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Ticklepuss is a minor character in Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the "New Character Day" episode segment "The Return of Pluck Twacy". He was voiced by Charlie Adler.


Ticklepuss is a blue-skinned humanoid with a long green beard. He wears a white cowboy hat, an orange shirt, and black pants. He is also barefooted.


After Plucky, as Pluck Twacy, finds Shirley's Aura in a big mansion, she reveals to him the gang of crooks she joined up with, one of which is Ticklepuss himself. After Plucky runs into a empty room, Ticklepuss follows him and manages to slip into the room. Ticklepuss tells Plucky that he knows where he's ticklish; he's ticklish in the ear. Plucky laughs, as ducks don't have ears, so Ticklepuss' trick won't work on him. Ticklepuss insists, "They do now!" and puts a pair of Acme Rubber Ears on Plucky, then tickles them, which leaves Plucky unable to contain himself from laughing. After he manages to stop laughing, he asks what his hero, Duck Twacy, would do in a situation like this. Daffy appears in a circle and tells the viewers, "Remember, crime-swatters, what goes around, comes around!" Plucky decides that if he inflicts excruciating, agonizing pain on himself, he won't sense the tickle sensation. He bangs his head with a hammer repeatedly, and Ticklepuss tries to tickle him, but with no success. Ticklepuss gives up, shrinks, and runs away.


  • Ticklepuss' appearance is based on Looney Tunes character Sloppy Moe.