jim Cummings
Rob Paulsen
Greg Burson

Guest Voice Talents
Carol Kane
Pat Fraley
Jeff Bergman
June Foray
Pat Fraley
Noel Blanc
Bob Bergen
Ken Mars
Roger Rose
Michael Bell
Maggie Roswell
Whitby Hertford
Hamilton Camp
Bill Woodson
Jeff Altman
Cindy McGee
Edan Gross
Joan Gerber
B.J. Ward
Susan Blu
John Hillner
Phil Hartman
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Stan Freberg
Jonathan Winters
Julie Brown
Ben Ryan Ganger
Clive Revill
Tracy Rowe
Pat Buttram
Rodger Bumpass
Dan Castellaneta
Vincent Price
Terre Roche
Maggie Roche
Suzzy Roche
Steven Spielberg
Casey Kasem
Phillip Glasser
Edie McClurg
Nathan Ruegger
Hal Rayle
Matt Frewer
Soleil Moon Frye
Stephen Bishop
Danny Gans
Valri Bromfield
Sally Struthers
Robert Morse
Desiree Goyette
Louise Duart
Fran Ryan
Beverly Archer
Sorrell Booke

Theme music composer
Bruce Broughton
Bruce Broughton
Steven Bernstein
Steve Bramson
Don Davis
John Debney
Albert Lloyd Olson
Richard Stone
Stephen James Taylor
Mark Watters
William Ross
Morton Stevens
Arthur B. Rubinstein
Country of Origin
United States
No. of Seasons
No. of episodes
Running Time
20-22 minutes
Production Companies
Amblin Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation

Original Channel
CBS (Pilot Only)
First-run syndication (1990-92)
Fox (1992-95)
Kids' WB! (1997-2001)
Cartoon Network (1999-2005)

Picture Format
480i (SDTV)
Audio Format
Dolby Surround
Mono (optical prints)
Original Run
14 September 1990 – 1992

Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures, usually referred to as Tiny Toon Adventures, is an American animated television series created by Tom Ruegger and produced by Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. In this series, a new generation of characters study at Acme Acres Looniversity under the instruction of the classic Looney Tunes characters. The leading characters are Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) who, with their classmates, have a variety of adventures that are a mix of original stories, film and TV parodies and modern remakes of classic WB shorts.

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Acme Acres pic

Acme Acres

Acme Loo pic

Acme Looniversity

Wackyland pic


AcmeMall pic

Acme Mall


Acme Buy N' Buy

PerfectoPrep pic

Perfecto Prep

ToysRMine pic

Toys R Mine

WeenieBurger pic

Weenie Burger

CheeseESneezer's pic

Cheese E. Sneezer's




Buster's Burrow


Babs' Burrow


Plucky's House


Hamton's House


Elmyra's House


Montana Max's Mansion


Dizzy's Cave


Fifi's Cadillac


Mary Melody's Apartment


Li'l Sneezer's Apartment


Shirley's House


Two-Tone Town (location)




Acme Seismography Institute


Crazy Tazzie's House of Tuxes


Harvey Korman Elementary School


Jeriatric Park


The Acme Firehouse


The Acme Art Museum


The Montana Max Merry Meat Factory


Madame Jeté's Ballet Academy


Acme Mega Multiplex Theater


Death Mountain


Bombino's Pizza
Main Characters
Recurring Characters
One-Time and Minor Characters
Tiny Toons Looniversity S01E04 Tooney Ball Lights-0-01-19-980
Other Characters
Wade and Winnie Pig Uncle Stinky Melvin the Monster The Flea Family Frank and Ollie Chewcudda Drooley Davey
Acme-Tron Duncan Potter Henny Youngman X-Bird Rémi Bughari Orson Whales Oogie
Blard Simpleton Presto the Great MacArthur Duff Emily Duff Amanda Duff Duncan Duff Baby Duff
Grandma Duff Sphinx Mitzi Avery Rhoda Queen Binky Bunny Barbette Blink Winkleman
Gnat Yakko, Wakko and Dot Mr. Skullhead Pinky and the Brain Mrs. Bunny Ralph and Maria Duck The Roches
Shirley's Aura Roger Rabbit The Great and Powerful Principal of Looniversity Deputy Samuel Gerard (Look-Alike) Mr. Bunny Buster's Parents Mr. and Mrs. Mouse (Li'l Sneezer's Parents)
The Animator Plucky's Dream Girl Pappy and Bubbie Pig Arnolda Buster's Joke Babs' Sense of Humor Montana Max's Parents
Renee Carter Sarah Creef Amy Crosby The Baby Whale Miss Conduct Butina Bunny Red Rad Robin Killem's
Bobbo Acme Vanilla Lice Cooper DeVille Grandma "Nana" Bunny The Kindly Lady The Elmyra Swarm Fran and Edward
Dragon Pegasus The Receptionist Jules The Pumpkin Guy Jiminy Cockroach Happy the Cow
The Mother Whale Pedro The Elephant Lloyd and Bernice Dr. Ann T. Dote Harriet Bradley
Casey Kasem Nurse Klienerman Biff Blasday Weenie Burger Boss The Roach Lady May The Lobster
Ed McMayhem Woody Allen Dragon George Burns (Chimpanzee) Reginald and Suzette Rhoda's Mother Barbara Walters Dan Quayle
The Scottish Flea Teeny Tonny Theo Sasha The World's Biggest Tiny Toon Fan The Peasant Boy The Rich Little Girl
The Kitten Oprah Winfrey (Tiny Toons) Tim Burton (Tiny Toons) Michelle Pfeiffer (Tiny Toons) Sean Young (Tiny Toons) Buster's Prehistoric Ancestor Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor
Dizzy Devil's Prehistoric Ancestor Shirley the Loon's Medieval Ancestor Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestor Montana Max's Prehistoric Ancestor The Pizza Boy Mortimer Bunny Flakey Flakems
The Lone Ant The Chief Ant The Pool Babes Mr. Bump Pen Pal Muffin The Ghost
Bridey O' Connor Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs Taffy Jessie Uhura The Lion King Roseanne Barr
Kitten's Parents The Rich Girl's Parents The Peasant Boy's Parents The Prospector Private Eye The Flames The Angry Father
The Angry Father's Son Alien Elders Mr. and Mrs. Potter Gracie and Gladys Fluffikin Flicka Shamus
Paddy Pedro's Parents Sherri Acme Mall Manager Bombino's Manager White Rabbit The Bald Eagle
Universe Man Triangle Man The Cheetah The Lion Cubs The Panther Grovely Queegee
Madame Jeté Mary Hartless
Roderick and Rhubella Rat Danforth Drake and Margot Mallard Mr. Hitcher Dr. Gene Splicer Gotcha Grabmore The Wolverine Witch Sandy
Sappy Stanley Boss Tick Duck Vader Ruffee Knuckles Cutlet Silas Wonder Ronald Grump
S.N.I.D.E. Ralph the Guard Evil Talking Cake Tad the Imaginary Friend Bottomly and Fanny Buttfield Bicycle Bob Arthur Jabba
George and Leonard Big Daddy Boo The Candy Bar Monster Chocolate Factory Manager BigButt Flick and Flit Nasty, Slim, and Lardo Condor
Eddy Cougar Jackster The Puffin Question Mark Polecat Woman Octavius The Octopi Pirates
Beaver and Hoghead Rank and Stumpy Captain Tupelo Toad Ticklepuss Boxcars Millipede Pete Wolvertoon
Amby and Floyd Lord Sebastian The Bridge Troll The Beige Knight The Screaming Banshee The Coyote Gang The TV Monster
The Shrew Stormtwoopers Montana Max's Gang The Two-Headed Monster The Man from Acme The Bedbug The University of Woodpeckers
The Santa Anna Barbarians The Metropolis Marvels The Snowman
Looney Tunes Characters
Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck Porky Pig Foghorn Leghorn Pete Puma
Elmer Fudd Yosemite Sam Wile E. Coyote Road Runner Tasmanian Devil
Sylvester the Cat Tweety Bird Granny Pepé Le Pew Speedy Gonzales
Marvin the Martian The Three Bears Hubie and Bertie Charlie Dog Marc Antony
Bosko and Honey Foxy and Roxy Goopy Geer Big Bee Michigan J. Frog
Gossamer Witch Hazel Count Blood Count Hugo the Abominable Snowman Gremlins
Penelope Pussycat Cecil Turtle Beaky Buzzard Sam Sheepdog Henery Hawk
Rocky and Mugsy Playboy Penguin Egghead Junior The Crusher Petunia Pig
Dead End Kid Dr. I.Q. Hi The Wackyland Rubber Band Instant Martians Angus MacRory
Barnyard Dog Colonel Shuffle Cool Cat Giant Toro the Bull
The Stork The Little Man from the Draft Board The Fat Horse Sylvester Junior Orson
O'Pat and O'Mike Merlin the Magic Mouse Melissa Duck Lola Bunny
The Plucky Duck Show Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain
Video Games
Tiny Toon Adventures (NES Game) Cartoon Workshop Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break Buster Busts Loose Buster's Hidden Treasure
Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana's Movie Madness Wacky Sports (SNES) Wacky Sports (GB) Acme All-Stars
The Great Beanstalk Toonenstein: Dare to Scare Plucky's Big Adventure Buster Saves the Day Dizzy's Candy Quest
Wacky Stackers Scary Dreams Tiny Toon Adventures (LCD Handheld)
Real World Organizations
McDonald's Golden Books Hallmark Playskool Burger King

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