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Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation is a direct-to-video animated movie made in 1991, and released 11 March 1992 from Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Entertainment. It features the regular cast from the animated program Tiny Toon Adventures. The film was produced by Tom Ruegger, and written by him, Paul Dini, Nichola Hollander, and Sherri Stoner. It was executive produced by Steven Spielberg. Formerly available only in VHS and Laserdisc format, the film is currently available on DVD. The film is 79 minutes, and is closed captioned for the hearing impaired. The animation was made by Tokyo Movie Shinsa. This special was re-edited and cut into four separate episodes for syndication and airs as part of the original series. These syndicated versions first aired in February of 1993 on the FOX Network. The full movie later aired on Nickelodeon in 1998, on The Hub in 2013 and Discovery Family in 2015.


The various Tiny Toon characters share adventures they have during the summer after their semester at the Looniversity ends.

  • Buster and Babs Bunny have a water pistol fight, which leads to Acme Acres being flooded. The two friends, along with Byron Basset, float down the river on a table raft and end up in the southern United States, with a few loose parodies of the movie, Deliverance (also from WB).
  • Plucky Duck tags along with Hamton J. Pig and his family as they drive to the amusement park HappyWorldLand. It is a very long and painful trip for Plucky as he suffers many obstacles including getting chased by an escaped Jason-esque lunatic with a chainsaw and hockey mask (who later chases after Babs and Buster Bunny in mine carts). He endures all of this until at last they arrive at HappyWorldLand only to take a tour on monorail, and then go home, severely disappointing Plucky, who wanted to ride the park's "legendary" rides.
  • Fifi La Fume has her eye on movie star Johnny Pew, and manages to track him down at the hotel he is staying at. They end up going on a date—too bad it is not a dream date.
  • Fowlmouth drags Shirley the Loon to see Skunknophobia (a parody of the 1990 film, Arachnophobia), a movie he has seen a hundred times already—and one he will not shut up through.
  • Elmyra Duff has the time of her life at a nature park, as the animals run for their lives.

Part 1[]

At Acme Looniversity on the last day of school, the students eagerly await the clock to strike three. They begin singing a song about it, as once the clock strikes three, their summer vacation will begin, giving them three whole months away from teachers and schoolwork. They begin singing about how they plan to spend their summer vacation. Babs sings about how she plans to get a tan, Buster sings about how he plans to goof off the entire time, Hamton sings about how he plans to travel the world, Elmyra sings about how she wants to get a new pet cat, and Fifi sings about finding the boy of her dreams. As they finish their song, the clock strikes 3:00, and all the students excitedly run out of Acme Looniversity. After singing a modified version of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song, they say that the special has just begun.

As Plucky walks with Hamton on their way to Hamton's house, Plucky tells Hamton that if he asks nicely, he'll consider letting him hang out with him. He asks Hamton what he wants to do for the next three months, whether it be going to the beach, camping, or simply spending the entire twelve weeks watching television. Hamton tells Plucky he's going out of town this summer. Specifically, his parents are going to take him to the amusement park HappyWorldLand. Upon hearing this, Plucky asks Hamton if he's going to the "Happiest Place in the Hemisphere, go on all the rides till' you barf, fun for kids of all ages" HappyWorldLand, and Hamton tells him he is. Plucky tells him that going to HappyWorldLand is every duckling's dream. Outside Hamton's House, Hamton's father, Wade Pig, tells Hamton that they're ready to leave and takes a picture of Hamton and Plucky. Plucky watches as Hamton walks towards Wade, and his mother, Winnie Pig. Before he can get to them, Plucky holds him back by his feet. Hamton tells Plucky that he'll send him a postcard from HappyWorldLand. Plucky refuses to let go of Hamton's foot, and Hamton tries to pry his hands off with a crowbar, a jackhammer, and some shark-shaped jaws that say, JAWS OF LIFE, the last of which succeeds in doing the job. He runs up to his parents' car and says goodbye to Plucky, telling him to have a good summer. Plucky suddenly imagines the HappyWorldLand mascots teasing him for not being able to go. In the Pig Family's car, which has a giant tan bag with a large pile of luggage on top, Wade asks if anyone needs to use the powder room before they leave, and Hamton and Winnie tell Wade they don't. The car sets off, and Hamton says goodbye to Plucky. Plucky watches as the Pig Family's Car drives away, leaving a roll of toilet paper behind. Plucky sadly waves to Hamton, as now Hamton is going to have the time of his life without him, while he stays behind and rots alone. Just then, the Pig Family's car comes back, only for Winnie to realize she dropped the toilet paper roll, which Plucky is standing on, and pick it up. The car drives away again, leaving a trail of toilet paper behind. Plucky is determined not to get left out of all the fun Hamton is about to have.

On their way out of Acme Acres, Wade drives the car while humming "Pop Goes the Weasel". Winnie asks Hamton if he's buckled in nice and tight, and Hamton, who is wrapped in the car's seat belt, tells her he is, as is his Uncle Stinky, who is very unhygienic and smelly, and communicates through pig noises rather than human speech. As Wade continues humming "Pop Goes the Weasel," he notices that his car's pedometer is about to reach 100,000 miles and prepares to record this moment. In the distance, Plucky is hiding behind a bush in an attempt to flag down the Pig Family's car. Plucky dresses as a construction worker and puts up many barriers. The Pig Family, paying more attention to the pedometer than the road, run over Plucky, flattening them. The Pig Family cheers when the pedometer reaches 100,000 miles, but Wade notices he left the cap on the lens of his camera. He backs up to record the pedometer for real this time, causing him to run over and flatten Plucky again, then once more when he goes forward and records the pedometer for real. The flattened Plucky wearily says, "I think the left front tire is a little low!"

The Pig Family continues driving down the road as Plucky attempts to flag them down again. He pulls up his left leg, revealing a lady's leg underneath. Upon seeing this, Wade stops the car and backs up. Winnie asks Plucky if he wanted to go to HappyWorldLand with them, and Plucky denies it by acting sad, saying he's just going to spend his summer alone and forgotten. Hamton asks Wade if they can take Plucky along, and Plucky begs for Wade to say yes. Wade says yes, and picks Plucky up, setting him down between Hamton and Uncle Stinky. Hamton welcomes Plucky to their vacation, and the two hug each other. Plucky sniffs and realizes the smell is coming from Uncle Stinky. He offers to shake Uncle Stinky's hand, which Uncle Stinky does, but due to being much larger than him, he lifts and lowers Plucky repeatedly, eventually smacking him against the rear window. Plucky notices a brown substance on his hand and sniffs it. It smells horrible, and Plucky promptly "checks out," turning a black-and-white checkered pattern. Wade announces that their next stop will be HappyWorldLand, and Hamton and Winnie promptly cheer.

Back in Acme Acres, Babs is dressed in her bathing suit as she prepares to get a tan. She applies some zinc oxide and announces she is starting her vacation as she pulls out a pink pail with a pair of sunglasses in it. She pulls out a beach chair, a bottle of suntan lotion, and a radio from the pail and pulls down a background of the beach. She applies some suntan lotion and prepares to rest. Meanwhile, Buster is spying on her from behind a bush and sneaks up behind some trees. He reaches Babs, who by this point has fallen asleep, and pulls out his Acme Squirt Gun to squirt her with it. He pulls out a background of the arctic and runs up to a refrigerator. He opens it and pulls out a bucket of water, then a tray of ice cubes, which he puts in the bucket. He fills his squirt gun with the cold water and sprays it, and it freezes on contact. He runs back to Babs and pulls the arctic background back up. He pokes Babs to wake her and sprays her in the face, causing her to scream and jump high, then land in her beach chair, which folds in on her. Buster runs back to her, and she, now dressed in her normal attire, emerges from her beach chair, screaming in fear as Buster is about to squirt her again. She runs into her burrow, past her many younger brothers and sisters. Her mother is sitting in a chair, bottle-feeding one of Babs' infant siblings. Babs promptly jumps into her mother's lap and drinks from the bottle, causing her infant sibling to cry. Buster runs up to her, holding his squirt gun. Babs' mother scolds him, telling him not to squirt Babs in the burrow, as that is the kind of thing meant for outside play. She grabs him and Babs by their ears and tosses them out of the burrow. Once they are outside, Buster reveals he still has his squirt gun, and Babs screams in fear as he squirts her. Buster laughs and walks away, and Babs, deciding to get revenge on him, runs back into her burrow and opens her closet door. After clearing out various toys, she finds a pink squirt gun. She runs out of her burrow and tests her squirt gun by spraying the camera, which leaves everything blurry. She runs away as the director wipes the water off the camera. Babs is now chasing Buster as they try to squirt each other. Eventually, Babs loses Buster, who now hides behind a tree and says, "Over here, Barbara Anne Bunny!" Babs yells at Buster not to call her that, as Buster now hides behind another tree and squirts her again. After squirting her once more, Babs looks behind another tree, and Buster squirts her again. Babs screams in fear and runs up to a tree with a nest with an egg in it. Just then, Buster says, "Do your ears look better dry...", and the egg hatches, revealing Buster inside, who now says, "...or wet?" and squirts Babs again. Buster runs away, and Babs chases after him.

At Elmyra's house, Elmyra is trying to teach Furrball how to swim. She dunks him in her kiddie pool, telling him to kick and breathe. Byron Basset is sleeping by his doghouse. Elmyra tells Furrball he's not going to learn anything at the bottom of the pool and pulls him out by his tail as Buster runs up to them. Babs chases after him and picks up Elmyra's kiddie pool. Elmyra tells her to give it back as Furrball tries to cut off his tail to escape Elmyra's clutches but then reconsiders. Babs asks Elmyra if she wants her kiddie pool back, and Elmyra chants that she does. Babs tells Elmyra it's all hers and tosses it onto her, frightening Furrball away. Elmyra emerges from the kiddie pool and tells Furrball to come back, as they have skydiving lessons at 4:00.

At the Acme Acres Dam, Babs runs up to it and says that she'll get even with Buster if it's the last thing she does. She laughs maniacally as she runs up the ladder, then runs up to the valve, turning it and opening the flood gates, releasing the water it's holding back. The water heads towards Acme Acres, and Babs wonders if she went too far with her stunt. Acme Acres is now flooded, but Babs assures that Buster has to be drenched by now. Buster, who is dressed in a red bathing suit, drives a jet ski up to Babs, telling her that he wouldn't say that. He splashes Babs with it and transforms the jet ski into a hovercraft, which he flies to the Hawaiian islands, preparing a surprise of his own for Babs. He stops above a volcano and pulls a barrel of TNT out of his bathing suit. He lights it and tosses it into the volcano, causing it to erupt and creating a massive tidal wave, which he surfs on with a surfboard. The tidal wave heads towards Acme Acres.

Back at Elmyra's house, Byron continues sleeping but awakens when he sees the massive tidal wave heading towards him. He thinks of it as nothing and falls back asleep. Babs continues to look for Buster, then turns around and sees the massive tidal wave heading towards her, with Buster surfing atop it. As he surfs atop the wave, he tells the viewers, "I do this water thing to Babsy throughout the entire video.". The tidal wave splashes Babs and floods Acme Acres. Babs emerges from the water as Buster, now in his red shirt, surfs onto a floating picnic table. He notices Babs and asks her, "Uncle?" Annoyed, Babs says, "Uncle," and swims onto the table. She notices that a brown substance is on her left foot and screams in fear. She tells Buster to get it off, as it is her lucky rabbit's foot it's covering. Buster pulls on the brown substance, revealing it to be Byron Basset, who jumps onto the other end of the table. As the table floats downriver, Babs asks Buster how they stop it. Buster tells her they don't. As the table floats out, Babs says goodbye to Acme Acres, and Buster says hello to the adventure he and Babs are about to partake in. The table floats into a forest.

Shirley has witnessed the entire event through her crystal ball. She realizes that Buster and Babs are in trouble, and she would gladly save them if she didn't have a summer job as a fortune teller. Fowlmouth runs up to Shirley and asks her if she'd like to go to the movies with him. Shirley angrily rejects him by shaping him into a ball and telling him to go bowl for dollars as she smacks him away. Fowlmouth flies towards a volleyball field, where Little Beeper, Concord Condor, Li'l Sneezer, and Sweetie Bird are playing a game of volleyball with four humans. Just then, Fifi La Fume passes by them, spreading her odor everywhere and causing them to faint. Shirley has witnessed this from her crystal ball, and Fifi walks up to her and tells her that all her life, she has had but one dream; to meet the famous movie star, Johnny Pew, as she shows Shirley a picture of him. Shirley tells her to give her a clear look at her Aura, and Johnny drives by them in his car. Shiley tells Fifi that Johnny is heading towards the Acme Resort Hotel. Fifi thanks Shirley by shaking her hand rapidly and runs towards the Acme Resort Hotel. Fowlmouth runs back up to Shirley and tells him that they should go to the movies together. Shirley tells him, "Not now!" This time, she flattens him with a mallet and tosses him like a Frisbee. Fowlmouth flies past Dizzy, who is crying miserably. Shirley asks him what's wrong, and he tells her that in summer, Tasmanian devils like him shed their fur. If he spins, he will lose it. He wants to spin, but not if it makes him lose his fur. Shirley tells Dizzy he needs to get in touch with his feelings. She tells him not to deny his inner self and to spin for the sheer joy of spinning. Dizzy follows her advice and spins, losing his fur in the process. After he stops spinning, he realizes he doesn't have fur anymore and blushes in embarrassment. Shirley runs up to him and laughs. Outraged, Dizzy picks up a cardboard box, which he uses to cover his body, and walks past Vinnie, Furrball, and Calamity. Vinnie thinks that Dizzy is wearing a box to look fashionable and that the box must be the new trend. Mary Melody questions if it is the new trend and puts a cardboard box on herself, saying the box look is in as she skates past Shirley with it. Vinnie, Calamity, and Furrball agree with her and follow her, wearing cardboard boxes of their own. Fowlmouth runs back up to Shirley and begs for her to go to the movies with him. Shirley gives in at his insistence, and Fowlmouth asides that the girls can't resist him. She tosses him aside as Mary, Vinnie, Calamity, and Furrball skate past her, only for Furrball to get left behind.

In the desert, the Pig Family is singing "One Hundred Bottles of Non-Alcoholic Beverage on the Wall". This drives Plucky crazy, and he asks them if the song is supposed to be "One Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall". Winnie tells Plucky that they don't drink alcohol in their family. Plucky tells them he suddenly feels hot and asks if they could turn on the air conditioner. Wade tells Plucky that Air Conditioning wastes gas, and decides to open a window instead. Winnie stops him, telling him that if he does, people will think they can't afford air conditioning. IThe Pig Family has driven straight into Heck, with several volcanoes erupting. Wade continues humming "Pop Goes the Weasel," and Plucky asks him if he knows anything else, like "Old MacDonald." Wade hums "Old MacDonald", then finishes it by saying, "Pop Goes The Weasel!" Plucky faints upon hearing it. Just then, a rain shower appears above him, and he gargles it. He looks up and sees that the water is sweating from Uncle Stinky's handkerchief. Uncle Stinky drops his handkerchief on Plucky, whose tongue turns green, dries up, and cracks.

Plucky asks the Pig Family if they're anywhere remotely near HappyWorldLand yet, and Wade tells them they aren't, but if he's bored, they can play a game. Hamton suggests "Spot the Car", and Wade agrees. Plucky asks them if they mean spotting all the red cars or cars with out-of-state license plates, but Hamton tells them any car. A bunch of cars drives by the Pig Family, who point them out. Uncle Stinky jumps up and down, flattening Plucky underneath him. As they stop, Plucky wearily says, "Fun game," and some more cars drive by. The Pig Family points them out again until they come to a truck. The pig family laughs, and Plucky asides to shoot him. Hamton points out they're coming to a tunnel and tells them to hold their breath and make a wish. Plucky refuses, seeing it as a childish game until Hamton points out that if he holds his breath the entire time, his wish will come true. Plucky holds his breath, wishing that he was in HappyWorldLand. The Pig Family all hold their breaths as well, and it is revealed that the tunnel is seven miles long. Plucky struggles to hold his breath, but then exhales, and the force of his exhalation pushes him out of the Pig Family's car. He holds onto the bumper of the car as it drives out of the tunnel, and the Pig Family exhale, launching themselves, Plucky, the exterior of the car, and the luggage into the air. Plucky says, "I miss school," as everything falls back down.

When everything is back to normal, the Pig Family laughs, and Winnie says she loves the "hold your breath in the tunnel" game. Plucky pants heavily, and Hamton tells him his wish didn't come true. Plucky points out that the Pig Family's wishes didn't come true, either. Hamton tells him their wish did come true, as they made the same wish they always do; to be a happy and loving family forever and ever. Plucky is not amused, then he notices that Uncle Stinky is still holding his breath. Plucky tells him the game is over, and Uncle Stinky promptly exhales on him, erasing all of his coloring. Hamton pulls out an easel with colors that say BILLIOUS BLACK, JAUNDICE ORANGE, LACKLUSTER WHITE, and GAGGLE GREEN, which he paints on Plucky. Hamton notices Plucky's tongue is still grey and paints it red with a paint roller. Hamton tells Plucky to speak to him, and Plucky wearily asks, "Auntie Em, is that you?" as the Pig Family drives away.

Part 2[]

Meanwhile, Buster, Babs, and Byron continue to float downriver on the picnic table. Babs tells Buster that they've gone far enough down the river. Buster, who is holding a harmonica, tells her to relax and enjoy what the river has to offer. He mentions the gentle lapping of the water, the carefree croaking of the frogs, and the quiet whispering of the wind as examples. Just then, Babs looks up and sees Banjo Possum, a hillbilly possum kid playing a banjo, on the rope bridge above them. Babs points him out, and they pass by him. Buster tells Babs that Banjo is just trying to communicate with them, as music is the universal language. Babs says that Banjo's music is kind of relaxing, and has a romantic charm to it. Buster stutters in a lovestruck state as Babs snatches him. Babs asks Buster if he's falling for her, and as the two and Byron approach a waterfall, he responds "You might say that!" The three and their picnic table fall over the edge of the waterfall. They all hold onto each other, then let go when they realize no one is there to save them. Just then, Superman flies by and catches them in his arms. As he flies them above the waterfall, Buster tells him that this is their movie, not his. Babs tells him to get his video, and he responds by telling them, "It's your call," as he drops them and flies away. Buster and Byron land on a tree branch and Buster tries to catch Babs but misses. Babs falls into the water below, where she sees a group of sea creatures very similar to ones in The Little Mermaid, singing "Beneath the Ocean", a parody of "Under the Sea" from the same movie. Babs asides, "Oops. Wrong cartoon." At the top of the waterfall, the branch Buster and Byron are on cracks from their weight, and they fall. Using Byron as a parachute, Buster floats down safely and lands near the water.

The sea creatures carry Babs up to the surface, with the Ariel-esque mermaid kicking her out with her tail fin. Babs, who is filled with water, skips along the water and lands near Buster and Byron. Concerned, Buster runs up to Babs and drags her to a bucket. He asks her if she's okay as he stands her up. He lifts her ears, and she opens her eyes, revealing them to be filled with water. Buster turns Babs' head so that she is facing the bucket and pumps the water out of her and into the bucket, pushing her ears like a water pump. After all the water is emptied from her, he tells her to wake up while pushing her back and forth. He picks up the bucket, which is now filled with water, and splashes her with it. Babs, now fully awake, runs up to Buster and threatens him if he splashes her again. Before she can finish, Buster shushes her, as he hears the sound of animals chattering. He wonders what it is, and looks around to see three possum tails hiding in bushes. As the two bunnies back up in fear, Babs tells Buster they're outnumbered, and their best option is to quietly retreat. As they back up, Banjo hides behind a rock. He plays his banjo, and the two bunnies run away in fear. He walks up to Byron, whom the two bunnies are hiding under. Buster pulls Byron up and tells Babs that he recognizes Banjo from the bridge. He and Babs get up from under Byron, and Buster shakes hands with Banjo. Three male possums walk up to them, and Buster says that the possums must be Banjo's family. While Babs stares in fear, Buster introduces him and her to the possums. The possums growl, eyeing the two bunnies as their dinner. Babs tells Buster, "Aren't they the chatty little folks?" as the possums grab them.

Three female possums are at a stewpot as the male possums take Buster and Babs to Banjo's house. Buster introduces himself and Babs to the female possums as the male possums set them down. Buster tells Babs that the possums want them to stay for dinner. Babs responds, "For dinner, or as dinner?" as the male possums pull on her. Buster walks up to Banjo, who is sitting on the hammock of the porch of his house, and tells Babs to relax, and not be so judgmental. As Banjo plays his banjo, Buster tells Babs that the possums are good salt-of-the-earth folk. As the female possums pour salt on Babs, she tells Buster, "That's what scares me." Buster tells Babs that they can still relate to the possums, and demonstrates by pulling out his tongue and playing it like a banjo to the opening notes of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song. Banjo responds by playing the next few notes on his banjo. Soon, the two play the song together, with Buster's face and Banjo's banjo. As they do this, the female possums cover Babs in barbecue sauce and toss her into the stewpot. Eventually, Babs escapes it and tosses one of the female possums in it. After the female possum escapes, she chases Babs. Another female possum chases her from the opposite direction. In an attempt to slice her, she hits a rock, and her bow and dress become undone, exposing her undergarments as she bashfully covers them and walks away with a girlish giggle. Babs loses her, or so she thinks. As she looks behind a tree, the three female possums are chasing her together. Babs runs into a hollow log, and when she reaches the other end, the male possums are running towards her. She runs back into the hollow log, and escapes out the middle, with all the possums running into each other. Babs jumps back onto the log and pulls out the possum's tails, then ties them together. She kicks the hollow log, and it rolls down the hill, with all the possums inside, landing in the river. Babs runs back to Buster and Banjo, who have just finished their duet. Babs grabs Buster and drags him away. As Buster grabs Byron, he tells Babs that he and Banjo were cooking. Their picnic table is near the water, and as they get on it, Babs tells Buster he is very alert and rows the table away.

Buster and Babs pass by a billboard that says ACME SUNTAN LOTION, with a picture of Elmyra and Furrball on it. At the beach, Elmyra is trying to apply suntan lotion to Furrball, who is trying to run away from her. He escapes from her, and she tells him to come back, or he'll get a sunburn. They pass by the Acme Resort Hotel, where Fifi is now outside its main entrance. She knows Johnny Pew is in there somewhere as she looks at her photo of him. She goes inside, and as she looks around, she spreads her odor around. Furthermore, she quickly runs into the bellhop, who asks how he can help her. Fifi tells him that she is here to get Johnny Pew's autograph, as he is her favorite movie star and skunk hunk. The bellhop promptly kicks her out. As she gets up, Fifi thinks that the task of seeing Johnny Pew may be more difficult than she imagined.

Back in the Acme Resort Hotel, Jay Leno, with his massive chinthat he wheels in on a cart, walks up to the Bellhop. The Bellhop asks him if he'd like him to check his chin. Fifi walks in, disguised as Michelle Lovitz, saying she must meet her client. The Bellhop runs up to her and asks if he can help her. Fifi tells him she is Michelle Lovitz, Johnny Pew's agent, and she needs to see him right away. The Bellhop tells her that that's interesting, and leads her to the couch, where the real Michelle Lovitz is. As Fifi sits down, the Bellhop tells her and the real Michelle that they both claim to be Michelle Lovitz. As Fifi and Michelle look at each other, The Bellhop tells the real Michelle Lovitz to stand up. Fifi and Michelle both do so, but Michelle sits down on Fifi. The flattened Fifi crawls up to the bellhop and tells him, "Eet isn't ovair till' ze fat lady sings!" Just then, Roseanne Barr sings the National Anthem in the balcony above. Rosanne lands on Fifi, flattening her again, and spits.

Fifi is crying in the Acme Resort Hotel's alley, saying that now she'll never get Johnny's autograph. She sees a caterer with a cart with a dish on it, knocking on the door. The cook opens the door, and she asks the caterer who the dish is for. The caterer tells her, "Some Hollywood hotshot in the hotel," as they both go in. Fifi suddenly has an idea and runs in after them. Inside the kitchen, the caterer asks the cook where he is supposed to take the cart with the dish, and the cook tells him to take it to the eleventh floor. Fifi is now hiding under the dish's cover and looks at herself in a mirror. She applies her lipstick and her perfume, assuring that her plan to see Johnny Pew is a success. The caterer walks up to a door and knocks on it. David Letterman opens the door and pulls the cart inside. As he brings the cart inside the room, which is a TV studio, he tells everyone, "Grub is here!" Johnny Carson says to Ed McMayhem, "When I ordered room service, I was hoping they'd send up another room," and Ed McMayhem laughs hysterically. Barbara Walters interviews Oprah Winfrey, asking her what kind of tree she is. Oprah tells her, "Well, girlfriend, I'm a weeping willow," and cries. Fifi looks under the lid of the dish, realizing this room isn't the one Johnny Pew is in. David Letterman interviews Arsenio Hall, asking him what's with his hair. Hall tells him, "Hey, let's get busy," and chants. Letterman asides, "Oh, my, we're having some fun now," and the drummer plays the drums, hitting the lid Fifi is under. Shocked, Fifi runs away and through the window, shocking Letterman and Hall. She lands in a trash can near a palm tree, crying that her mission to see Johnny Pew has failed. Johnny Pew, who has a lollipop in his mouth, walks up to her. He pulls a tissue out of his jacket and tells her to blow her nose. Fifi takes the tissue, and thanks Johnny for it, blowing her nose into it. Fifi realizes that Johnny has just passed by her and jumps out of it in excitement. She jumps onto him and asks him if she could have his autograph. Johnny sets her down and tells her he doesn't have a pen. Dejected, Fifi looks in his jacket pocket for a pen. She is unable to find one and cries in fear. Johnny tells her to relax and that they will find a pen. He tells her to come along. Fifi tells Johnny she would die for him, and as they walk up to Johnny's car, Johnny tells her that it won't be necessary, and she can carry his stuff instead. He empties his beach supplies out of his car and places them atop Fifi. Fifi pokes her head out and says, "Somebody pinch me," as Johnny walks away into the sunset. Fifi follows behind him, carrying his beach supplies and telling him to wait for her.

Mitzi Avery has a summer job at Dolt's Drive-In Restaurant as a waitress. As the Pig Family continues driving, Plucky asks if they can have lunch. Winnie likes this idea, and the Pig Family parks at Dolt's. The Pig Family are all having mayo and cream cheese sandwiches, on white bread, with the crusts cut off. Plucky refuses to eat these sandwiches, and Hamton eats one very messily, as the mayo and cream cheese squirts all over Plucky, who is not amused with the Pig Family bringing their own food to the drive-in. Mitzi brings the Pig Family five cups of water and asks them if they want anything else. Plucky tries to order a jumbo cheeseburger, chili fries, and a cherry pie, but Wade interrupts him to pay Mitzi. He tells her they're fine, and drives away. Hamton and Uncle Stinky drink their water, and after Plucky pulls his cup off his beak with his feet, he says that if he can't eat, he'll just have to pass the time with a little reading. He pulls out his Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs comic book, a pristine mint-condition first printing which he shows to Hamton. Winnie turns to face him and tells him that they don't allow Hamton to read comic books on car trips. Plucky hands Hamton the comic and says that parents like Hamton's must be convinced comics will sap their kids' cerebellums. Hamton tells Plucky that that's not the case, and the case is, that reading in the car always makes him carsick. Plucky is shocked when he hears this. The Pig Family drives over some dunes, which only adds to Hamton's carsickness. As Hamton turns purple with sickness, Plucky gives him a cup to throw up in. Hamton gets more carsick, and Plucky gives him Wade's hat. Hamton gets even more carsick as Plucky gives him an ice bucket. Plucky tries to open the car door, but it won't open, and the handle breaks off in the struggle. Plucky sees that a very carsick Hamton is just above his comic book. Plucky tells Hamton not to throw up on his comic book. Hamton throws up all over it anyway, and Plucky screams as the Pig Family drives into the sunset.

That night, fireflies light up the sky as Babs, now dressed as a Gondolier, rows her picnic table. Banjo watches her from a distance as she sings about various Italian foods. Babs asides that she and Buster haven't eaten anything in weeks. After she finishes her song, Buster tells her it put him in the mood. Babs, now dressed in her normal attire, runs up to Buster and wraps her ears around his head. She lovingly asks him what for, and he tells her, "Pizza." He asks her if she has any money so he can order one. Babs sarcastically says, "Thank you, Mr. Romance." Buster tells Babs that in this moonlight, she looks just like Morey Amsterdam. Babs is outraged when she hears this, but before she can attack Buster, he squirts her with his water gun again. Buster points out the dry land they and Byron have reached. On that dry land is a Southern mansion. Babs realizes that whoever's in there can tell them how to get back to Acme Acres. Buster tells Babs that she shouldn't rush, as they just got to the dry land.

Outside, Babs comments on how spooky the mansion is. Buster tells her that these kinds of mansions are romantic traditions for fine gentlemen and delicate ladies. The door opens, and three alligator girls answer it. Buster tells Babs, "Strike my last stereotype," as the alligator girls bring him inside. Inside the mansion, Buster is tied to a chair as the Alligator girls introduce themselves to him. Their names are Big Boo, Sissy Boo, and Little Boo, and they think Buster has come to be in their Fourth of July picnic. Babs watches outside from a window as the Boo Sisters tell Buster he isn't wearing any pants. Big Boo asks him who he is, and he says, "I'm outta here," and hops away, still tied to the chair. He reaches the front door but is stopped by Big Daddy Boo, the Boo Sisters' father. He asks the Boo Sisters what's going on, and they tell him that Buster's come a-courtin'. Buster tells the Boo Sisters he's not courting anybody. As Big Daddy unties him, he tells him that he isn't, as courting is over, and it's time for the wedding. Buster shrinks in fear when he hears this. The Boo Sisters find the idea of a Fourth of July wedding romantic. Big Daddy asks the Boo Sisters which one of them hasn't been married for a while, and they all argue over who hasn't been married. Big Daddy tells them that they're all going to marry Buster. As the Boo Sisters go away to make preparations, Buster tells Big Daddy that he can't marry all three of his daughters, as that would be bigamy. Big Daddy says, "No, that's big o' me!"

As preparations for the wedding take place, Babs watches from a distance, realizing it's up to her to save Buster. She jokes that this kind of event will teach Buster not to start a water fight. She tells Byron that she'll handle the situation, and walks into a shed. Inside the shed, Babs says that all she needs now is a plan. She lights a match, revealing the shed to be filled with boxes of fireworks. She suddenly has an idea. Big Daddy, who is posing as a judge, begins the wedding by reading from a book of vows as Buster tries unsuccessfully to escape from the Boo Sisters. Unable to escape, Buster cries, then asides that he always cries at weddings. He continues crying as Big Daddy asks if there are any objections to the wedding. Babs arrives disguised as Chuck B. Charlatan, a fireworks salesman. She tells them that a wedding is the perfect time to buy fireworks. The Boo Sisters all cheer when they hear this, but Big Daddy is skeptical of the idea. Babs tells him that she is authorized by the Acme Fireworks Company to give them a free fireworks demonstration, and she hands each of the Boo Sisters a sparkler. As she walks up to Buster, who is wrapped in Big Boo's tail, he tells her she took long enough to save him. Babs tells Buster that she was enjoying watching him sweat and hands him a sparkler. Babs puts fireworks all around the gazebo and lights one of the "little spinny whirly-bobs that never work," which she hands to Big Daddy. Little Boo asks Babs if she's married, and she tells her she is. She shows her Byron, disguised as her wife. Babs leads the Boo Family into the gazebo and says goodbye to them as she lights the fuses. Buster jumps out of the gazebo just in time, and the fireworks launch the gazebo into the air and explode. Babs, now back in her normal attire, and Buster watch the fireworks go off as Byron waves a sparkler. Babs wishes Buster a happy Independence Day, and Buster finds this the perfect opportunity for them to escape. They walk away, carrying Byron with them.

Part 3[]

The next morning, Buster rows the picnic table down the jungle river. He thanks Babs for saving him, telling him he owes her. Babs asks him if he's gonna start counting these moments. They pass by a tree with a cheetah resting atop it, who growls at them. This cheetah is revealed to be part of the Acme Wild Safari Zoo, which the Duff family is driving their car towards. Inside their car, Elmyra is crying about how Furrball ran away, and that she wants a new cat to be her pet. After the Duff Family pays the entrance fee, they drive their car through the Wild Safari Zoo, where the announcer tells them that for their safety, their doors and windows should remain locked at all times, due to how dangerous the wild animals are. Elmyra looks out the window of her car, which is revealed to have many baby toys inside it, and Elmyra is revealed to be sitting in a baby's car seat. Elmyra sees a cheetah, who is sleeping on a rock, and wants to make it her new pet. The announcer tells the Duff Family not to get out of their car, lest Warner Bros. get sued if anyone actually does this. As he says this, Elmyra unbuckles her seat belt and opens the car window. She climbs out of her car as her parents drive it away. Elmyra says goodbye to her parents, and tells the viewers that she'll die if she doesn't get a kitty, as it is her obsession. Elmyra runs up to the cheetah, who continues sleeping, and pulls on his tail. She asides that she's gonna start his motor, and rubs his stomach. She jumps onto the Cheetah, waking him, and tells him he needs a tune-up. Frightened, the Cheetah runs away, and since Elmyra is holding onto his tail, he drags her along, over a rock, and through a bush. Eventually, Elmyra slams into a tree, and the cheetah struggles to run away. Eventually, the Cheetah breaks free, but loses his fur. Elmyra picks up the fur, thinking the Cheetah left his "pajamas" for her. She puts on the fur and skips away. The furless Cheetah looks down in shock.

Elmyra skips through the wild safari zoo, humming the Nutcracker Suite. Since she is wearing the Cheetah's fur, she asides she's in "camoflaugie". As three Lion Cubs are playing with each other, Elmyra spies on them from behind a bush, and calls them "baby kitties". She runs up to them, saying she wants to eat them up, and the Lion Cubs, having just noticed her, stare in shock, then split up and run away. Elmyra thinks they are playing hide and seeks and calls for them to come out. The first Lion Cub meows in a bush, and Elmyra finds him and pulls him out. She looks around, and hears the second Lion Cub meowing under a boulder. She lifts up the boulder, and the second Lion Cub tries to run away, but she catches him. Elmyra walks up to a river and hears the third Lion Cub meowing in it. She picks him up by the reed he was breathing through. Now that she has all three Lion Cubs, she says that she won the game, and her prize is an armful of love as she swings the Lion Cubs back and forth.

A few minutes later, Elmyra has set up her own school, with chairs and desks made of bamboo, and various wild animals tied to them. She walks up to an empty desk, humming to the tune of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song, and sets the three Lion Cubs down in the empty desk, She sits down on the stool in front of the desks and pulls out a book, Predators of the Jungle, telling the animals she's going to read them her favorite bedtime stories. She opens the book and reads, "There are many 'carnivalous' animals in the jungle." Elmyra, having improperly read the word "carnivorous", thinks that these kinds of animals throw a carnival, and says she loves carnivals. She turns the page and reads that lions prey on lesser animals, such as zebras. The Lion Cubs look over at the Zebra sitting in the desk next to them. They whisper to each other, and the second and third ones pounce at the Zebra. The first one sets down a dish, which the second one decorates with leaves and cherries. The third one sets the Zebra, who now has an apple in his mouth, down on the dish. They all look down on the Zebra, planning to eat him. Elmyra now turns the page, having found what she thinks is a pretty picture. She runs up to the Gazelle to show him. The picture is of a gazelle staring in fear at a hungry crocodile. She smacks it in his face repeatedly, saying "Kiss yourself!" several times as she does this. As Elmyra turns several pages in the book, she tells the animals that the most feared predator in the jungle is... her, and shows them the picture of her in the book. She shows the picture of her to the animals, saying "Kiss me!" repeatedly. The animals all scream in fear and run away, running over her. As the dust clears, a knocked-out Elmyra asides, "Animals can be so capricious."

A few minutes later, Elmyra skips rope across the jungle, using the tail of the Cheetah's fur as a skipping rope, and singing, "I love cats, I love kitties, squeeze them into itty-bitties!" As she does this, a panther spies on her, planning to eat her. He follows her down the path, where the Animals all peer out from their hiding places. They all hide again when the Panther follows Elmyra. Elmyra skips across the river, saying, "Being in nature is so 'invinegarating'!" She skips across a pair of turtles, who watch as she skip away. The panther follows Elmyra across the river, and the turtles turn to face him. When they see him, they dive into the water. Without them for him to walk across, the Panther falls in the water. Elmyra skips up a hill, humming the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song, and jumps atop a boulder. She jumps off, and the boulder rolls down the hill. The Panther pokes his head out of the water, and as he looks around, the boulder lands on his head, flattening it. The Panther sinks back into the water.

At the throne of a king-like Lion, the animals are complaining to him. The furless cheetah (who now has a censor bar over his groin) complains to the Lion King that Elmyra stole his fur. The Lion Cubs (who are presumably his sons) complain to him about how she made them and the other animals kiss themselves by pushing them against each other. The Panther (who still has the boulder over him) complains to the Lion King about how Elmyra caused the boulder to fall on him. The Lion King pushes the boulder off and sees the flattened state of the Panther. The Lion King decides he is going to get even with Elmyra. Elmyra, thinking the animals are playing hide and seek again, emerges from behind the bushes, and tells the animals she's looking for them. The animals all point at Elmyra, telling the Lion King that she's the one causing all the problems. The Lion King silences them and walks up to Elmyra. He growls angrily at her, but Elmyra remains unfazed and says, "Well, if it isn't the king of the jungle!" The Lion King roars at her, and she tells him he doesn't have to yell, as she knows what he wants. She tells him he wants a haircut, and grabs his mane. She pulls out an electric razor, and shaves the Lion King's mane. When she is finished, the Lion King's mane now looks like Bart Simpson's hair. She holds a mirror up the Lion King and says, "There. Isn't that preferable?" The Lion King looks at his reflection in the mirror in horror, and screams. Elmyra asides, "Long hair is so retro!" The animals all run away in fear, with Elmyra chasing them and telling them to come back. They run up to the Duff Family's car, and Elmyra's Parents stop it when they see them. The animals shove Elmyra's Parents out of the car, much to their annoyance. The Animals get into the car and drive it away. Elmyra runs up to her parents and watches as the animals drive the car away. She asides, "I lose more kitties that way!"

The animals drive the Duff Family's car out of the Wild Safari Zoo, across a bridge by its railings and into the desert. They run into the Pig Family's car. Wade stares in shock when he sees them, and they swerve, much to Plucky's dismay. After the Pig Family drives away from the animals, Plucky sweats, saying he is a wilting waterfowl. His sweat floods the car, and he asks Wade if they can stop for a drink of water, as he is now starting to sweat almost as much as Uncle Stinky. Wade stops his car at an ACME Gas Station nearby, then tells the family to suit up. Plucky wonders why they're doing that, and the Pig Family put on Hazmat suits. Even Uncle Stinky does so. The Pig Family all gets out of the car, and Wade announces that they are going to clean the restrooms before they use them, knowing how dirty gas station bathrooms are. As the Pig Family goes into the restrooms and clean them, Plucky looks over at the water fountain nearby, with water dripping out of the spout. A very thirsty Plucky licks his beak, visualizing the fountain as an oasis. The reflection of the dripping spout appears in Plucky's eyes, and he opens his mouth, causing a large pile of sand to fall out of it. Plucky groans, "Water!", and tries to run for the water fountain, but his sweat causes him to stick to the car seat. He holds onto the water fountain, but the car seat tries to pull him back. Just as Plucky reaches for the drop of water dripping from the spout with his tongue, the car seat pulls him back into the Pig Family's car. When he lands, Plucky gets unstuck from the car seat, losing the feathers covering his butt in the process. Plucky nervously asides that it's nice to feel a draft again, then runs to the fountain immediately. Just as he reaches the fountain, Wade opens the restroom door, having finished using the restroom. As he, Hamton, and Uncle Stinky run out, Wade mentions it was nice to have used a clean restroom. They and Winnie run back into their car. Just as Plucky turns the valve to the water fountain and is about to drink some water, Winnie stops him, telling him that if he drinks that much water, they will making another pit stop again real soon. Wade drives the car up to the fountain and Winnie shuts it off and drags Plucky away before he can get even a single drop of water.

The Pig Family drives their car away from the ACME gas station, and Plucky whimpers like a dog and waves goodbye with his tongue. Wade asks Winnie if she'd like to hear some music, and she tells him she would. Wade turns on the radio, which is set to K-FUDD "wadio", which plays an instrumental of "Pop Goes the Weasel". Plucky is now annoyed at having to listen to "Pop Goes the Weasel" for the umpteenth time, even if it is in instrumental form. He calls it sheer torture, and asks Wade how long until they get to HappyWorldLand. Hamton tells Plucky they could figure it out on a road map, which Plucky takes from him. Plucky unfolds the map, and calculates where Acme Acres and HappyWorldLand are. He calculates where they are, somewhere in between. He unfolds the map further, which even covers Wade, causing him to swerve out of control. Plucky says if they proceed East along a nearby frontage road, then hang a left at Beloit, and jog Northwesternly along Route 647 for a couple of parsecs, they'll be at HappyWorldLand at roughly April 6th, 2021. Unamused, Wade tells Plucky that he knows the way to HappyWorldLand.

The weather changes to a thunderstorm and it begins to rain as a mysterious shadow walks in. The shadow belongs to Mr. Hitcher, a lanky man with straggly hair and pasty complexion, wearing a dirty baseball cap, tattered overcoat, and orange hi-tops. Mr. Hitcher holds up his right thumb like a hitchhiker. The Pig Family screech their car to a halt, and Mr. Hitcher jumps out of the way before it hits him. Wade rips up the map covering him and Winnie, the latter of whom looks back at Mr. Hitcher, saying that they nearly ran him over. As he walks up to the car, Winnie decides the least they can do is give him a ride to town. Plucky looks back and is shocked when he sees Mr. Hitcher. He gulps in fear as Wade says hello to him, and opens the car door, asking him if he needs a lift. He tells Hamton to squeeze in front with him and Winnie. Hamton does so, and Mr. Hitcher sits next to Plucky and closes the door. Plucky laughs nervously and says hello to Mr. Hitcher, then pulls out his comic book, asking if he'd like to read some "slightly moist reading material." As thunder booms and lightning flashes, Plucky nervously ducks behind his comic. Just then, a news bulletin comes in on the radio, with the announcer saying that a psychotic killer has just escaped from the State Maximum Security Prison. Plucky looks up at Mr. Hitcher as the announcer describes the psychotic killer as a lanky man with straggly hair and a pasty complexion. When last sighted, the homicidal maniac was wearing a dirty baseball cap, tattered overcoat, and green-hi-tops. Plucky looks over Mr. Hitcher, shocked when he sees the dirty baseball cap and tattered overcoat he's wearing, but relieved to see him wearing orange hi-tops instead of green ones. The announcer reveals he made a mistake in his description, and the psychotic killer is actually wearing orange hi-tops. Plucky is shocked when he sees the orange hi-tops, and nervously says, "Mama!" The announcer reveals that doctors report the slabbering lunatic has a psychotic aversion to pork. Plucky, realizing he is travelling with a family of pigs, knows this will set off Mr. Hitcher. The Announcer says that exposure to any pig product will cause him to go screaming off the deep end. Plucky, realizing that Mr. Hitcher could go off at any minute, chatters his teeth nervously. The Radio announcer says that if anyone sights the psychotic killer, to remember an important number. As the Announcer says the number, Plucky tries to write it down, but Winnie shuts off the radio, saying that there's so much sensationalism in the media as of late. Mr. Hitcher laughs evilly, then pulls out a hockey mask, which he promptly puts on. He starts his chainsaw, saying "Bacon", "Pork Chops", and "Hog Jowls". Plucky runs up to the Pig Family, trying to tell them that Mr. Hitcher is the psychotic killer the radio described, until he runs into Mr. Hitcher. Plucky stares at Mr. Hitcher, then runs into Winnie's bonnet. Winnie tells him not to roughhouse in the car, and pulls him out of her bonnet and sits him next to Mr. Hitcher, who continues starting up his chainsaw, saying "Spare Ribs", "Ham Hocks", and "Carnitas". Suddenly, Plucky has an idea. He's going to send an S.O.S. to his sweetheart, Shirley the Loon. He figures that once she sees the trouble he's in, she'll rush to his rescue. He writes a letter and drops it off in a nearby mailbox. A Dog Postman rides his bike up to the mailbox and pulls the letter out of it. He rides his bike away with the letter, until he gets into a mail truck, with a bumper sticker that says I BRAKE FOR COYOTES. Road Runner is standing in front of the Mail Truck, and he says, "Beep beep!" The Mail Truck runs him over and flattens him.

The Mail Truck drives back to Acme Acres and the Dog Postman rides his bike up to Shirley, who is walking across the street corner sadly, as she is unenthusiastic about her movie date with Fowlmouth. The Dog Postman gives her the letter and tells her it's a special delivery for her. The Dog Postman rides his bike away, and Shirley tries to read the letter, but Fowlmouth runs up to her and pulls her away, telling her the movie's about to start. Shirley says, "Mondo Dragola," as Fowlmouth pulls her away, and the letter falls into the nearby trash can.

At the Acme Mega Multiplex Theater, many people are in line to see the movies, including Calamity, Mary, Vinnie, and Furrball, who are all still wearing the "box look", as well as Johnny Pew and Fifi La Fume. Elmyra, who is still wearing the Cheetah's fur, runs up to the line, saying, "I want a kitty! I want a kitty!" Fifi, who now has a pencil, asks Johnny Pew if she'll sign her photograph of him now, and Johnny asks her, "Are you always so needy?" As Fowlmouth gets in line, he tells Shirley that he's seen Skunknophobia a hundred times before, and she will love it. As he walks up to the Usher, the Usher says, "Oh, No! Not you again!" as he checks the tickets, knowing Fowlmouth is pushy and rude in movie theaters. Fowlmouth walks up to the concession stands, telling Shirley to save him a seat while he gets the food. Fowlmouth cuts in line in front of the other customers, one of whom asks his wife what she'd like. Fowlmouth thinks the man was talking about him. Fowlmouth orders a tub of popcorn and two hot dogs without mustard, then tries to decide on if he should have Goobers or Raisinettes as his candy. He says, "Ain't that the Eternal Question?" The man he cut in front of in line angrily kicks him out. Fowlmouth says, "Guess I'll never know the eternal answer!"

Fowlmouth lands in the room showing Skunknophobia and looks for Shirley. When he sees her, he bumps into the other customers, including Roseanne Barr, Jack Nicholson, Pee-Wee Herman, and Cher, causing them to spill their food on him. Fowlmouth calls it a "cheap way to get snacks", and offers Shirley some. Shirley refuses, and Fowlmouth eats it himself, much to her disgust. The lights dim, and Fowlmouth announces it. A promo for the THUD sound system appears onscreen, much to the fear of Shirley and the other customers. Shirley puts on a helmet and ducks as the sound system promo plays, ending with the slogan, "The Audience is Now Deaf".

Johnny Pew walks into the room, with Fifi following behind him, carrying the food he ordered. When they sit down in two previously empty seats, Johnny jokes about Fifi having put on weight. Fifi takes the joke well in the hopes of Johnny signing her photo, and hands him a bucket of popcorn. Johnny tells Fifi to take out the unpopped kernels, lest they chip his caps. Fifi frowns when she hears this, and Johnny announces the movie is about to start. Preceding the movie is a commercial for the Acme Gazette, featuring Hezekiah Horiah, who is fishing, much to Johnny's annoyance. In the commercial, Buster and Babs float by on their picnic table, holding up a sign that says HELP US as Hezekiah says that sometimes even reporters like him need to unwind as he catches a fish. Hypocritically, Fowlmouth tells Hezekiah, "Quit your dad-gum yapping!" After the commercial finishes, an announcer says, "No Smoking Cigarettes in the theater", with a disclaimer saying the same. The children cheer as an anthropomorphic cigarette sitting near them walks away, grumbling unintelligibly.

A disclaimer shows up, saying that Skunknophonbia has been rated "F" for "Not Suitable for Fowlmouth". As Shirley stares at Fowlmouth, he shrugs this disclaimer off. Skunknophobia begins, and Fowlmouth cheers, causing the other customers to shush him. In the movie, Horatio is driving his car, and Fowlmouth tells Shirley he's seen the scene a hundred times before, pointing out Horatio and his fear of skunks, which causes the other customers to shush him, with one even telling him to sit down. Fowlmouth tells Shirley about the scene where one of Horatio's tires becomes flat, just before it happens onscreen. The customer in front of Fowlmouth shushes him, and Fowlmouth tells him to shush himself, then blows a raspberry at him. Fowlmouth tells Shirley that since Horatio is afraid of skunks, she should watch what happens when he gets out to change his car's flat tire. In the movie, Horatio gets out of his car, and runs away when he fears a skunk is approaching him. Fowlmouth laughs and tells Shirley that it isn't really a skunk approaching, but rather, the State Trooper. This angers the customer in front of Fowlmouth, who promptly puts his feet on his shoulders. Shirley tells Fowlmouth to be quiet, and Fowlmouth points out the State Trooper as he appears onscreen. The customer in front of Fowlmouth turns to face Fowlmouth, and ties his legs in a knot, then shoves Fowlmouth's feet in his mouth. Shirley asks Fowlmouth, "Happy?" In the movie, Horatio is now gathering water from a well. Fowlmouth yells at Horatio to look out, and a skunk pops out of the bucket, scaring him. Fowlmouth tells Shirley that that scene scared him the first time he saw the movie. The Customer in front of Fowlmouth turns to face him and tells him he's moving. Fowlmouth tells him, "Don't forget to write!", and the other customers shush him. Fowlmouth tells them they just missed the best part of the movie, and the customers toss Fowlmouth into the movie. In the movie, Horatio scolds Fowlmouth for talking through the movie. Fowlmouth is shocked when he finds out he is now in the movie. The Movie Actress arrives and tells Fowlmouth that at the rate they're going, they'll never get to her scene. Fowlmouth responds, "Then the crowd should thank me, you no-talent dad-gum excuse for a dad-gum actress!" The actors of Skunknophobia gang up on Fowlmouth and toss him out of the theater. The customers witness this, and cheer, as now, they don't have to deal with Fowlmouth talking excessively throughout the movie. The actors of Skunknophonia take a bow.

Bimbette, a pink girl skunk walks up to the now-empty seat near Johnny, getting Johnny's attention. Johnny finds Bimbette more attractive than Fifi, much to the latter's annoyance. As Bimbette wraps him in her tail and teases him with it, she asks him if she can have his autograph. Johnny says, "Sure, babe," and takes Fifi's photo from her. Bimbette unwraps Johnny from her tail, rubbing it against his head. Johnny signs Fifi's photo and gives it to Bimbette. Bimbette thanks Johnny and kisses Fifi's photo. Fifi angrily tells Johnny that that was her photograph, and that she can't believe Johnny just signed it for Bimbette and gave it away to her. This gets the attention of the other customers, and Johnny says, "Yeah, well, I am pretty unbelievable." Fifi calls Johnny a "selfish, worthless waste of a skunk," telling him he stinks, and promptly kicks him out of the theater. The customers witness this and cheer again.

As Johnny flies through the theater, the Usher opens the door, and Johnny flies out the doorway, landing right into Elmyra. Thinking he is a kitty, Elmyra makes Johnny her new pet declaring herself as his Mommy as Johnny tries to run away. Elmyra catches Johnny and pulls him back, telling him that now that he's her pet, she's gonna change his diapers, bathe him, and even potty train him. She skips across the street corner holding his tail, slamming Johnny against the ground the entire time.

Part 4[]

On a calendar that says AUGUST with a picture of Sweetie Bird relaxing in a beach chair. Sweetie yawns and stretches, then switches the calendar to SEPTEMBER, where a ferry called DELTA BURKE steams across the ocean on a dark and stormy night. As it travels across the water, Banjo Possum runs through the forest. Thunder booms, lightning flashes, and rain pours down as Babs rows the picnic table she, Buster, and Byron are on. Buster, however, is keeping himself dry with an umbrella he has. Babs asides that she and Buster are still downriver, and she's still soaked. Buster tells Babs that she looks kind of pretty standing in the rain. He says he loves the way the wind rustles through her ears, the shine the water makes on her fur, and her uncanny resemblance to a drowned rat when she gets drenched. At first, Babs takes these compliments well, but upon hearing the drowned rat part, she becomes outraged and is about to hit Buster with her oar. She makes the mistake of holding it up, thus causing lightning to strike it and shock her.

After the storm clears, Babs tells Buster that their trip downriver has been truly special, and downright "Twainian" in a "Hitchcockian" sort of way, but she misses her family and performing. Buster squirts Babs with his water gun, and she adds that she misses being dry. Babs runs up to Buster and tells him that she wants to go back home to Acme Acres. Just then, they hear the whistle of the Delta Burke, and see it coming towards them. Buster tells Babs that Delta Burke might give them a lift. Buster calls out to the Delta Burke as it gets closer to him and Babs. Babs realizes the Delta Burke doesn't see them, and is heading right for them. Buster tells Babs to jump, and they, along with Byron, jump just in time as the Delta Burke runs into their picnic table, smashing it to pieces. Buster lands safely on Delta Burke's deck, but Babs is not so lucky, as she has landed in the water. Buster tosses a lifesaver, and tells Babs to grab it. Babs finds this a bad time to think about candy, and the lifesaver lands over her. Babs realizes that Buster wasn't talking about candy at all as he reels her in. Byron swims after Babs.

When Babs and Byron are on Delta Burke's deck, Buster pulls the lifesaver off Babs and asks her if she's okay. Babs tells him she is, and says she had a close call. She asks Byron if he agrees, but Byron merely falls asleep. Just then, Delta Burke's captain, Tupelo Toad, approaches them, seeing them as stowaways. He tells Buster, Babs, and Byron that he doesn't take too kindly to stowaways aboard his ship. Babs says that this sounds like a song cue, and spin-changes into a costume resembling that of Shirley Temple. She sings, "On the good ship Delta Burke," until an unamused Buster, eating a carrot, grabs her lollipop and silences her by shoving it in her mouth. He tells her to rope it in. Impressed with Babs' imitation, Tupelo says that Babs is just what he needs for the big show inside the cabin. Upon hearing this, Babs becomes starstruck at the idea of performing for a live show. Buster tells Tupelo that while they'd love to, Babs is anxious to get back home to Acme Acres. Babs spin-changes into a costume resembling that of Lucy Ricardo, and tells Buster, "Aw, Ricky, I wanna be in the show!" Tupelo grabs them both and tells them that he thinks they can make some sort of deal.

The next morning, as the Pig Family drives their car across the road in the now-sunny weather, Plucky is still terrified of Mr. Hitcher, who tells him he also hates duck. Mr. Hitcher pulls out his chainsaw, which Plucky stares at in horror. He runs away as Mr. Hitcher tries to attack him with it, tearing up the car seat as a result. Plucky tries to tell Wade he is under attack, but Wade pays no attention. Plucky narrowly manages to avoid getting hit by Mr. Hitcher, and Wade stops the car, telling Mr. Hitcher that this is as far as they go. Mr. Hitcher slices the car door open with his chainsaw. He kicks it out, asking where Plucky is as he gets out onto the road. Wade tells Mr. Hitcher that if he ever comes to Acme Acres, to drop by so they can get together. Plucky picks up the car door and closes it back onto the car. Mr. Hitcher approaches the Pig Family's car as Wade says goodbye to him, and he drives it away just in time, as Mr. HItcher has now sliced the trunk off with his chainsaw. Plucky grabs the trunk and pulls it away. Angered, Mr. Hitcher slices a telephone pole with his chainsaw and says, "Die, piggy swine!" The telephone pole falls on him and pounds him into the ground.

As Wade continues driving, Winnie says that Mr. Hitcher was such a nice young man. Wade agrees, saying he was a real straight-arrow type. As Hamton gets back into the back seat, he asks Plucky if he had a nice talk with Mr. Hitcher. Plucky is now lying on his back, holding a flower, as if he were done for, and mumbling unintelligibly. Hamton tells Plucky to wake up, as they're almost there. Plucky asks if they're in heaven, and Hamton tells him, "Not quite, but it's the next best thing. He reveals that they made it to HappyWorldLand. Upon hearing this, Plucky is excited that they're now in HappyWorldLand, and kisses the entire Pig family. Wade parks his car in the parking lot, and the Pig Family and Plucky all get out of the car. Wade tells his family and Plucky to smile as he takes their picture. As they travel through the parking lot, Winnie comments on how large it is. Plucky excitedly runs up to the entrance, saying he's gonna go on every ride until he barfs twice. He is quickly stopped by Wade, who grabs him by his feet and pulls him away. Wade tells Plucky to wait, as right now, they have to capture this Kodak moment. Wade calls over an employee, who is directing traffic in the parking lot. Wade hands his camera to the employee, asking if he could take a few pictures of his family. The Employee mumbles unintelligibly, holding the camera at his face, as the Pig Family and Plucky line up for the photo. The Employee now points the camera at them, but before he can take the picture, Wade stops him, telling him that they're not wearing their happy caps yet. The Pig Family and Plucky all don hats of the HappyWorldLand mascot, then after messing around with the camera, the Employee points it at them and tells them to say "cheese". The Pig Family and Plucky all say cheese as the Employee takes their picture, or so it seems, as the picture he took is of Plucky's feet. Wade thanks the Employee and takes his camera back. The Employee mumbles unintelligibly.

The Pig Family and Plucky all walk towards a sign leading to the entrance as the HappyWorldLand theme song plays, claiming that admittance for each guest is $80.00. The Pig Family all head towards the entrance as Plucky stares at the sign, then Hamton calls for Plucky to come over. Plucky runs up to the entrance, telling the Pig Family to wait for him. As they approach the entrance, Hamton tells Plucky that the monorail will take them to the park. As Plucky and the Pig Family ride a rainbow-colored escalator, the HappyWorldLand theme song claims that HappyWorldLand has six thrill rides and 400 gift shops. When they get to the top of the escalator, the Pig Family and Plucky board the Tooth Ferry, a monorail with cars shaped like teeth, and the station resembles a giant mouth. The Monorail gives them a tour of HappyWorldLand, and Plucky is excited with every thrill ride he sees. He tells Hamton about the legendary Happy-Go-Pukey ride, which spins the customers around; when it stops, they all come out queasy. Plucky points out the Happy Feet ride, which has its cars shaped like feet, which walk like real feet. Plucky points out the Gargle, a water slide shaped like a mouth, and the Happy Crasher, a high-speed roller coaster that drives up a hill, then falls off it, crashing. Plucky points out the Happy Centrifuge, which spins around and pours its customers out in a gooey paste, and Slap Happy Fun, a ride shaped like a giant hand, which slams its customers against the ground. Hamton points out the Stairway to Heaven, and Plucky points out the Bullet Train to heck. As the Monorail heads back to the station, Plucky tells the Pig Family they should stay at HappyWorldLand for a week, then he says they should stay there two weeks. Finally, he says they should stay there for a whole month. As the Pig Family leaves the monorail, Wade says the ride was fun, and Winnie agrees with him. Winnie tells the rest of the family and Plucky that it's time for them to go home. Hamton has no problem with this, but shocked when he hears this, Plucky runs up to the Pig Family and tells them that they didn't to anything, except ride around on the monorail. Wade tells Plucky they don't want to overdo things on their first visit, and to think of what they'll have to look forward to when they come back next year. Plucky is outraged that the Pig Family went all the way from Acme Acres to HappyWorldLand without riding all the legendary rides, and promptly faints. Hamton picks him up, and carries him away.

In the parking lot, Winnie says that Plucky has had way too much excitement for one trip, and Wade tells Hamton to put Plucky in the back seat. Hamton does so, and as he closes the door, Plucky wearily sings, "HappyWorldLand, HappyWorldLand, where all you dreams come true..." The Pig Family drives out the exit.

That night, Banjo Possum peers out of the bushes and watches the Delta Burke float down the ocean. Inside the cabin, everyone cheers as Tupelo walks onstage. Tupelo announces that the Delta Burke's Floating Dinner Theater is proud to present two deliciously talented young rabbits, Buster and Babs Bunny. The audience cheers as Tupelo hops away, and the curtains open as Buster and Babs run onstage, introducing themselves to the audience. Buster asides that he and Babs thought it would be fun to tell them about how they spent their summer vacation riding downriver. Babs spin-changes into a costume resembling that of Tina Turner, and sings "Rolling down the River", ending the song with "Rowan and Martin." Annoyed, Buster stares at her as she tells the audience to feel free to laugh. Buster scolds Babs as she spin-changes back to her normal attire. He tells her that he's trying to talk to the audience. Babs tells him she's done, and Buster asks her if she's sure. Babs tells him he is, but he still isnt' sure, and asks her again. Babs tells Buster that she is, and Buster thinks Babs really is sure, just before Babs spin-changes into a costume resembling that of Jessica Rabbit. Babs sings, "Down By the Riverside", until Buster stops her, telling her he's had enough, as he is trying to talk to the audience, and every time he tries to do so, she interrupts with her dumb songs, comments, and schtick. Buster tells Babs he doesn't know why he puts up with her, and that all he's trying to do is tell one simple story. He asks her if that's too much to ask as she spin-changes back into her normal attire. Babs asks Buster if he's done, and Buster tells her he is. Babs asks him if he's sure, and Buster tells her he is. Babs asides that she and Buster decided to spend their whole summer vacation going down the river. As she talks, Buster pulls out his squirt gun and sprays her with it. The audience claps and cheers, and Babs thanks them. Buster says that the audience sounds terrific, and Babs says it certainly sounds nice than some of the creeps they met on their trip. Buster tells Babs he agrees, and they should turn the lights on to see the audience. The lights turn on, revealing the audience, which includes the Boo Sisters, who recognize Buster as their pantsless beau. The audience also includes their father, Big Daddy, the Possums, and even The Wolverine. Buster and Babs, realizing they're now surrounded by possums and alligators, and are about to be their dinner, their only option is to run away. They do so just as the audience pounces at them. They try to run away on the deck, but are quickly stopped by Tupelo, The Wolverine, and the male Possums. Tupelo tells the Wolverine and the Possums that the two rabbits will be their dinner, and Buster and Babs try to run away from them, but they quickly get cornered by the other audience members, including Big Daddy. Buster says that anyone who leaves Acme Acres quickly becomes somebody else's dinner. With even more audience members approaching them, Babs tells Buster they're trapped. Byron is sleeping atop Delta Burke, but awakens when he hears Babs screaming for help. He looks down and sees them surrounded by the guests of the Delta Burke. Babs asks where Superman is when they need him, and Byron decides it's up to him to save his friends. He growls furiously, then he glides down, snatching Buster and Babs as the guest of the Delta Burke try to beat them up. Buster is amazed that Byron can fly, and Babs tells Buster that she never knew that about him before. Byron flies past the moon, and E.T. and Elliot's bicycle, causing it to fall out of the sky.

As Byron flies away, the guests of Delta Burke chase after him on a rowboat. Banjo runs across the forest as Byron lands near a sign that says KEEP OUT "SWAMP OF RUNNING GAGS", Buster pets Byron to thank him for saving him and Babs. When they reach dry land, Tupelo tells the Possums and Gators that the first one to find the two rabbits gets to chow down on the good parts. Buster, Babs, and Byron all witness this and run away. Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators all chase after them. Buster and Babs run into Mr. Hitcher, and a storm breaks out following his appearance. Mr. Hitcher starts up his chainsaw, preparing to make welsh rabbit out of the two bunnies, who look back at Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators approaching them. Once again, they're surrounded, and realizing they can't get away, stare in shock. Banjo's tail wraps itself around them and Byron and pulls them up into the tree above. Babs is shocked when she sees Banjo, thinking he's going to eat them as well. Banjo tells Babs not to be afraid of him, as he isn't like his family. He would never eat a guy who could play his face. Buster tells Babs that he told her music was the universal language. Babs tells Buster that she always thought it was Esperanto. Below, Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo look down and see Mr. Hitcher cutting the tree down with his chainsaw. They realize as soon as it comes down, they will be surrounded by him, Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators, and they all jump into a nearby mine cart. The tree falls on Tupelo, the Possums, and the Gators, flattening them, and Mr. Hitcher gets into the mine cart next to the one Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo jumped into. He chases after them, using his chainsaw to tear down the mine. Eventually, Mr. Hitcher catches up to Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo, and Buster tells Babs not to look at Mr. Hitcher. Mr. Hitcher plans to make Bunny Burgers from the two bunnies, and Babs screams in fear when she hears this. Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo all duck into their mine cart every time Mr. Hitcher swings his chainsaw at them. Eventually, a junction separates the two mine carts, but now Mr. Hitcher is behind Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo, chasing them.

Meanwhile, Wade hums "Pop Goes the Weasel" as he drives his car back to Hamton's House. Plucky is glad to be back in Acme Acres after such a long and eventful car trip, and a wasted opportunity at HappyWorldLand. He is so glad, he kisses Hamton and Uncle Stinky. Wade parks his car in Hamton's driveway, and as Plucky jumps out, glad to be back in Acme Acres, he kisses Wade's lawn, to which Wade tells him they just had it fertilized. Upon hearing this, Plucky drinks some water from the spout, then spits it out. A patch of grass and some flowers grow on Plucky's tongue, and Plucky says to the viewers, "Tongue Joke Number Ten", as he mows them off with a miniature lawn mower. Plucky says goodbye to the Pig Family as he tries to walk away, claiming he never wants to have an experience like that one ever again. Wade calls Plucky and grabs him, telling him he hasn't seen the slideshow of their family vacation yet. Plucky is shocked when he hears the slideshow, and Wade drags him into Hamton's house. Winnie begins the slideshow with a picture of the bathroom of the motel they stayed at in Yorba Linda, to which Hamton comments it was so clean. The slideshow takes place over the course of three days, one of which is rainy. Winnie shows the family a picture of Mr. Hitcher, and asks Hamton if he gave him their address. Hamton tells him he didn't, but he gave him Plucky's. Plucky is shocked when he hears this, and Winnie shows the family a picture of the parking lot of HappyWorldLand. When Wade announces the slideshow is over, Plucky is relieved, then he runs out of Hamton's house, revealing himself to be chained to the cart with the projector on it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hitcher continues to chase Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo, and uses his chainsaw to tear down the mine. Babs puts on a miner's hat, and sings, "I Was Born a Coal Digger's Daughter", with Byron howling along. Buster says that now they're in a rerun of Hee-Haw. Mr. Hitcher continues to chase Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo, and uses his chainsaw to bring down the mine. Eventually, Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo come to a roller coaster-like incline, which pulls them up. They see HappyWorldLand in the distance, with its theme song playing. They are on the HappyWorldLand Mine Bender Ride, and as they travel down it, Mr. Hitcher tears up the sign with his chainsaw. Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo come to a tunnel, and Buster tells Babs to hold her breath and make a wish. Babs does so, and gets her wish; a shopping mall they approach. Inside the mall, a back to school sale occurs, and Babs picks out an outfit she thinks suits Buster; the new box look. After they leave the mall with loads of presents, and Mr. Hitcher still chasing them, Buster says that that scene was unnecessary. Babs points out Mr. Hitcher behind them, and asks Buster if he isn't unnecessary. Buster and Babs toss out everything they bought at the mall at Mr. Hitcher to speed their mine cart up and keep him distracted. Eventually, Buster comes to a switch. He pulls it and changes the points, sending Mr. Hitcher in the opposite direction, causing Mr. Hitcher to fall off a cliff and into the canyon below. Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo approach an unfinished bridge, with a sign that says BRIDGE OUT, and Babs, realizing her life may come to an untimely end, tries to tell Buster she never got a chance to express her true feelings about him. Buster shushes her and tells her he feels the same way. The mine cart crashes through the sign, and Buster, Babs, Byron, and Banjo all fall out of the mine cart. They fall into a hole with a sign that says PLOT HOLE pointing towards it, and Babs tells Buster she was wondering how the writers of the movie where going to wrap it up.

As they fall through the plot hole, Babs tells Buster to head towards the light. Buster asks her if they have any other choice, and they, along with Byron and Banjo, fly out of Wackyland and over Acme Acres, with Babs even pointing out her burrow. They land right in front of Acme Looniversity, and Banjo tells Buster and Babs that he has a lot to learn about cartoons. Babs smacks him on the back and tells him there will be plenty of time for that when school starts. Gogo Dodo appears out of the clock tower and tells the students that if they're late for the first day of school, they're cuckoo. The other students all excitedly run back into Acme Looniversity, and Buster is surprised that school is starting again already. Babs tells Buster that they spent their entire summer vacation downriver, and summer is over now. Buster tells her that that may be so, but he can't think of a better way to have spent his summer vacation than with her. He kisses Babs' left hand, and she stares in a lovestruck state. Babs asks Buster if he really means that, and Buster tells her he does. Babs continues staring in a lovestruck state until Buster squirts her with his water gun one last time. Babs growls furiously as Buster laughs and skips his way into Acme Looniversity. Babs chases after him as Banjo tells the viewers that he's gonna get himself some "edumacation", and walks into Acme Looniversity after the two bunnies.

As the first day of school begins, Calamity walks sadly down the hall. The camera moves over to Buster, who is opening his locker, which is revealed to have a picture of Rover, who used to be his pet dinosaur. As Buster opens his locker, which has many cobwebs inside, he sings to the tune of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song, saying that everyone's sad that school has begun again. As he continues singing about how he learned his lesson, Buster pulls one of his schoolbooks out of his locker, then pulls out his squirt gun, preparing to squirt it at Babs again. Babs pushes Buster into his locker, and sings about how she actually had fun. Plucky pulls the camera to face him and sings about how he's glad to be back in school after a lousy vacation. Shirley opens her locker door, revealing herself to be inside it, and she sings about how in her next incarnation, she's going to be a nun. A lovestruck Fowlmouth opens his locker door, revealing himself to be inside it. Shirley runs away, and in the next scene, which takes place in the classroom, all the students are seated in their desks as Elmer Fudd welcomes them back for a new school year in song, and Bugs pulls out a book that says Test on the front cover. Buster, Babs, and Plucky are shocked at the thought of taking another test, and as they sing, Plucky tries to sneak away. Fifi sings about how much of a jerk Johnny Pew was, and Elmyra sings about how she got Johnny as her new pet "kitty" as she carries him in her arms while he is wearing a pink baby bonnet. Dizzy, whose fur has now grown back, removes his cardboard box, and sings about how he now looks great again. Vinnie, Mary, and Sneezer all sing about how the Box look is now out of style, and they, along with Furrball and Calamity, hide in their cardboard boxes. Hamton enters the classroom and sings about how he enjoyed his summer vacation, including the tunnels and car games. Plucky sings about how lame that vacation was. Mr. Hitcher, who is revealed to have survived the fall, walks into the classroom, and Hamton introduces him to Plucky, much to Plucky's fear. As Mr. Hitcher chases Plucky across the classroom, the students sing about how lucky the viewers are, as since their movie is a video, when their summer ends, they can always rewind the video and begin the movie again. The Panther from the Wild Safari Zoo is also revealed to be one of the students, and is sitting in the desk next to Fowlmouth's. Johnny struggles against Elmyra but she quickly pulls him in cuddling him tighter than before. As the students finish their song, Buster, who is holding his water gun, sings, "And I am the champ!" Babs sings, "And now you are just damp," and pulls a rope, which dumps a large pile of water on Buster, drenching him. Babs says, "I just can't help myself!"








  • The car that Hamton's parents own is based upon a 1955-1957 Chevrolet Bel Air sedan.
  • The car that Elmyra's parents own is a fictional Volvo station wagon. It is not based upon any Volvo cars in real life.
  • Banjo Possum has been shown as a student at Acme Looniversity in some episodes that aired after this film's first VHS release, an example is the Season 3 episode "Music Day".
  • This film was the first time Road Runner was run over
  • The song "Waiting for the Clock to Strike Three" is set to a piano composition entitled "Spinning Song" by Albert Ellmenreich.
  • The title of this film was originally How I Spent My Summer Vacation, but Warner Bros. shortened it so it would fit on the video cover. The same thing would happen years later to the Animaniacs film It's a Wakko, Wakko, Wakko, Wakko Wish, which would later be renamed to Wakko's Wish.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation aired on The Hub's Family Movie Event on 23 August 2013 at 8:00-5:00 PM eastern and pacific time. The film later aired on Discovery Family on 12 June 2015.
  • Other than Night Ghoulery, this is one of the only times the animators and other staff members for the Japanese animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha are credited for the show.
  • The closing gag of Babs dumping a huge load of water on Buster was reused for one of Cartoon Network's commercial bumpers for the show.
  • Babs says she will get a golden tan despite being a rabbit with fur


  • In the scene where Wade backs up the car to pick up Plucky on the road when Plucky wanted to tag with them badly, the gear shift lever appeared to be mounted between the driver and passenger seats; but in every other shot, the gear shift is mounted on the steering column and the whole front seat is a bench seat, which the car seats up to 6 occupants at the most.
  • Buster's gloves disappear at one point in the "Dueling Banjos" parody.
  • The Duff family's car originally had the license plate holder on the liftgate after Elmyra jumped out of the car; yet after the animals steal the car and escape from the park and cross the bridge cables, the license plate holder is on the bumper; but in the next few seconds where the animals are about to crash into Wade's car, the license plate holder is back on the liftgate.
  • Hamton happens to have vomited on the comic book that Plucky just bought (though the perspective was only shown outside the car since it is considered repulsive to show characters vomiting, and this was only heard in dialogue); but in a later scene, the same comic book is clean and like new.
  • In the final scene when everyone returns to Acme Looniversity, Calamity, Mary, Furrball, Li'l Sneezer, and Vinnie were wearing their skating clothes during the lyrics "We've been outdone!"; yet in the next few seconds, the skating clothes and Vinnie are gone and Mary is back to her usual clothes.
  • The DVD cover depicted Babs, Buster, Dizzy Devil, Elmyra, Hamton, and Plucky riding on one of the rides on Happy World Land; yet in the actual movie, only Plucky along with Hamton, Wade, Winnie, and Uncle Stinky went to Happy World Land while all of the other characters took different adventures.
  • The Happy World Land song mentions that they have "six thrill rides", yet nine rides are shown, ten if the Tooth Ferry is included.

Voice Cast[]

Voice Actors: Character(s) Ref
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Usher
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Big Boo. Babs' Mother, Mitzi AveryRoseanne Barr, Chef, Barbara Walters, Actress
Gail Matthius Shirley the Loon and Sissy Boo
Kath Soucie Fifi La Fume, Little Boo Bimbette, and Li'l Sneezer
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig and Radio Announcer
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Elmer Fudd, and Tupelo Toad
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil, Ed McMahon, and Arsenio Hall
Frank Welker Gogo Dodo, Furrball, Byron Basset, Uncle Stinky, Little BeeperVinnie the DeerRoad Runner, Irate Audience Member, and Various Animals
Rob Paulsen Fowlmouth, Johnny Pew, Mr. Hitcher, Hotel Manager, Horatio, Parking Attendant and Banjo Possum
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff, Oprah Winfrey, and Mary Melody
Candi Milo Sweetie Bird
Jonathan Winters Wade Pig and Superman
Edie McClurg Winnie Pig
Sorrell Booke Big Daddy Boo


  • Waiting for the Clock to Strike Three lyrics
Buster and Babs: We're waiting for the clock to strike three,
When it's three o'clock, we'll be free.
Plucky: Then it's "Adios, Looniversity!"
Tiny Toons: Summertime is coming finally!
Buster and Babs: Say goodbye to teachers and books!
Plucky: See you in September, you schnooks!
Tiny Toons: All summer long, we'll be free!
Come on, stupid clock! Please, strike three!
Babs: In the summer,
I will get a golden tan.
Buster: I will goof off
Ev'ry second that I can.
Hamton: During summer, I will see the sights!
Elmyra: I will get a kitty and squeeze him tight.
Fifi: I shall find ze skunk hunk of my dreams.
Elmyra: Wanna hug that kitty till he screams!
Furrball: Meow!
Plucky: Summer is the
Time to hang with your best friends.
Buster and Babs: Our one wish is
That the summer never ends!
Tiny Toons: We have all been waiting patiently
Waiting for the clock to set us free.
We beg for summer on bended knee!
Come on, stupid clock! Please, strike three!
Strike one, strike two...
(bell rings)
Gogo (dressed as a baseball umpire): "YER OUT!!! Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!"
  • Plucky (After getting flattened by the Pig Family's car): "I think the left front tire is a little low."
  • Buster: "Over here, Barbara Anne Bunny!"
Babs: "DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!"
  • Buster: "Do your ears look better dry, or wet?"
  • Buster: "I do this water thing to Babsy throughout the whole video."
  • Shirley: "Mondo distress signal! Buster and Babs are in peril! I'd rescue them if I didn't have this summer job!"
  • Dizzy: "In summer, Dizzy shed. If Dizzy spin, Dizzy be naked."
  • Pig Family: (singing) "67 bottles of non-alcoholic beverage on the wall, 67 bottles of non-alcoholic beverage, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 66 bottles of non-alcoholic beverage on the wall."
Plucky Duck: "Sheesh. The Von Trap Family they ain't! Eh, call me picky, but isn't that song actually 100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall? "
Winnie Pig: "We don't drink in our family, Plucky!"
  • Plucky: "Uh, hey, Is it just me, or is it hot in here? How bout' a little A.C., huh?"
Wade: "Air conditioning wastes gas. I'll just crack a window."
Winnie: "Don't you dare, Wade! People will think we can't afford air conditioning!"
  • Plucky: "Are we anywhere remotely near HappyWorldLand yet?
Wade: "No, but if you're bored, we could always play..."
Hamton: "Spot the car? Spot the car?"
Wade: "Heh heh. Spot the car."
Hamton: "Whee!"
Plucky: "Oh, you mean, like, spot the red cars, or the cars with out-of-state plates?"
Hamton: "No, any car!"
Wade: "Here they come!"
Pig Family (While jumping up and down): "There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car!" (Laugh)
Plucky (Flattened): "Fun game."
Winnie: "Look! here come some more!"
Pig Family: "There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a... whoops. Truck!" (Laugh)
Plucky: "Shoot me."
  • Buster: "I gotcha! I gotcha!"
Babs: "But who's got you?"
Buster and Babs: (scream)
Superman: "I do, kids!"
Buster: "Hey, pal, this is our story!"
Babs: "Yeah! Get your own video!"
Superman: "It's your call."
(He drops them.)
Winnie: "Oh, Plucky, we don't allow Hamton to read comic books on family trips."
Plucky (Sarcstically, as he hands the comic to Hamton): "Sheesh. Typical parents. Convinced Comics will sap a kid's cerebellum."
Hamton: "It's not that. Reading in the car always makes me..." (Gulps) "Carsick."
  • Buster: "You know, Babsy, in this moonlight you look just like... Morey Amsterdam."
Babs: "Morey Amsterdam?!?!"
(Buster soaks her again.)
  • Babs (as Boris Karloff): "Nice place to live, if you got a bolt through your neck."
Buster: "Rub it in, Boris!" (southern accent) "It's a romantic tradition of the see-outh. Beautiful homes, refined gentlemen, and delicate ladies."
Alligator girls: "Yes?"
Buster (to the camera): "Strike my last stereotype."
  • (Buster is forced to marry all three of Big Daddy Boo's Daughters)
Buster: "I can't marry all three of them, that's bigamy!"
Big Daddy Boo: "No, that's Big O' Me!"
  • Elmyra (Inside her parents' car): "Why my kitty ran away?! I want a kitty-witty head!"
Announcer: "Welcome to Wild Safari Zoo. For your safety, please make sure that all your doors and windows remain locked at all times. Because you know, wild animals can be very, very dangerous."
Elmyra (Looks out the window): "Aminals?" (Sees a cheetah) "Ooh! A kitty! Or to be more precise, a cheetah." (Presses her hands on the window glass) "Kitty, kitty, kitty!"
Announcer: "We hope you are enjoying Wild Safari Zoo. May I repeat, so that Warner Bros. won't get sued if anyone really does this..." (Elmyra unbuckles her seat belt and opens the car door window) "...do not get out of the car!"
Elmyra (Steps partially outside the car on the windowsill and jumps out anyway and lands on the ground) "Bye-bye!" (The car disappears in the distance) "I'll just die if I don't get a kitty! It's my obsession."
  • Elmyra (reading from a book): "And the most feared predator in the jungle is... ME!" (laughs) "Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me!"
(The animals all run away.)
Elmyra: "Animals can be so capricious."
  • Radio Announcer: "Newsflash: A psychotic killer has escaped from the state maximum security prison. The raving maniac is described as a lanky man with straggly hair and a pasty complexion. When last sighted, the homicidal fiend was wearing a dirty baseball cap, tattered overcoat, and green hi-tops."
Plucky: "Phew!"
Radio Announcer: "Wait. I'm sorry, That's orange hi-tops."
Plucky: "Mama..."
Radio Announcer: "Doctors report the slavering lunatic has a psychotic aversion to pork. In fact, exposure to any pig product will cause him to go screaming off the deep end. If seen, please notify the authorities at once! Remember this important number: 555-9—"
(Winnie turns off the radio.)
Winnie: "Honestly, there's so much sensationalism in the media these days."
  • Fowlmouth: "Hmmm. Goobers or Raisinettes? Goobers or Raisinettes? Ain't that' the eternal question?" (Gets kicked out of the line by the angry customer he skipped) "Guess I'll never know the eternal answer!"
  • THUD Announcer: "The audience is now deaf."
  • (Fowlmouth gets thrown into Skunknophobia.)
Horatio: "What do you mean by talking through the movie?"
Fowlmouth: "Gahh!"
Actress: "At this rate, we'll never get to my scene!"
Fowlmouth: "Then the crowd should thank me, you no-talent dad-gum excuse for a dad-gum actress!"
  • (Babs is overboard while Buster is on a boat)
Buster: "Babs, grab your lifesaver!"
Babs: "Who could think of candy at a time like this?"
  • Happy World Land song lyrics
Happy World Land! Happy World Land!
Where the fun doesn't stop
At only eighty bucks a pop
In beautiful Happy World Land!
Welcome to a land
Where the fun never stops
We have six thrill rides
And four hundred gift shops
The smiles are always rosey
The sky is always blue
This is Happy World Land
Where all your dreams come true!
  • Babs: "I miss my family. I miss performing." (Buster soaks her yet again.) "I miss being dry!!!"
  • Buster: "Boy, set a paw out of Acme Acres and you're meat on the table!"
  • Babs: "So where's Superman when you need him?"
  • Babs: "Oh, no! One of those possums!"
Banjo Possum: "Oh, shoot, don't fret none, missy. I ain't like my simple backwoods cousins. I'd never eat a guy who could play his face."
Buster: "See, Babsy? I told you music was the universal language."
Babs: "And here I thought it was Esperanto."
  • Plucky: "So long. Sayonara, and good riddance. At least I don't have to live through that again."
Wade: "Hold on, Plucky. You haven't seen the slideshow of our trip."
Plucky: "SLIDESHOW?!?!?"
  • Winnie: "There's that nice young man we met. Did you give him our address?"
Hamton: "No, Mom. I gave him Plucky's."
Plucky: "WHAT?!??!"
  • Babs (imitating Loretta Lynn): "I was born a coal-digger's daughter."
Buster: "Great. Now we're in a rerun of Hee-Haw."
  • Buster: "The bridge is out!"
Babs: "Oh, Buster, I never got a chance to tell you..."
Buster: "Shhh. I feel the same way."
  • Buster: "A plot hole?"
Babs: "I was wondering how those hack writers were gonna wrap things up."
  • Banjo Possum: "Hoo-wee! I shore got a lot to learn about cartoons."
Babs: "Yeah yeah yeah. There'll be plenty of time for that when school starts."
Gogo: "Cuckoo! Cuckoo! If you're late for the first day of school, you're cuckoo!"
  • Banjo Possum: "Hot dang! I'm gonna get me some edumacation!"

Gag Credits[]

  • Reason this movie went straight to home video:
Cuz it's so darned good!
  • Original Running Time:
8 hours, 47 minutes
  • Hey, what about that Urkel kid?
Is he funny or what?
  • First theatrical screening:
June 8, 1991
Old Orchard Theater
Skokie, Illinois
Last theatrical screening:
(Same as above.)
  • This film has been edited
for your protection.
  • Do not back up
severe tire damage
  • Man in sound recording booth who pushes
that funny red button a lot
Link Poonie
  • Moral of the story (pick one):
1. Enjoy your vacation.
2. Relish your youth.
3. Don't pick up chainsaw-wielding hitchhikers.
4. Feature length movies should not have 18 different plots.
  • Additional viking dialogue
Jerry Van Dyke
  • These end credits
are interminable.
  • Top 4 reasons a caricature of David Letterman is in this video:
4. We admire his comedy stylings.
3. We wanted to use Merv Griffin, but he threatened to sue.
2. We needed some filler.
1. We're brown-nosing weasels who want him
to mention us on his show.
  • Other stuff done by
Some guy named Bob.
  • And that's the final end credit.
[Blank Screen]
We lied.
  • Valhalla
as himself
  • Our only regret:
Joe Piscopo
  • Woman who cleans studio
Queegee Bananahoe
  • The characters in this photoplay are ficitious. Any similarity
to persons living, dead, or undead, for that matter, is purely
  • Suggested retail price
$19.95 without rebate
With rebate
About a buck and a quarter.

End Tag[]

  • Byron: "Woof."



Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation/transcript