The Wheel O' Comedy/Transcript

Act One

(The episode begins with backdrop of The Dark ages. The camera slowly moves its way to Buster Bunny, who is dressed like a barbarian.)

Buster: "Forward, Barbarians!" (To the viewers): "Oh, hi, toonsters. Boy, is this gonna be a great show! It's Spectacular day on Tiny Toons. We got action, drama, 10,000 charging mongols!" (A scream is heard offscreen from the guy Buster pokes with his sword) "Tidal waves, earthquakes..."

(Babs walks in and taps Buster's shoulder)

Babs: "Ahem."

(Buster turns his head towards Babs)

Buster: "What?"

Babs: "The monguls cancelled. Sore throat."

(Buster tosses his sword and shield aside as Babs walks away)

Buster: "Oh, well. We got tidal waves, earthquakes..."

(Babs walks back to Buster)

Babs: "Psst."

Buster: "What?"

Babs: "The Special effects guy looked at the script and quit. No tidal waves or earthquakes."

(The fire in the backdrop is put out)

Buster: "Oh, great. So much for Spectacular day. So now what are we gonna do?"

(Plucky and Hamton arrive to carry the backdrop away)

Babs: "Hmmm. Well, there's always The Wheel O' Comedy."

Buster: "Oh no, not that! Anything but that!"

Babs: "We've got no choice."

(Babs pulls out Buster's shirt and Buster walks away. He returns a second later, dressed in his shirt with a scowl on his face, which he tries to make into a smile)

Buster (with forced enthusiasm): "The Wheel O' Comedy!"

(Babs, the Wheel O' Comedy, and the backdrop appear suddenly. The Wheel O Comedy has images of Buster, Babs (both separate and together), Plucky, Hamton, Dizzy, Elmyra, and Furrball)

Babs: "So, let's give them the magic chant!"

Buster: "There once was a girl from Nantucket..."

Babs: "Not that chant."

Buster: "Oh."

(Babs begins to spin the wheel)

Buster & Babs: "Whose cartoon are we gonna see? Let's spin the Wheel O' Comedy!"

(The wheel lands on Dizzy Devil)

Babs: "A Dizzy Devil cartoon!"

(Buster and Babs laugh nervously as the screen blacks out)

Devil Doggie

(The title card, which shows a pair of sinister eyes in a doghouse, is shown. The screen fades to black, then to the next scene, where a squirrel climbs down a tree, sniffing around)

Elmyra (holding an acorn): "Here, Squirrelie-whirlie, look what I have for you. Come on, little Squirrelie, take the nice peanut!"

(The squirrel bites down on the acorn and tries to pull it away, but Elmyra snatches him)

Elmyra: "Oooh! Now I have a cute little squirrelie-whirlie to pet and love and cherish and squeeze!"

(The squirrel spits out the acorn, and tries to escape from Elmyra's grasp using a crowbar, which breaks, then tries biting down on her hand as she talks)

Elmyra: "I'll take you home and lock you in a nice little cage, and never never ever let you out, except to pet you..." (kisses the squirrel) "...and love you..." (kisses the squirrel again) "...and hug you..." (kisses the squirrel) "...and squeeze you all up!" (She hugs the squirrel, who by this point is losing his breath) "Won't that be fun?"

(The squirrel tickles Elmyra's nose with his tail)

Elmyra: "Aaah, aaah... choo!"

(Elmyra sneezes the squirrel out of her grasp and her hair briefly flies off her head. As the squirrel is sneezed away, he looks at the camera with a big grin and a thumbs-up)

Elmyra: "Oh! Come back! No cute little animal wants to be my pet!"

(Elmyra begins crying. A short distance from her, Dizzy Devil spins through the forest, knocking over trees, rocks, and a fountain of a rabbit spitting water. Dizzy briefly stops spinning)

Dizzy: "Hungry, oh, hungry."

(Elmyra continues crying. Dizzy overhears and spins towards her. He watches from behind the bushes)

Elmyra: "I guess I'll just go home alone."

(Dizzy visualizes Elmyra as a piece of meat with a ribbon)

Dizzy: "Oh, yummy! Mmmm!"

(Dizzy spins towards Elmyra and growls at her. Elmyra turns her attention to him)

Elmyra: "Oooh! It's a puppy!"

(Dizzy growls, then stops)

Dizzy: "Puppy?"

Elmyra: "A cute little puppy-wuppy's come to play with me!"

(Elmyra giggles as she tickles Dizzy's chin. Dizzy growls at her)

Elmyra (As Dizzy places his mouth over her, trying to eat her): "If you were my puppy, I'd feed you big, juicy steaks, and tasty bones, and yummy meat byproducts, and..."

(Dizzy stops, then wipes his lips with his tongue, thinking about the tasty food Elmyra promises him if he agrees to be her "puppy" for the day)

Elmyra: "Does that sound good?"

Dizzy: "Uh-huh!"

Elmyra: "Goody!"

(Elmyra grabs Dizzy and slams him across the ground on her way back to her house)

Elmyra: "Then you can be my puppy, and we'll play together every day, and I'll love you and hug you, and squeeze..."

(At Elmyra's house, Hubie and Bertie are using nail files to break out of their cages. Suddenly, Bertie overhears Elmyra returning)

Bertie: "Cheese it! The kid!"

(Hubie and Bertie drop their files into their pouches)

Elmyra: "Here we are, Puppy. Your new home."

(Dizzy groans as Elmyra drags him along)

Elmyra: "And these are your new playmates."

(Dizzy looks at Hubie and Bertie, intending to eat them)

Dizzy: "Mmmm! Smorgasboard!"

(Hubie and Bertie scream as Dizzy tries to eat their cage. Elmyra takes the cage away from him and he bites his hands instead.)

Dizzy: "Aaaah! Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!"

Elmyra: "Silly puppy-wuppy. Look what Elmyra has for you!"

(Elmyra pulls out a rubber bone labelled, RUBBER DOG-TOY, Dizzy growls in delight as he jumps up and down. He then chomps on the bone and tries to pull it away as Elmyra holds onto it and giggles)

Dizzy (growling): "Let go!"

Elmyra (giggles): "No!"

(Dizzy continues pulling on his end of the bone as Elmyra giggles and holds onto her bed with her left arm and her end of the bone with her right arm. Dizzy pulls his end of the bone through the kitchen, up the stairs, and out of the chimney, as he is now on the roof of Elmyra's house. The bone tries to pull Dizzy away, but Dizzy continues to back up. He is then in Elmyra's yard, near a clothesline. He ties his end of the bone to the clothesline's pole."

Dizzy: "Oh, phew!"

(Elmyra comes up behind him, still holding her end of the bone)

Elmyra: "I like this game, puppy."

(Dizzy sees the other end of the bone and jumps excitedly)

Elmyra: (as Dizzy wipes his lips with his tongue) "Okay, puppy. Here you go."

(Dizzy chomps the other end of the bone as Elmyra lets go of it. The bone pulls Dizzy all across Elmyra's house, first through the foyer, where he crashes into an umbrella can and a vase, then through the hallway, and into the kitchen, where he gets hit by several hanging pots and pans. He crashes through a blender and into the refrigerator, then crashes through a bunch of jars. He then gets pulled up the stairs, into the fireplace, and out of the chimney. He slides through the roof and slams into the pole.

Elmyra (giggles): "Funny puppy, do it again!"

(Dizzy groans. Later, Dizzy is sitting at the table with a yellow dish labelled, Puppy, which he eats)

Elmyra (as she tries to reach for a can labelled, Puppy Food, only to pull out a can labelled, Acme Nuke-O Jalepeno Peppers X-Tra Hot) "My goodness, you got a healthy appetite!"

Dizzy (As Elmyra opens the can): "Aaah! Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!"

Elmyra: "Here you are, puppy wuppy!"

(Dizzy eats the contents from the can, then he wipes his lips with his tongue again, and smoke starts emitting from him. Dizzy looks at the Acme Nuke-O Jalepeno Peppers Xtra Hot label on the can, then explodes. He runs past Elmyra, screaming with his mouth on fire)

Elmyra: "Puppy?"

(Dizzy runs to the bathroom and into the shower, where he washes his mouth out. In a nod to Psycho, sinister music plays as Elmyra's silhouette is behind the shower curtain, holding what looks like a knife. Elmyra opens the curtain, revealing she is carrying a hairbrush.)

Elmyra: "Gracious, puppy. If you wanted a bath, you should have said so!"

(Dizzy looks at Elmyra in horror as she raises her hairbrush and sinister music continues to play. Elmyra cleans him with a bar of soap and the hairbrush. She then puts shampoo in his fur and begins scrubbing him)

Elmyra (singing as she continues to bathe Dizzy): "This is the way we wash our pets, wash our pets, wash our pets, wash our pets. This is the way we wash our pets, because they're filthy and disgusting and yucky!"

(Elmyra turns off the water, which goes down the drain. The camera then cuts to a wet and shriveled-up Dizzy)

Elmyra: "Now we dry!"

(Elmyra touches Dizzy's nose and he spins around. She touches him again and he stops, with his fur looking puffy. The puffed up fur causes him to float into the air.)

Elmyra: "Oops! Too much fluff. I'll fix that! You need a haircut."

(Elmyra grabs Dizzy's foot, then sits him down on the toilet)

Elmyra (as she pulls out a razor): "This won't hurt a but!"

(Elmyra uses the razor to shave Dizzy's fur)

Elmyra: "There. You're gorgeous."

(Dizzy looks in the mirror and sees that Elmyra shaved his fur to make him look like a poodle. He screams in horror.)

Elmyra (as she comes in, carrying various dog toys): "Puppy-wuppy, let's play some more!"

Dizzy: "No! No no no!"

(Dizzy spins past Elmyra, knocking the toys out of her arms and tangling her up in a jump rope)

Elmyra: "Puppy! Wait! Come back!"

(Elmyra, tied up in the rope, slinks her way towards Dizzy, who breaks through the front door)

Elmyra: "Come back!" (to the viewers) "I lose more puppies that way."

(The cartoon irises out, ending Act One)

Act Two

(Buster begins spinning the wheel)

Buster (with a monotone voice): "The Wheel O' Comedy spins and spins,"

Babs (with a monotone voice): "Bringing us lots of yuks and grins."

(The wheel lands on Furrball)

Babs (with a monotone voice): "Oh! It's time for a Furrball cartoon."

Buster (with a monotone voice): "Oh, goody."

Optical Intrustion

(The title card, which shows the title above a pair of 3D glasses, is shown. The screen fades to black, then to the next scene, as the camera zooms in on a 3D glasses factory, then cuts to inside the factory, where two testers are testing them)

3D Glasses Tester #1: "Pass."

3D Glasses Tester #2: "Pass."

(The camera moves towards the two testers)

3D Glasses Tester #1 (as he tosses a pair into the Approved bin): "Pass."

3D Glasses Tester #2 (as he tosses a pair into the Approved bin): "Pass."

(The two testers each put on a pair of 3D glasses, and look at the posters on the wall. On the posters are a tiger, an airplane, Uncle Sam pointing at them, and some of the planets)

3D Glasses Tester #1 (as he tosses his pair into the Approved bin): "Pass."

3D Glasses Tester #2: (Gasp) "It's amazing, these 3D glasses really make everything seem to jump right out at you!"

3D Glasses Tester #1 (as he puts another pair on): "Yes, yes, yes, but it's just an optical illusion."

(3D Glasses Tester #1 looks at the poster of the tiger, which rips off the wall and sticks to his glasses. He pulls the poster off.)

3D Glasses Tester #2: "Hey! What's going on?"

(3D Glasses Tester #2 looks at 3D Glasses Tester #1 and gets stuck to his glasses)

3D Glasses Tester #1 (as he tries to pull 3D Glasses Tester #2 off his face): "Oooh, this pair works too well. It actually makes things come closer."

(The two 3D glasses testers crash into a wall. Fortunately, 3D Glasses Tester #1 has managed to get the glasses off his face. A bucket of glue falls off the wall and the glue leaks onto the glasses.

3D Glasses Tester #1 (As he tries to pull the glasses off with a grabber): "Defective."

(The two 3D Glasses testers carry the glasses to an open window.)

3D Glasses Testers #1 and #2: "Reject."

(They drop the glasses into a garbage can. The camera then pans to Furrball, who is collecting fish bones to eat. He sniffs one, and is about to put it back in the garbage can, but he decides to take it anyway. He moves to the garbage can where the defective 3D glasses are and grabs the glasses. He sniffs them, tosses the trash can lid aside, and puts the glasses on. He dances, then picks up a reflective silver plate from the trash can to admire himself in it. The glasses cause the plate to fly into his face. He pulls the plate off, then dizzily walks out of the alley.)

(He looks at a mailbox, then screams in horror as the mailbox flies towards him, hitting him. The Mailman stops his truck next to him and empties some letters from the mailbox into his bag. He then drives away as Furrball pulls the mailbox off his face. It then looks like Furrball accidentally pulled his head off. Furrball pulls on his bandaged tail and his head pops out of his body. Furrball then decides to take the glasses off. However, because of the glue, the glasses are stuck to Furrball's face.)

(Furrball walks away, trying to pull the glasses off, with no success. He looks down at his feet, which the glasses pull towards his face. A bird is chirping on the telephone line above, and Furrball looks up. He decides to use the glasses to help him catch the bird. The glasses pull the bird towards him, with the bird clinging onto the wire the entire time. The bird flies away as Furrball tries to eat it. Furrball chomps on the wire instead, which electrocutes him. He screams in pain as it does.)

(Furrball walks towards the Acme Bird Shop, with his paws covering his eyes the entire time. He tries to pull the glasses off again, with no success. Suddenly, he sees a lot of caged birds. He tries to pull one towards him with his glasses, but the cage rams into his face. The bird opens the cage and flies away, cawing. The screen fades to black.)

(Then in the next scene, the camera pans over the outdoor fish market. Furrball covers his eyes with his paws, then looks at the fish in the market. An employee there puts a basket of lobsters next to the fish. Furrball tries to pull the glasses off again, with no success. Furrball gasps and gulps as he realizes that he is about to pull the lobsters towards him. The lobsters fly into Furrball, who walks away with them clinging onto his nose, tail, and right arm.)

(In the next scene, Furrball is at a hydrant and tries to use it to pull the glasses off. The glue pulls Furrball towards the hydrant and causes him to hit his head on it. Furrball tries again, and wanders into the road, where a fire truck approaches him. He grabs onto the fire truck's ladder, and at first, it looks like the plan to get the glasses off will work, but the ladder slides off the truck, and the glue pulls Furrball towards the fire hydrant, who screams in horror. He walks across the ladder, only to reach its end. The hydrant then splits the ladder in half and hits Furrball on the head again. Furrball's impact causes the lid of the hydrant to come off and water spouts from it, pushing him towards the Acme City Dump.)

(Furrball, now with a belly full of water, spits it out, and shakes the rest of the water off his fur. He turns around and sees a bulldog with a spiked collar growling at him. He pulls the Bulldog towards him with the glasses, and the bulldog has him in his mouth. The Bulldog pulls him out of his mouth and growls at him. The glasses pull Furrball back into his mouth and he takes him out again. This happens a third time, and after the third time, The Bulldog points Furrball's head to the right side, causing a kitchen sink to fly towards him. The Bulldog stops the sink with his foot and runs away. Eventually, the sink stops following him and he sighs in relief. He then gasps as a bathtub flies towards him. The bathtub hits him, as do a car, a bus, an airplane, and a cruise liner, which all fall from the sky for reasons unexplained.)

(Furrball rises from the rubble, with the glasses finally off his face. Furrball is relieved when he finds out, but unfortunately, the Bulldog now has the glasses on his face. He growls as he looks at Furrball, and pulls him into his mouth. Furrball's eyes open and he gives a petrified meow as the Bulldog's teeth close in front of him. The cartoon then blacks out, ending Act Two.)

Act Three

Babs: "And now for our final whirl on the Wheel O' Comedy."

(Buster spins the wheel, which lands on Buster and Babs)

Babs (in an unconvincing tone): "Oh, I don't believe it! It's a Babs and Buster cartoon."

Buster: "Who'd have thunk it?"

Babs: "This is a complete surprise, kids."

(Buster and Babs grin as they look at each other)

Win, Lose, or Kerplowie!

(The title card, which shows the game show's title, is shown. The screen fades, to blaqck, then to the next scene as the camera focuses on the set of Win, Lose, or Kerplowie!)

Announcer: "Today, someone in this audience will win a dump truck full of valuable prizes."

(The camera turns to Plucky Duck)

Announcer: "Plucky Duck, waddle on down!"

Plucky: "Who, me? Oh! I've never won anything in my life!" (Laughs) "This is my lucky day, I just know it!" (laughs)

Announcer: "Just come on down."

Plucky: "Oops."

(The camera focuses on Montana Max, who takes a lollipop from the infant next to him)

Announcer: "Montana Max, come on down!"

(The infant cries as Monty licks his lollipop. Monty then sticks the lollipop in the infant's mouth)

Monty: "Out of my way, peasants!"

(Monty runs past several people in the audience)

Audience Member #1: "Ow!"

Audience Member #2: "Hey!"

Audience Member #3: "Eek!"

(The camera focuses on Babs Bunny)

Announcer: "And Babs Bunny, hop on down!"

Babs: "Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah!" (To the viewers) "I'm excited."

(Babs continues screaming in delight as she runs towards the stage)

Babs: "You like me, you really like me."

Announcer: "Only one of these three will be the big winner on..." (The word WIN is above Babs) "Win..." (The word LOSE is added above Montana Max) "...Lose..." (The word OR is added above Plucky) "...Or..."

Audience: "Kerplowie!"

(The word, KERPLOWIE flies in and hits Plucky in the head. Plucky turns his head around and the word KERPLOWIE explodes in his face, turning his head upside down.)

Plucky: "Anybody got a band-aid?"

(The camera focuses on a set of curtains)

Announcer: "And now, here's the star of our show, Blink Winkleman!"

(The curtains open, revealing Blink Winkleman)

Blink: (laughs) "Hi there, fun lovers! Well, we have two fabulous contestants still standing." (He turns to Babs) "Hi there, young lady, tell us your name and what you do."

Babs: "My name is Babs Bunny, and I do... Katherine Hepburn!" (Imitating Katherine Hepburn) "Give me those prizes, you old poop!"

(The audience laughs)

Blink: (laughs) "That's marvelous, Babs." (He turns to Monty) "And what's your name, Son, and what do you do?"

Monty: "My name's Montana Max, and I win." (He pulls out a stack of dollars) "Get it?"

(Blink's eyes turn into dollar signs)

Blink: "Got it."

Monty: "Good!"

Blink (as he clears his throat and puts Monty's money in his coat pocket): "Yes, and now, it's time to play our game!"

(The camera focuses on Babs and Monty in their podiums)

Babs: "Well, good luck. There's nothing like a fair fight, is there?"

(Babs prepares to shake hands with Monty)

Monty (as he pulls his hand away from Babs'): "Yeah, and this is gonna be nothing like a fair fight!"

(The camera focuses on Blink, who is looking through the stack of money Monty gave him earlier Blink then looks at the camera and puts the money back in his coat pocket)

Blink: "Oh! And, um... here's the first question!"

(The camera cuts back to Babs and Monty, preparing to press their buzzers)

Blink: "Who was the first President?"

(Babs presses her buzzer)

Babs: "George Washington!"

Blink: "That's absolutely..."

(Before Blink can continue, Monty holds another pile of money in front of him, running his fingers through it)

Blink: "...wrong!" (The buzzer buzzes) "Uh, you didn't let me finish, Babs. The complete question was, 'Who was the first President of... uh... Namibia?'"

Monty: "Nice try, carrot breath!"

(The camera focuses on Buster, who is sitting in the audience, reading a book called, History of Africa)

Buster: "Namibia doesn't even have a president! Something tells me this game is rigged!"

(Plucky appears next to Buster, with his head still burnt from the explosion)

Plucky: "Oh. What was your first clue?"

(The camera focuses back on Blink and Babs)

Blink: "We-hell, Babs, you know what happens when you give a wrong answer on Win, Lose, or..."

Audience: "Kerplowie!"

Babs: "How did I know they were going to say that?"

(A pile of spaghetti falls on Babs)

Babs: "What? No meatballs?"

(Some meatballs fall on Babs)

Babs: "I had to ask."

(A giant meatball falls on Babs)

Blink: "Now, the next question!"

(Monty pushes his buzzer and blows a raspberry at Babs)

Blink: "A little quick there, Max, don't you think? But here's the question; 'Name the Secretary General of China from 1981 to 1987'."

Monty: "Who?"

Blink: "That's absolutely right! Secretary General Yow Pang Who!"

Babs: "Hey! I smell a rotten egg!"

(A giant rotten egg falls on Babs)

Blink: "Phew! You said it, Babs. And speaking of rotten, here's a word from our sponsor!"

(The commercial consists of several kids looking at some sausage patties on the grill. The patties then jump onto some burger buns, then turn into anthropomorphic hot dogs)

Weenie Burgers (singing): "Weenie Burgers are so much fun to eat, if you look real hard, you might even find the meat!"

(The kids pick up the burgers and eat them; the hot dogs scream in pain as the WEENIE BURGERS logo is shown. The camera cuts back to the studio, where Buster is standing next to a rather stinky Babs)

Buster: "Come on, Babs, where's your gumption? Where's your spirit?" (Sniffs) "Where's your deodorant?"

Babs: "Listen, I'm not the only thing that stinks around here!"

Buster: "Don't worry, Babs. We'll give him the ol' One-two, and Monty will end up with egg on his face!"

(As Buster and Babs run off, the camera focuses on Blink, who is counting his money)

Blink: "$230, $240, $2..."

(Before he can continue, Buster pulls him away with a cane. The camera cuts to Babs, who walks on stage, dressed as "Vanna Pink")

Babs: "And now, here's our new host, Fink Winklebunny!"

(The camera cuts to Buster, who is dressed in Blink's clothes and hair)

Buster: "Thank you, Vanna pink!"

(The camera cuts back to Monty)

Monty: "Hey, what's going on?"

Buster: "Uh-uh-uh! I'll ask the questions around here! Time for round 2, where the stakes are higher and the questions are tougher! Are you ready?"

Monty: "Ready!"

Buster (reading off a card): "In baseball, what does the umpire yell when a runner reaches home without being tagged out?"

(Monty is about to answer the question, but before he can, Buster places a lid over him and hits it with a hammer repeatedly)

Buster: "Time's up!"

Monty: "But I was going to say, 'Safe'!"

(The camera cuts to Buster)

Buster: "You got it!"

(Buster pushes a button. The camera cuts to Monty, who gets hit by a 12-ton safe that falls on him. Babs walks towards the safe)

Buster: "Vanna, tell him what he's been kerplowied with!"

Babs (as Monty dizzily walks out of the safe): "Well, fink, it's a lovely 12-ton Acme safe! Yes, attractive, affordable, and guaranteed to squash you flat as a bug! Acme; for 50 years, the leader in creative mayhem."

(Monty walks angrily towards Buster)

Monty: "Hey, what's going on here?"

Buster: "You're winning!"

Monty: "I am?"

Buster: "Yes, yes, yes! And you can double your points by answering this question!"

(The camera cuts to Babs standing next to a picture of Yosemite Sam. Below the picture are the words, YOSEMITE SAM with the "I"s and "E"s missing)

Buster: "Two letters are missing from the name of this famous cartoon character."

(The camera cuts back to Buster and Monty. Buster is holding a rope)

Buster: "For 50 points, what are the two missing letters?"

(Buster pulls the rope, which activates a trap door, which Monty falls down)

Monty: "Aiee!"

Buster: "That's absolutely right!"

(The camera cuts back to Babs, who adds the missing letters to the puzzle)

Buster: "The missing letters are 'I', 'E'!"

(The camera cuts back to Buster. Monty lands next to him for an inexplicable reason.)

Buster: "Well, Max, your our big winner! What do you have to say for yourself?"

Monty (Wearily): "Where am I?"

Buster: "You're on Win, Lose, or..."

Audience: "Kerplowie!"

(A 16-ton weight falls on Monty, then is lifted back up. The audience claps and cheers)

Monty: "No, stop! I didn't really win! I cheated! I'll never go on another game show as long as I live!"

(Babs shows up next to Monty)

Buster (giggles): "Well, it just goes to show you, you can't cheat an honest rabbit!"

(Buster removes Blink's hair, revealing his rabbit ears)

Babs: "Yeah!"

Monty: "Uh-oh!"

(The spaghetti, the rotten egg, the safe, and the 16 ton weight all fall on Monty. The camera cuts back to Buster and Babs. Blink shows up on stage, tied up and in his underwear)

Blink: "Hey, wait a minute! This is my show!"

Buster: "And, you're just in time to give our audience an important message!"

Blink: "I am?"

Buster: "Yeah!"

(Buster backs up as a giant weight that says, THE END falls on Blink. The cartoon irises out on it, and the credits roll)

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