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The cover art for Babs' Big Break.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break is a video game for the Nintendo Game Boy released by Konami in 1992.


Babs Bunny wants to become a famous star. She wants to practice at the Acme Theater, but Montana Max wants to buy the theater so he can tear it down and build a factory. Buster, Plucky, and Hamton have to help Babs fulfill her destiny and defeat Montana Max.

Playable Characters

  • Buster Bunny - The default character. He is the fastest of the three characters and his attack is tossing carrots.
  • Plucky Duck - He has Moderate speed and his attack is tossing pineapples.
  • Hamton J. Pig - He is the slowest of the three characters and his attack is bowling using watermelons.


1. Acme Acres/Acme Looniversity - Dizzy Devil acts as both your helper and the boss of this stage. If you find him, he will burrow under the mountain. Later in the game, you have to feed him. Although Dizzy will eat anything, it is best to feed him chicken and fish, as urchins can hurt you.

2. City - Furrball is your helper in this stage. To find him. you must play a game where you have to guess which trash can he is in. If you guess right two out of three times, he will help you by crawling under the low pipes. In the later half of the stage, you will ride a train to Arnold's Gym. The boss is Arnold the Pit Bull. To defeat him, you must jump on him when he is making poses. If he catches you, he will bounce you like a basketball, and toss you in one of the hoops.

3. Haunted Forest/Haunted House - Fifi La Fume is your helper in this stage. To find her, you must press two switches that will open her cage, as she has been captured by the forest ghost. After you rescue her, she will use her smell on the trees that are blocking the forest path to knock them down. The boss in this stage is a Knight, whose detachable head is his weak point.

4. Monty's Mansion - To get to Monty's mansion, you must first travel through the rest of the forest. Calamity Coyote owns a factory, where he has built a rocket-powered bicycle. Buster is the only one who volunteers, as Plucky doesn't think the bicycle is safe, and Hamton doesn't want to fall off and get dirty. As Buster leaves, Calamity gets burned by the tailpipe. On his way to Monty's mansion, Buster must outrun Elmyra Duff.

Outside Monty's Mansion, Buster must find Shirley the Loon, as Shirley can fly and break down the door. The Wolverine has captured her, and threatens to eat her. If you defeat him, Shirley will help you by flying to Monty's Mansion and breaking down the door. After avoiding Monty's monster truck, you will come to face-to-face with Monty himself, who is in a bouncing chair. He will sell you the theater for 500 gems. Accepting this offer will only alter in dialogue sequences. To defeat Monty, you must hit him when he is standing and wobbling.

Bonus Games

Li'l Sneezer is the host of the bonus games. By collecting enough gems, you can participate.

  • Race - To race your opponents, you must repeatedly tap the A and B buttons simultaneously. If you outrace the opponent, you will get a bonus. Each opponent has a different speed; Bookworm is the slowest, Sweetie has moderate speed, and Little Beeper is the fastest (only Buster can outrace him).
  • Montana Mash - You have a time limit to hit as many Roderick Rat and Montana Max targets as you can. By collecting enough points, you will gain bonuses. Each character wears different attire and whacks with a different object; Buster is dressed as Biff Vanderbunny and whacks with a cane, Plucky is dressed as a superhero and whacks with a hammer, and Hamton is dressed normally and whacks with a frying pan.

Version Differences

  • The Japanese version of the game differs slightly in that it offers a password feature and unlimited continues (The American version has no password feature and only allows the player to continue twice). Other than that, there are virtually no differences.


  • This video game got a pirated release for the NES in 1997 entitled Tiny Toon Adventures 6. The pirate features modified sprites from both Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES and Babs' Big Break for the Game Boy, and the soundtrack is entirely from Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES. The player stars out with 4 hearts instead of two, which can be advanced up to five, and several sections were cut, such as feeding Dizzy Devil, the first half of the city level, and outrunning Elmyra, while others were repeated, such as travelling through Acme Looniversity.



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