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Tiny Toon Adventures
The Wide World of Elmyra
Season 1, Episode 34
Elmyra sets a trap
Air date 8 November 1990
Written by Earl Kress, Tom Ruegger, Tom Minton, Paul Dini, Beth Bornstein, Bob Carrau
Directed by Kent Butterworth
Gag credit Guy With Really Red Face - Kent Butterworth
End tag Buster: "And that's a wrap!"
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The Wide World of Elmyra is the 34th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster and Babs dress like jungle explorers as they observe the habits of the world's most innocent, yet dangerous creature; Elmyra Duff!


Turtle Hurdle

Tyrone the Turtle and a few other pets try to escape Elmyra's house, but the alarms are blaring and Elmyra catches them. Tyrone bites her thumb and she flings him out the window. He lands on a skateboard which takes off through the neighborhood and hits a rock, propelling him into a field. He spots his pond only a short distance away, but suddenly a new expressway is built right in front of his eyes, standing between him and his pond. His slow speed is a drawback, and as if that isn't enough, Michigan J. Frog appears and constantly taunts him by singing the classic songs he's known for, but changing up the words to fit Tyrone's situation (E.g. "Hello my baby. Hello, my honey. Hello, my ragtime pal. You want to cross the road, so listen to your friend, the toad!"). Michigan also hops back and forth across the expressway with ease.

After a few dangerous, failed attempts trying to get across (including almost getting flattened by Yosemite Sam), Tyrone goes into his shell to come up with a plan, and searches through an ACME Catalog. He comes across a slingshot ("FOR ASPIRING DAVIDS") and marks it to order. He uses it to slingshot himself to the other side, but it only gets him about halfway across the highway. A car smacks him and he begins bouncing around between automobiles. Elmyra is in one of the cars on the expressway looking for Tyrone. When Tyrone smacks her car's windshield, Elmyra yells for her father to stop the car, but when he slams on the brakes, Tyrone goes flying off into a speed limit sign. The sign catapults him all the way across, as Tyrone lands right in front of his pond.

Elmyra gets right out in the middle of the busy highway and runs across traffic. Buster tells the viewers NEVER to go out in the middle of a busy street or highway. He shows a drawing of Elmyra's head (with cobwebs where her brain should be), and explains while pointing at it that "This is Elmyra's brain...she has none. The only reason she's alive is....SHE'S A DRAWING. She's not real. You can't hurt a drawing unless you rip it up." Then he proceeds to rip the drawing of her in two as she appears to be hurt when she utters "OW!".

Tyrone is finally happy to be at his pond, but not for so long, as Elmyra finds and grabs him. At first, she wants to take him with her back to her house, but then she sees Michigan singing and decides to take him instead. Tyrone gets the peace and freedom he has always yearned for, floating on his back in his pond and singing the note "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home," from the song "Home! Sweet Home!", as he sinks down into the water.

Drooley Davey

It's late one evening as Drooley Davey's parents tell him that they will be out for the evening. They tell him that they have left Elmyra in charge as his babysitter, much to his dismay. After his parents leave, Davey is chased around his house by Elmyra. She trips over his high chair, causing a bowl full of baby food to land on him, getting him very dirty. The first time she tries to bathe Davey, she uses too much bubble bath and he floats away in a bubble, which pops and he falls down the chimney (Elmyra asks if he was playing Santa Claus).

The second time she tries to bathe Davey, she warms up the water while he plays with some soap, which pushes all the buttons on his parents' hot tub, causing him to go down its drain. He gets washed out the dishwasher and lands in his high chair. Elmyra, assuming he is hungry, warms up a bottle of milk in the microwave at 8,000,000 degrees. As a result, the bottle is extremely hot when the microwave finishes heating it. She is not immediately affected by the heat because, as Buster and Babs demonstrate, it takes longer for pain to reach her brain than the brains of more intelligent life forms. Davey runs away as the pain travels slowly to Elmyra's brain, eventually reaching it.

After Davey's parents arrive home, they ask Elmyra if she can babysit tomorrow night, which Elmyra agrees to. Not wanting to spend another night with her, Davey packs his bags, says "I Quit!" to his parents in a gruff voice, and runs away.

Go Fetch

Barky Marky loves to play fetch and wants to play with Hamton, as Hamton throws the ball once for Barky, but has to go home and do some dusting. Barky tries to play by himself, but it gets boring quickly not having someone else to play with, and he becomes sad. Elmyra sees him from a distance with her binoculars and immediately rushes to him. She gives him an incredibly tight hug, knocking the breath out of him and the ball from his mouth, then picks the ball up asking if Barky wants to play.

Barky is excited, as Elmyra throws the ball off into the distance and he blasts off after it. It lands on the top of a slide in a playground, and Barky rushes up the slide after it. He grabs the ball, but then trips and falls down the steps, hits the ground and is trampled on by Monty on his way up the steps. He brings the ball back to her and she throws it into a construction site. Barky hesitatingly runs after it and grabs the ball, which is in some wet cement. A crane picks up some of the cement, with Barky in it, and drops it and him in a mixer. It spins around and sends the cement with him still inside of it through a pipe and out the other side onto a foundation for a building that is starting to be built. He desperately tries to get out of it, but a steamroller flattens him before he can do so.

Barky returns back to his spot, but tries to avoid Elmyra with no luck. Elmyra grabs the ball and continuously bounces in and repeats "fetchy-wetchy" until Barky gives in. She throws the ball again, and this time it lands at Acme Acres Tennis Club. Barky chases after it, but is startled when he sees many yellow balls which all look similar to his going back and forth between the tennis nets. He catches a ball with a butterfly net, but has no luck as the force of the speeding ball propels hims crashing head-first into the fence.

He sees Foghorn Leghorn practicing with a tennis ball machine. When Foghorn is finished, Barky turns it on to "FOREHAND", but the machine goes wild and chases Barky around, shooting tennis balls at him the entire time. Barky runs from the machine, but crashes into a wall. The machine targets him and shoots multiple balls at him, burying him beneath them. Barky knocks the balls off of him, including the ones stuck in his eyes, mouth and ears, as Elmyra comes back holding his ball wanting to play more "fetchy-wetchy". Barky grabs the tennis ball machine and runs after Elmyra with it, which shoots balls at her as she runs away.


  • In "Turtle Hurdle", Michigan J. Frog hopping across the busy highway to Tyrone's pond is an obvious reference to the classic arcade game Frogger.
  • Drooley Davey closely resembles Baby Herman from the 1988 Disney/Spielberg film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He also acts in a similar way when he says, "I Quit!" to his parents in a gruff voice.


  • Each of the three segments depicts a minor character as the main protagonist.
  • This is the first Warner Bros. project composed by Richard Stone, who would later be recognized for his contributions to Animaniacs. Production-wise, this is the fourth episode composed by Stone. The first episode produced with his music was "Dating, Acme Acres Style".
  • The title card of "Drooley Davey" has its name written in the Balloon font, which is the same font as Nickelodeon's well-known logo, originally lasting from 8 October 1984 to 27 September 2009.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Cree Summer Elmyra Duff
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Edan Gross Tyrone the Turtle
Frank Welker Barky Marky
John Hillner Michigan J. Frog



  • Buster: "Hi, kids. I have just one thing to say. Please, please, please, don't ever ever EVER get out of a car and cross a busy highway or street!! Now, as for Elmyra, lemme show ya somethin'. (He crosses over to another scene with a blackboard and an easel with a diagram of Elmyra on it.) This is Elmyra's brain... She has none. The only reason she's alive is... SHE'S A DRAWING!!! SHE'S NOT REAL!!! YOU CAN'T HURT A DRAWING UNLESS YOU RIP IT UP!!!!" (He rips up the diagram.)
Elmyra: "OW!"
Buster: "See? None of this stuff is real!!! IT'S ALL A CARTOON!!!! Thank you."


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