Tim Burton

Tim Burton

Tim Burton (Tiny Toons) is a one-time character who appears in the episode The Return of Batduck


Tim Burton is shown to be a average size man with wild dark-gray hair, with a white undershirt and light-brown jacket, gray pants and black shoes.


He was first mention by Buster when he told Plucky that Tim Burton is directing Batman Returns.' He made his first real appearance in his office where he rejected Dracula who wanted to be Batman. after he left Tim is seen trying to escaping from his office by going out the  bathroom window. Plucky urges Tim to stop and sits him down in a chair, showing him as Batduck. Tim tells Plucky that the part of Batman is already taken, then Plucky takes to a studio, for a show called Here's Your Life  where he is introduce (and attacked) by all of his old drawings, then he told Plucky that aggres to let Plucky be in a screen test tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. The next day Tim tells Plucky to say his line, and make a big dramatic exit. After Plucky almost quit, Tim told him he got the part  and that he is issuing to fire the other guy. He later appears again when Sean Young appears out of a litter box and begged Tim to let her play catwoman, Tim then called Elmyra, who takes Sean home as her new pet "Kitty". After that Tim the  then introduces Michael to Plucky, and tells him he is going to be the stunt Batman. Plucky, shocked to find out he is the stunt Batman, freaks out as Tim is ready to shoot one of the scenes of the movie. After Plucky did all of those dangerous stunts, Tim shouted "That's a wrap for the stunt duck" and left.


  • This Tim Butron is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who is best known to voice Dizzy Devil and The Brain from Animaniacs.
  • Unlike the real Tim Burton at the time, this one is shown to have the longer hair style he had when he filmed the first Batman movie, rather than the shorter hairstyle he had in reality during the making of Batman Returns.
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