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Tiny Toon Adventures
The Wacko World of Sports
Season 1, Episode 28
The Wacko World of Sports Logo
Air date 30 October 1990
Written by Gordon Bressack, Charles M. Howell IV, Chuck Menville, Grant Moran, Tom Ruegger
Directed by Kent Butterworth
Gag credit Moral of Story - Not Every Show is Perfect
End tag Buster: "Say goodnight, Babs."
Babs: "Goodnight, Babs."
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The Wacko World of Sports is the 28th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Babs Bunny is the host of today's episode. She shows in her announcement various clips of Plucky Duck getting mauled at various sports events. Plucky asks her, "Tennis, anyone?", and gets whacked with a tennis racket.

In the second act, Buster introduces the next episode segment about his favorite sport, baseball.

In the third act, Buster and Babs are professors, teaching the students how to play golf. Babs has never played golf before, but she bets she can beat Buster.


Tennis the Menace

Montana Max is throwing a tennis tournament in his backyard. The only players he invites to compete against him are lousy players. Monty serves Hamton food with his tennis racket. Monty serves Furrball a tennis ball that explodes, causing Furball to disintegrate into ash. Monty wins against Bookworm because he is too small to hold the racket properly. Babs disguises herself as Bunny Wawa, her version of Barbara Walters, an interviewer who speaks with a lisp similar to Elmer Fudd. When she interviews Monty, she asks him why he's only inviting lousy players. He tells her, "I WANNA WIN!" Buster Bunny, who is an expert at tennis, is working as a ball boy.

After defeating Furrball, Bookworm, and Hamton by cheating, Monty wins the Wimpydumb trophy. Buster Bunny quits his ball boy job in protest and disguises himself as Bjorn Bunny, an expert tennis player from Sweden. He shows Monty the biggest trophy he owns, and Monty challenges him to a game of tennis for the giant trophy. Buster competes against Monty without breaking a sweat, and they soon reach the tiebreaker. Monty uses a remote control tennis ball and racket to confuse Buster, but Buster soon catches on. He sends in the army to send the tennis ball back to Monty, and the tennis ball explodes in his face. The force of the explosion actually sends Monty flying through the scoreboard. Buster wins the trophy and reveals the secret of his success; "Confidentially, I wasn't Bjorn yesterday!"

Bleacher Bummer

Acme Looniversity is competing against Perfecto Prep in a game of baseball, and Sylvester is the host. Furrball wants to get into the stadium, as he is hungry for a hot dog. He notices a discarded hot dog next to a trash can, but hides in the trash can when cars pass him to look for parking. Dizzy Devil arrives, eating the trash cans on his way to the stadium. He notices Furrball and invites him to join him in the stadium.

Arnold the Pit Bull is working as a security guard in the stadium, making sure nobody gets in without a ticket. Neither Dizzy nor Furrball has a ticket, and they sneak into the stadium. Arnold boots them out of the stadium, but they manage to sneak back in when he is giving balloons to children. As Buster throws the baseball, Roderick Rat hits it with his bat and it heads toward the bleachers. Dizzy catches the ball and eats it. Later in the game, Buster throws many other baseballs, all of which are deflected by the Perfecto Prep Alumni. The Perfectoids even knock Acme Looniversity's team out of the stadium!

Dizzy Devil is outraged that Perfecto Prep is winning 457-0. A vendor sells some refreshments, including ice cream, peanuts, and popcorn. Porky asks for some peanuts, and the vendor tosses them to him. Furrball notices another chance to get food, so He uses a mitt to catch the food that the vendor tosses. Arnold tosses an anvil, and Furrball catches the anvil, and gets it to the Bleacher, Tired from the Anvil's Recoil as Dizzy continues to Cheer. Arnold locates Dizzy and Furrball and chases them, who run on spectators' heads, and they end up on the field. Dizzy lands on Roderick and splinters his bat, revealing that Perfecto Prep has been cheating using the magnet-in-the bat scam, resulting in Perfecto Prep being disqualified, and Acme Looniversity winning the game by default. Dizzy says, "You're out!" and helps Arnold whack all the Perfectoids out of the stadium.

That night, Sylvester throws a feast in honor of Arnold, Dizzy, and Furrball saving Acme Looniversity from Humiliating Defeat. He asks if they have any words for their fans, and Dizzy and Furrball say, "We love baseball," as They Stuff Themselves.

Miniature Goof

Roderick Rat puts up a sign that says Free Golf Today, as he and Rhubella are desperate for customers to keep their miniature golf course from going out of business. Buster and Babs arrive, unable to resist free golf. Roderick and Rhubella told Buster and Babs that ACME Students are not Legit to have Free Golf, but Buster reminds them of their sign that says Free Golf Today. Rhubella hands Babs a rigged golf club, and as she tries to make her shot, the golf club sends the ball flying towards a fancy food tent, where a camel is ready to slice a ham. The camel slips on the golf ball, causing all the customers to flee, and the tent to be sliced down. The customers kick Buster and Babs into a dumpster and Roderick and Rhubella laugh at them. Buster and Babs decide to get their revenge on them.

Later that night, Buster and Babs disguise themselves as Biff and Buffy Vanderbunny, as Roderick and Rhubella are unable to resist money. They challenge them to sink a hole in one; if Roderick and Rhubella win, they get $10,000. If the Vanderbunnys win, they get ownership of the golf course. Rhubella agrees to the wager, and immediately begins. Roderick goes first and thinks it'll be an easy win as the ball is so close to the hole, but As he hits the ball, Babs switches to a desert background, causing the ball to land in a sand trap.

Later, as Roderick tries to get the ball into the hole, Buster hits his ball, causing Roderick's ball to land on top of the flow of a water fountain. As Roderick tries to make the shot, Buster shuts off the water, costing Roderick the shot and the ball to land in a water hazard. At hole 13, Roderick reminds Rhubella that they can't afford to bogey this shot. Buster distracts Rhubella by disguising himself as Humphrey Bogart. Rhubella's golf club hits the beehive and causes the bees to attack her and Roderick. As they try to whack the bees with their golf clubs, Buster counts up the strokes.

A the 18th and final hole, Buster counts up the large amount of money Roderick and Rhubella owe him. Roderick and Rhubella are short on cash, so Buster decides to bet the whole golf course instead. Just as Roderick is about to sink the ball into the last hole and win, a mini-mall springs up, causing Buster and Babs to win. They own the golf course now, and ask officer Porky to take Roderick and Rhubella away. With Buster and Babs in charge, the golf course is now open to the public, and Roderick and Rhubella are tied to the gristmill's water wheel.


  • "Tennis the Menace" references the comic strip Dennis the Menace.
  • In "Tennis the Menace", Babs Bunny's role, Bunny Wawa, is a parody of the American journalist Barbara Walters.
  • In "Tennis the Menace", the Wimpydumb trophy is a spoof on the Wimbledon trophy.
  • In "Tennis the Menace", Buster Bunny's role "Bjorn Bunny" is based on the Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg.
  • In "Tennis the Menace", Buster imitates Mr. Rogers to demonstrate the word "cheater" to viewers.
  • The title "Bleacher Bummer" is a reference to certain Chicago Cubs fans known as "Bleacher Bums".
  • In "Miniature Goof", when standing by the water pressure wheel, Buster idly hums "By a Waterfall".
  • In "Miniature Goof", when dressed as Bogart, "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca plays.


  • "Bleacher Bummer" marks the first appearance of Margot Mallard, although she does not speak until the episode "The Acme Bowl".
  • The voice clip of Monty saying, "Rabbit, You're Finished," in "Tennis the Menace" was recycled from the "Life in the 90s" segment "Paper Trained".
  • The ending to "Bleacher Bummer" is one of the few times Furrball actually speaks, as he and Dizzy say, "We love baseball!"
  • In "Miniature Goof", Roderick and Rhubella call Buster and Babs "Mr. No-money Bunny and his No-money Bunny Honey", implying they are a couple.
  • In the wraparound preceding "Miniature Goof", Babs is both teaching the class and attending the class in the same shot.
  • During "Bleacher Bummer", there is a a girl that looks just like Elmyra Duff, the only difference is she is wearing a white shirt, red skirt, and a red bowed ribbon. Also there is a another girl whose face is not shown is wearing the same exact light blue blouse just like Elmyra has on as well with the exception of matching light blue skirt.
  • Despite the animation work being done at AKOM in South Korea, the ink-and-paint and camera work was done at Fil-Cartoons in the Philippines.


Voice Actors: Character(s):
Charlie Adler Buster Bunny, Roderick Rat
Tress MacNeille Babs Bunny, Rhubella Rat
Joe Alaskey Plucky Duck, Sylvester
Don Messick Hamton J. Pig
Danny Cooksey Montana Max
Frank Welker Furrball
Rob Paulsen Arnold the Pit Bull, Porky Pig, Vendor
Maurice LaMarche Dizzy Devil


  • Babs: "And welcome to the wimpy dumb tennis tournament. All the greats of the tennis world are not here."
  • Buster: "This is the last time I do a cartoon without reading the script first."
  • Monty: "Rabbit, you're finished!"
Buster: "No, I'm Swedish."
  • Buster (Imitating Mr. Rogers): "You know, in tennis, love means zero. Now let's learn a new tennis term. Can you say, 'Cheater?'" (Holds up a sign of Monty's head above the word Cheater) "Sure, I knew that you could."
  • Porky: "Oh, v-v-vendor, I'll have an ice cc, an ice cc, some peanuts."
  • Babs: "Golf. A simple game, really. You have one ball, ten clubs, 18 holes, and you keep yelling FORE!"
  • Rhubella: "What will we do? If we lose this last hole, we'll be laughingstocks, outcasts, worse than that; WE'LL BE POOR!"


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