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The cover art for the Tiny Toon Adventures NES game

Tiny Toon Adventures (also referred to as Tiny Toon Adventures 1 by fans to avoid confusion with other games) is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, released by Konami in 1991. This game is the first Tiny Toon Adventures video game to be released.


One day, Buster Bunny is relaxing in his home, watching TV, when Montana Max appears on the screen, announcing that he has captured Babs Bunny and has held her captive in his mansion. He plans to feed her to the sharks, so Buster has to think fast to save his best friend.


The game plays similar to Super Mario Bros. 3, in terms that it features similar gameplay and stages. The player has to find its way to the exit within the time limit, without taking damage, as taking one hit will cause the player to lose a life. By finding a heart, you can take one additional hit. If you already have a heart in your inventory if you find another, you will get an extra life. You can hold up to nine lives. By finding a ball with a star in the middle, you can switch between characters. At the end of the first five zones, you will get a key, which can open one of the doors in the final stage, Monty's Mansion.

Playable Characters

  • Buster Bunny - The main protagonist of the video game. He is the default character and has the fastest speed.
  • Plucky Duck - Plucky can fly short distances, which can come in handy if you have to cross gaps. Plucky is slightly slower than Buster. He's also the best swimmer, as he can swim fast and level, and not sink like others.
  • Dizzy Devil - Dizzy can perform his tornado spin, which can break through walls and make him invincible. However, this takes up a lot of energy in the POW meter, and unless he is spinning, Dizzy moves pretty slow.
  • Furrball - Furrball can climb trees and other vertical surfaces, but he will slowly slide down, instead of plunging down. His speed is equal to Plucky's.

Other Characters

  • Shirley the Loon - At the beginning of each stage, Shirley offers you the choice of having Plucky, Dizzy, or Furrball as your sidekick.
  • Hamton J. Pig - If you find a door in the stage, Hamton will offer you extra lives for carrots. For every 30 carrots you have, you will recieve an extra life (assuming it doesn't exceed the life limit of 9).
  • Elmyra Duff - At the end of the second acts of the first four stages, Elmyra will try to hug you and you have to find the exit to escape from her (which doesn't appear until after at least five seconds). If she manages to catch you, she will send you back to the beginning of the stage.
  • Duck Vader - Duck Vader, along with two of his stormtwooper minions, appear as secret enemies in the game. If the number of carrots the player collects is any multiple of eleven, the player will battle Duck Vader. If they can defeat him without losing a life in the process, they will recieve three extra lives (assuming they don't exceed the life limit).
  • Concord Condor- Concord appears on the loading screen. After all the points have been added to the overall score, he will say his catchphrase, "Nope. Nope.".
  • Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper- Calamity and Beeper appear on the game over screen.


  • Stage 1:
    The first two acts of this stage take place in Acme Acres, and enemies include Roderick Rat (who is colored purple for some reason), Danforth Drake, and Arnold the Pit Bull. The third act takes place in a cave, surrounded by ghosts. The boss of this stage is Dr. Gene Splicer, who rides a skateboard while tossing anvils.
  • Stage 2:
    The first act takes place in a desert (similar to the second world of Super Mario Bros. 3, but with an oasis in the other half). Enemies in the first act include hermit crabs who toss their shells. The second act takes place underwater, and a special move can be performed to destroy the underwater enemies, as long as you have enough energy in the POW meter. The third act takes place on a pirate ship, with pirates and blue-colored Roderick Rat clones as your enemies. The boss of this stage is a pirate captain (who somewhat resembles Captain Hook from Peter Pan).
  • Stage 3:
    The first two acts take place in a forest. There are no carrots to be seen, but the fruit in this stage also counts as currency. Enemies in this stage include chipminks, owls, bats, bees, and black somersaulting hedgehogs (who somewhat resemble Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, whose debut game on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive was released the same year). The third act takes place in a cave. The boss of this stage is The Wolverine (from the episode, Buster and the Wolverine).
  • Stage 4:
    The first two acts take place in the city. Enemies here include cats and dogs who throw garbage, Roderick Rat, and Rhubella Rat. The third act takes place in a building, where you have to climb to the top to find the exit. For some reason, Sweetie Bird is depicted as an enemy in this stage. The boss of this stage is a gorilla (similar to Nintendo's Donkey Kong), who can be defeated by attacking smaller gorillas to weaken the girders he is standing on. For every two small gorillas you hit, one girder will fall.
  • Stage 5:
    This stage takes place in Wackyland. It is different from the rest, because it consists of a single act, where in order to complete it, you have to find five clones of Gogo Dodo. The enemies in this stage consist of Gogo's friends from the episode, Her Wacky Highness. After finding all five Gogo clones, they will merge into one big Gogo, who will give you the last key.
  • Stage 6:
    This stage takes place in Montana Max's mansion. Here, the keys you collected will unlock the various doors in the mansion. Enemies in this stage include Grovely, who shuts the lights off, making your path harder to see, security guards, Arnold the Pit Bull, and cannons that shoot bags of money. The final boss is Montana Max, who stands from above in a balcony. To jump on top of him, you will need to bounce off an extendable boxing glove, or in some cases, a coin.



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