The Roches


The Roches are an all-cockroach girl band who appeared in the "New Character Day" episode segment "The Roches".


  • Maggie Roche: The oldest and leader of the Roches sisters, she has brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a light purple dress and light purple shoes.
  • Terre Roche: The middle of the Roches sisters, she has blonde hair, blue-green eyes, and wears a long-sleeved blue shirt with a white V collar, a light green skirt and blue shoes.
  • Suzzy Roche: The youngest of the Roches sisters, she has black hair with a pink bow tied to it, and wears a pink shirt with a open white jacket, black shorts and pink shoes.


  • The Roches are based on the live-action all girl/sister band, The Roches, Even their names and appearance are based on them
  • The Real Roches sisters did the voice of their bug counterparts.
  • The Roches mentioned that they knew The Beatles when they lived in Liverpool. It's implied that The Beatles were actual beetles in the short.
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