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Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe was to be a video game produced for the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo GameCube. It was scheduled for a 2002 release, but was ultimately cancelled. Footage of the game can be found on YouTube.


On a planet made almost entirely out of gold located in the Jewel system, live the Bullions. They have lived there peacefully for many years, until their home was attacked by the Drizzletroopers. Two of them, Zig and Zag, manage to escape to Earth . The Leader of the Drizzletroopers learns of this and has someone go after the two. As morning on the big green planet comes by, Buster Bunny and the gang attend Acme Looniversity. However, a strange robot, disguised as Bugs Bunny, appears in their class rather than their teacher.

When his disguise is blown, the group chase after the fleeing robot. After stopping the robot from getting away, he makes an attempt to kill everyone, but ultimately fails, leaving a hole in the ground. There, zig and zag appear out of the hole, startling the group. The strange creatures explain their situation and the group agrees to help them.

However, Shirley appears telling the group a great danger will fall upon the earth if they help them. Despite her warning, the group decides to help the creatures out. They all enter the hole into the ground, leading them into yet another new adventure...


This game is notable as it was to mark Charlie Adler's return to voicing Buster ever since he quit Tiny Toons. It also contained a majority of the original Tiny Toons voice cast, with the exception of Don Messick who passed away in 1997. Voice acting veteran Billy West replaced Messick as Hamton.


  • Maximus Flush says, "Soon all their base WILL belong to us." This is a nod to an infamous video game translation for the game Zero Wing.
  • Buster also says "Somebody set us up the bomb!", which is another nod to Zero Wing's translation.


  • Since Defenders of the Universe was scrapped, the prototype of the game was recovered and released on the internet, In order to play this game you need to either have a PS2 emulator on your computer (that runs marginally well) or burn the game to a disc and play it on a modded PS2.
  • In order to unlock more characters, you must have a certain amount of points to be able to play multiplayer.
  • In 2002, a web/graphic designing company based in Stockholm, Sweden called Modesty Creative Agency created a promotional flash site for Defenders of the Universe, the name of the website was www.dotu.com, which at the time the site it was active until the video game director Tetsuhiko Kikuchi made an annoucement that the game will be cancelled after that the website was officially closed. Before the website was shut down it was awarded by the [Favourite Website Awards]. It may be possible that you'll might find the now defunct website on web.archive.org.
  • Before settling with Defenders of the Universe, this game has been listed under several names in alternate titles include: Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Loony-verse and Tiny Toon Adventures: ACME Invasions.