The Three Bears, as depicted on Looney Tunes

The Three Bears (consisting of Maw, Paw, and Junior) are Looney Tunes characters based on the characters from the classic fairy tale, The Three Bears, that appear occasionally on Tiny Toon Adventures. On the Looney Tunes shorts, Paw (referred to as Henry by Maw) is the short-tempered husband of Maw and father of Junior, Maw is the stern but loving wife of Paw and mother of Junior, and Junior is the overgrown doofus baby who's seven years old and still in diapers.

Appearances on Tiny Toon Adventures

Papa Bear is voiced by Frank Welker, Mama Bear is voiced by Tress MacNeille, and Junior Bear is voiced by Stan Freberg on Tiny Toon Adventures.

The Three Bears appear in the Fairy Tales for the 90's episode segment, Bear Necessities, as the main focus. In a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale, The Three Bears, the bear family is living in a modern household. Papa likes the idea of modernization, but Junior misses living in the woods, his old toys, and his old friends. During their lunch, they cook their porridge and find it too hot. (Maw's is on fire and Junior's is nuclear waste.) Instead of going for a walk in the woods, they go shopping at the Acme Mall. While they are away, Elmyra Duff invades their house, eats their porridge (except Junior's), and sleeps in their beds. When The Bear Family returns, they find out Elmyra has invaded their house and they call the police. The police mistake them for stray animals and take them to the zoo (their new home). Junior likes living at the zoo, but Paw is outraged.

The Bear Family returns in the Acme Home Shopping Show episode segment, Teddy Bear's Picnic, again as the main focus. Elmyra Duff disguises herself in a bear mask to spy on the Bear Family during their picnic. Besides eating picnic food, the family participates in such events as the potato sack race and the three-legged race. Running gags include Maw whacking Paw with a newspaper (and at one point, a frying pan) whenever he tries to beat Junior for doing something wrong, and the bear family upsetting a large, short-tempered muscular bear, with tattoos that express just how angry he is.

In the Here's Hamton episode segment, Milk, it Makes a Body Spout, Junior is asleep in the Acme Looniversity cafeteria. Buster borrows his shoes to use as a beak for his impression of Foghorn Leghorn, in an attempt to make Hamton laugh so hard, milk squirts out his nose.

Mama Bear usually makes cameo appearances in various episodes as the lunch lady in the Acme Looniversity cafeteria.


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