Atari Jaguar Jaguar 64 Bit Beta Preservation Pack Tiny Toons Final Front Cover

Tiny Toons on the cover of Jaguar 64-Bit Beta Preservation Pack

Tiny Toon Adventures (Atari Jaguar) was a video game produced for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit console. It was scheduled to be released in 1994 or 1995, but unfortunately, it was cancelled when the Atari Jaguar was discontinued from the video game market in 1996.


Originally, the Atari Jaguar was supposed to have 2 seperate games for Tiny Toons, the first game was supposed to be a platform game with Buster, Babs and Plucky as playable characters, along with other characters featured in the game, and multiple levels. As they were advertising through different magazines for the game's up and coming release, Atari decided to put the game development on hold to work on the Plucky's Hollywood Hijinks level, which was an idea based on the episode, Hollywood Plucky, and featured Plucky as the main playable character, but it was ultimately scrapped, along with a few other Atari Jaguar video games that have never been released or finished. In 1997, a website leaked pictures of the Tiny Toons Atari game on what it was supposed to look like. A few years later, more unreleased pictures and gameplay of the beta demo were shown as well.

Tiny Toon Adventures - Atari Jaguar

Tiny Toon Adventures - Atari Jaguar


  • In 2010, the beta demo of Tiny Toons was released under a Jaguar 64-Bit Beta Preservation Pack, along with other unfinished Atari video games. It was available on for a limited time only. As of now, it is currently sold out.
  • There were rumors that when Tiny Toons was under development, the game was supposedly completed, but was later rejected due to poor quality.
  • A few years ago a graphic design company was working with Atari on developing the game's designs, but since the project was cancelled they decided to show some of the artwork on a website that was part of the video game company.



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