Tiny Toon Adventures: Night Ghoulery (stylized as Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery) is a one-hour special parodying various halloween movies and stories, as well as the program, Night Gallery. It was originally intended to premiere in October of 1994, but ended up airing on Fox on May 28, 1995.

Episode Segments

  • The Tell-Tale Vacuum - Plucky expresses a phobia towards Hamton's vacuum cleaner and proceeds to destroy it, deeply regretting it afterwards.
  • Sneezer the Sneezing Ghost - Witch Hazel demands that Furrball catch Sneezer the sneezing ghost, but Furrball liquidates himself trying.
  • The Devil Dog on the Moors - The locals of the Moors are scared by the presence of the Demon Dog, which Babs has never heard of. The Demon Dog turns out to be Byron Basset.
  • Daniel Webfoot and the Devil - Plucky, as Daniel Webfoot, heads to Montana Max's mansion to confront Satan and bring judgement to Monty, but his plan backfires.
  • Hold That Duck - Plucky and Buster head to Horsehead Manor, which Plucky inherited from his uncle Mortimer. Plucky keeps seeing nasty creatures, while Buster notices nothing.
  • Night of the Living Dull - Gogo Dodo and his friends from Wackyland are being pursued by dealers and advertisers.
  • Frankenmyra and Dizzygor - Elmyra, as Dr. Frankenmyra, has brought the materials to create her very own cuddly pet. When she activates the abomination, it makes a pet out of her in her style.
  • A Gremlin on a Wing - During a flight, Plucky spots a Gremlin sabotaging the plane's wing and engine, and barely manages to prevent the plane from getting destroyed.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
John Kassir Buster Bunny
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig/TV Executive
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff/Uhura
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil/ The Brain/Gossamer
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon
Kath Soucie Li'l Sneezer/Fifi La Fume
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Frank Welker Furrball/Gogo Dodo/Byron Basset/Calamity Coyote/Little Beeper/Gremlin
Ron Perlman Mr. Scratch
Jim Cummings Paddy/Villager/Announcer
Jeff Bennett Shamus/ Pumpkin Guy/The World's Biggest Tiny Toon Fan
June Foray Witch Hazel


  • The Pumpkin Guy's Song:
"Tonight's my night, I'm the Pumpkin Guy,
on all Hallow's Eve, I'll fly through the sky,
but alas and alack, I'm bored out of my skull,
my once favorite holiday has grown so dull!
It's tired, trite, and also routine,
I crave different thrills on this Halloween.
I wonder what hides beyond this door,
It just might be what I'm looking for."
  • Babs Bunny: "Case in point: the most gruesome, heart-stoppingly horrific image ever to be framed..." (Unveils the picture) "It's my third grade school photo! AAAAH!" (Kicks the photo out) "But I digress. Here's something 'almost' as frightening..."
  • (Gogo and his friends open a door, trying to escape from the haunted house, but the World's Biggest Tiny Toons Fan is at the door)
World's Biggest Tiny Toons Fan: "In the cartoon, The Amazing Three, there was a slight flutter on Fifi's face in scene C43, and I wanted to know if that was a deliberate in-joke, or just a mistake. And when is Fifi gonna get her own series?"
(Gogo and his friends scream in fear)
  • Elmyra: "My ultimate petsy-wetsy is almost complete! All that's missing is... The Bwain! Dizzygor, give me the Bwain!"
(Dizzygor empties a jar that holds Brain, of Pinky and the Brain fame, inside it)
Brain: "The obvious nature of this pun belittles us all."
Elmyra: "Ooh! I'll play with you later!"

Gag Credit

The Brain Appears Courtesy of

Acme Labs

End Tag

  • Byron: "Woof."


  • This episode's title is a parody of the series, Night Gallery, starring Rod Serling. The beginning of each episode had him stand next to a painting, then explaining what it meant, then a story would go along with the painting.
  • The opening scene is a parody of the Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • In the theme song, for their Halloween costumes, Plucky is dressed as Freddy Krueger, Monty is dressed as J. Paul Getty, Gogo is "scary Soupy Sales", Hamton is Barney Rubble from The Flintstones, Shirley is Paula Abdul(?), and Fifi is Dot Warner from Animaniacs.
  • The episode segment, The Tell-Tale Vacuum, is a parody of The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The episode segment, Sneezer the Sneezing Ghost, is a parody of Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  • In the episode segment, Sneezer the Sneezing Ghost, Furrball dresses as a Ghostbuster to catch Sneezer.
  • The episode segment, The Devil Dog on the Moors, is a possible parody of the story of Cchulainn and the Hound of Uster. (Though the real Hound of Uster was a demigod, not a real dog)
  • The episode segment, Fuel, is a parody of the 1971 film, Duel.
  • The episode segment, Daniel Webfoot, is a parody of the short story and film, The Devil and Daniel Webster.
  • The episode segment, Hold That Duck, is a parody of Abbot and Costello.
  • The episode segment, Night of the Living Dull, is a parody of the film, Night of the Living Dead.
  • The episode segment, Frankenmyra and Dizzygor is a parody of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.
  • The episode segment, A Gremlin on a Wing, is a parody of a Twilight Zone episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.
    • During the same segment, Plucky does an imitation of William Shatner as Captain Kirk from Star Trek, the original star of said episode.


  • This special marks the final appearance of the TTA gang on TV, although Elmyra later appeared in the short-lived and ill-fated spin-off, Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain, and the gang has made some appearances in comic books and video games that were released after this episode.
  • This special was the last time that Don Messick voiced Hamton J. Pig. Messick died a little over two years after this special premiered.
  • Beaver and Hoghead, from the Spring Break Special, make cameo appearances in the sketch, The Devil and Daniel Webfoot.
  • Baloney the Dinosaur, a Barney parody from the Animaniacs episode, Baloney and Kids, makes a cameo appearance in the sketch, The Devil and Daniel Webfoot. Mr. Director from the same show can be also be seen.
    • Thaddeus Plotz appears as an airplane passenger in A Gremlin on the Wing.
  • The "World's Biggest Tiny Toon Fan" in the sketch, Night of the Living Dull, is based on Dennis Falk, an actual overly-obsessed fan the production team encountered while working on Tiny Toon Adventures. He was a stalker who sent Tress MacNeille disturbing letters which caused her to fear for life and cancel any convention appearances she was planning to make around where he lives.
  • In the sketch, Frankenmyra and Dizzygor, The Brain, from Animaniacs, and its spin-off, Pinky and the Brain, makes a brief cameo appearance. The Brain's cameo appearance, as well as Elmyra's following line, may be a possible foreshadowing of the ill-fated spin-off, Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain. Gossamer is the creation.
  • On October 27, 2012, this special aired on the Vortex Saturday morning block on The CW (formerly The WB) at 8:30am EST. It is unknown if Saban brought broadcast rights to the Warner Brothers 1990's animated cartoon, or some of the specials from that time period.
  • When this aired on Fox, as well as the Hub Network, and on international broadcasts (for example, Germany and Brazil), The Pumpkin Guy's song was cut out, as was the closing song, in favor of the Tiny Toon Adventures Theme Song, with footage from both the opening and closing credits. This version is also on Hulu. Reruns on other networks keep The Pumpkin Guy's song.
  • The car Calamity Coyote is driving is a 1971 plymouth valiant like the one in Duel.
  • The animation was made by Tokyo Movie Shinsa.
  • This is the second TV special that Bookworm didn't appear.
  • Since Paddy made his only debut on Night Ghoulery, the character made a return to the 1997 video game, Toonenstein: Dare to Scare.
  • Babs does impressions of Rod Serling, Andy Rooney, Mary Tyler Moore, Roger Moore, The Church Lady from Saturday Night Live, Gene Shalit and Beavis and Butt-head.


  • To read the transcript for this episode, click here.


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