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The front side of the game

Tiny Toon Adventures was an LCD handheld game, published by Tiger Electronics Games in 1991. 


Buster Bunny wants Babs Bunny to like him a lot, and to show her, he has to buy an ice cream cone with a lot of scoops and run it back to her home before any scoops fall down or Montana Max and Dizzy Devil try to eat it before giving it to Babs.


The object of the game is to collect as many ice cream scoops for Babs. As you receive many scoops of ice cream from Plucky Duck, you have to make sure that you keep them balanced without dropping the ice cream and prevent Montana Max & Dizzy Devil from eating it before giving it to Babs.


  • This was the first and only Tiny Toons game to be released as a handheld game before Konami took over as the main developer/publisher for Tiny Toon Adventures.