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Taz, the mentor and favorite teacher of Dizzy Devil

The Tasmanian Devil, usually referred to as Taz for short, is a Looney Tunes star who now teaches at Acme Looniversity. He is the mentor and favorite teacher of Dizzy Devil. in the Looney Tunes shorts, Taz is usually depicted as an omnivorous predator and one of Bugs Bunny's archenemies.

Taz was voiced by Jeff Bergman in Tiny Toon Adventures. Maurice LaMarche voiced him for one episode in Ask Mr. Popular. Noel Blanc voiced him in You Asked for It.

Appearances in Tiny Toon Adventures

Taz appears in the You Asked For It episode segment, Debutante Devil, as Dizzy's mentor, in which he assigns Dizzy to eat Babs Bunny. Dizzy fails the assignment because Babs corrects his behavior by giving him a finishing school-style routine.

In the Season 1 episode, Prom-ise Her Anything, Taz appears in a commercial for Crazy Tazzie's House of Tuxes. Crazy Tazzie's House of Tuxes is a store where Acme Looniversity students can buy a tuxedo for the junior prom. The varieties include red, black, plaid, green, feather, white, Friar, and purple. All the tuxedo sizes are Gorilla, but Taz can alter the size by gnawing at it (it's also ripped at the back as a result). Taz's slogan is "Me prices be insane. Me insane. Me nuts." After the commercial was filmed, Bugs and Daffy captured Taz and put him in a straightjacket.

Although he does not appear in the episode, Buster and the Wolverine, he appears in the gag credit for that episode, credited as the trainer for The Wolverine.

Taz appears briefly in Animaniacs!, where he is seen in the Teacher's Lounge, pouring a pot of coffee, and then eating the pot. Like the other Looney Tunes characters (save for Daffy and Porky), he runs away when Bugs announces it is time to volunteer as judges for the Acme Looniversity film festival.

In the Ask Mr. Popular double-length episode segment, Dapper Diz, Taz is not impressed with Dizzy's new personality change and tells him that he is supposed to spin through the dummies, not around them. When Dizzy refuses to spin through the dummies, Taz kicks him out of Acme Looniversity.

Although he does not appear in the Here's Hamton episode segment, Milk, It Makes A Body Spout, he is one of Buster Bunny's many impressions in an attempt to get Hamton to laugh so hard, milk squirts out his nose.

Although he does not appear in the Elephant Issues episode segment, Why Dizzy Can't Read, Dizzy plays him in a re-enactment of a scene from the Bugs Bunny cartoon Devil May Hare. Dizzy has trouble playing Taz because he has trouble reading his lines.

In Two-Tone Town, Taz appears at the beginning in a promo for Acme Oop!, in a clip from the cartoon Devil May Hare. Later, Taz performs on cymbals and drums in an orchestra conducted by Daffy and consisting of other Looney Tunes. Taz as well as the others in the orchestra are wearing light blue tuxedos and about to perform in front of a full crowd. Buster (in Robin Hood attire and intentions to steal the musical symbols) interrupts the orchestra, but a slightly annoyed Daffy denies his interruption and commands them to perform anyways. Giant musical symbols appear above the orchestra as they play, and Buster begins stealing the symbols, infuriating Daffy further. The angered duck battles Buster atop the symbols, as Taz and the others continue to play. Daffy loses the battle when he falls and Taz smashes in his head with his cymbals. Buster conducts a final note as Taz and the rest of the orchestra perform for him.

Taz appears in the Best of Buster Day episode segment, Class Without Class. He assigns Dizzy Devil to be enemies with Buster Bunny (as he and Bugs were enemies in the Looney Tunes shorts.) Although Dizzy and Buster want to remain friends, they have to pass their classes.


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