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Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland (also known as Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana Land e Yōkoso (Tiny Toon Adventures 2 モンタナランドへようこそ?, "Welcome to Montana Land") in Japan), is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, released by Konami in 1993. It is the sequel to the first Tiny Toon Adventures video game on the NES.


A new amusement park called Wackyland has opened in Acme Acres. On the day of the grand opening, the park's owner sends a letter to Buster Bunny, inviting him to the opening ceremony and telling him to bring his friends. Buster, happy to have read the letter, brings Babs, Plucky, Hamton J. Pig, and Furrball to join him. Little do they know, Montana Max is the owner of the park, who has filled it with tricks and traps to stop them.


Similar to Capcom's Disney's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Trouble in Wackyland is a game that takes place at an amusement park, and in order to win the game, the player must successfully complete the various rides and attractions.

Each ride requires a different amount of tickets to ride, and for the most part, can be played in any order the player chooses. The player starts out with ten normal tickets, but can get more by exchanging the various points they earn throughout the game at the ticket booth. Completing one of the first four stages will earn the player a golden ticket. Eventually, when enough tickets have been earned, they can be saved until the player has enough to afford the entrance fee to Montana Max's fun house. Each player has three hearts as their health bar. When they lose all their health, they will be sent back to the main menu and will have to try the ride again. The game ends when the player runs out of points and tickets.

Rides and Attractions

  • Ticket Booth - Shirley the Loon manages the ticket booth, and will allow the player to trade in the points that they earned for normal tickets. Every 3000 points earns you one normal ticket.
  • Bumper Cars - This ride costs one normal ticket. As Plucky, the goal is to try to push all the purple-colored Roderick Rat clones driving their bumper cars into the hole within the time limit and without falling in yourself. The D-pad controls the position of Plucky's bumper car, the A button accelerates, and the B button brakes. The only way Plucky can lose a heart is if he gets pushed into the hole. You have three rounds to push all the Roderick Rat clones into the hole, which all must be done in under two minutes.
  • Train Ride - This ride costs two normal tickets. As Hamton, the goal is to try to get to the train's engine in under three minutes. Like any basic platform game, Hamton can be moved with the D-pad. Pressing the A button makes him jump, and pressing the B button makes him to a charge attack. The enemies in this stage consist of purple-colored Roderick Rat clones, some of which throw soccer balls, ravens, bats, and extendable boxing gloves. Besides the enemies, Hamton also has to deal with the coaches breaking away from the train, ducking under low tunnels, and getting past STOP signs. Collecting cakes will earn Hamton extra points. Eventually, Hamton will make it to the engine, which segues into the boss battle with Arnold the Pit Bull, who hides in one of the engine's three domes. His attacks include punching and throwing barbells. After hitting Arnold several times, he will eventually be defeated and the engine will make it to the station.
  • High Speed Log Ride - This ride costs three normal tickets. As Furrball, the goal is to try to get to the end of the stage in under three minutes. Using the D-pad moves Furrball, pressing the A makes him jump, and holding the B and moving the D-pad tilts the log. Be sure to keep your balance to avoid having Furrball fall into the water. If he falls into the water, he will instantly lose all his health. The enemies in this stage consist of purple-colored Roderick Rat clones, fish, frogs, and clones of Sweetie Bird. Towards the end of the stage, Furrball will reach a lift, which he must use to get past the spiky pillars. Pressing Up on the D-pad will move the lift up. Collecting fish will earn Furrball extra points. When Furrball reaches the end of the stage, the log will sink, but he will be saved by The Mother Whale (from the episode, Whale's Tales), who will blow him out of the water with her blowhole.
  • Roller Coaster - This ride costs four normal tickets. As Babs, the goal is to try to survive the ridethe whole way through in under three minutes. Using the D-pad moves Babs, pressing the A button makes her jump, pressing down on the D-pad makes her duck, and pressing the B button makes the roller coaster flip. The enemies in this stage consist of purple-colored Roderick Rat clones that throw soccer balls, clowns, and chomping robots. The key to completing this stage is memorization, specifically knowing when to jump, duck, and flip the roller coaster to avoid getting hit. Collecting grapes will earn Babs extra points. When Babs reaches the end of the stage, she will safely descend via a parasol.
  • Fun House - Grovely guards the entrance, and will only let Buster in if he has enough golden tickets (4) or normal tickets (50). As Buster, the goal is to navigate the fun house in under four minutes, to find and defeat Montana Max. Moving the D-pad moves Buster, pressing the A button will make him jump, pressing down on the D-pad will make him duck, pressing the B button will make him do a spin kick move, and holding the B button while he is moving will make him run. If he gains enough speed while running, pressing down on the D-pad will make him do a slide move. The enemies in this stage include bats and purple-colored Roderick Rat clones, including ones that toss soccer balls. In addition to the enemies, Buster must deal with lights that go out, avoiding falling into pits, chomping teeth, platforms, and doors that send him to a different part of the stage, some of which invert the gravity and have him run on the ceiling. Midway through the stage, Buster must also get past Elmyra Duff. If she catches him, she will take ten seconds off the clock. When Buster eventually makes it to the Fun House's roof, the timer will reset to three minutes, as the final boss, Montana Max, floats above Buster in a blimp. Monty will toss bombs at Buster, which he must use his spin kick to deflect them back at Monty. After doing this several times, Monty will be defeated and the game will be completed, with a cutscene showing Buster and his friends having a parade outside the fun house.



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