The Pumpkin Guy (right) with Tissue Box Ghost (left)

The Pumpkin Guy is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the opening credits of Night Ghoulery. He is a parody of Jack Skellington from the 1993 Tim Burton film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


He first appears at the cemetery on top of what looks like the Spiral Hill (from The Nightmare Before Christmas). As he is singing, he encounters his dog (reminiscent of Jack Skellington's dog Zero from said movie), who has taken the form of a piece of tissue paper in a box, which he uses as he sings of how he is tired of celebrating the same hoilday year after year. While on Spiral Hill, which turns into an escalator, The Pumpkin Guy walks toward a bunch of trees that have pictures of holidays on them. When he turns to see all of the hoildays, he notices one tree that has a circle rainbow on its door. He turns the knob to see what is behind the door, only for the door to fall on him, revealing the same circle rainbow. This time, Buster and Babs emerge from the door, and they (along with the others) sing the Halloween Special intro. Towards the end of the song, The Pumkin Guy appears angry while all of the Toons appear and Babs warns him about the lighting, which strikes him. After the song ends and the Pumpkin Guy gets crushed by the opening title, he leaves it up and says, "How long til Mother's Day?" in a painful voice.

The Pumkin Guy's Song

Tonight's my night, I'm the Pumpkin Guy,

on all Hallow's Eve, I'll fly through the sky,

But alas and alack, I'm bored out of my skull,

my once favorite holiday has grown so dull!

It's tired, trite, and also routine,

I crave different thrills on this Halloween.

I wonder what hides beyond this door,

it just might be what I'm looking for.

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