The Plucky Duck Show is a short-lived spin-off to Tiny Toon Adventures, with all of the episodes centering on Plucky Duck. The show ran for thirteen episodes from September to December 1992.

Out of the thirteen episodes, only the first one, "The Return of Batduck", an homage and tie-in to the 1992 Tim Burton film Batman Returns, was completely original to the series. All of the show's remaining episodes were compilations of shorts produced for Tiny Toon Adventures, though some shorts aired on The Plucky Duck Show first.


The Plucky Duck Show intro-0

The show's theme song is set to the same tune as the Tiny Toon Adventures theme song, but with different lyrics to suit Plucky as the center of attention. The lyrics to the theme song can be seen below.

After the show's cancellation, "The Return of Batduck" was added as a regular Tiny Toon Adventures episode in reruns and syndication, with several bits and pieces cut in order to fit in the Tiny Toon Adventures opening credits. The Plucky Duck Show's formula was re-attempted several years later with the Animaniacs characters, Pinky and the Brain, with better results, as Pinky and the Brain lasted 65 episodes, all of which were original material instead of shorts previously used on Animaniacs.

Episode List

Episode Number: Cartoons: Air Date:
1 The Return of Batduck September 19, 1992
2 Ducklahoma/Video Game Blues/Yakety Yak/Party Crasher Plucky September 26, 1992
3 Minister Golf/Particle Man/Istanbul (Not Consantinople)/My Brilliant Revenge! October 3, 1992
4 Kon Ducki October 10, 1992
5 Inside Plucky Duck (Featuring Bat's All Folks! and Wild Takes Class) October 17, 1992
6 A Quack in the Quarks October 24, 1992
7 A Ditch in Time October 31, 1992
8 Going Up/Wait Till' Your Father Gets Even/Never Too Late to Loon November 7, 1992
9 The Just-Us League of Supertoons/A Bacon Strip/Migrant Mallard November 14, 1992
10 Hollywood Plucky November 21, 1992
11 The Potty Years/Milk, It Makes a Body Spout/The Anvil Chorus November 28, 1992
12 Slugfest/Duck Dodgers, Jr./Duck Trek December 5, 1992
13 Best O' Plucky Duck Day (Featuring One Minute Ti'll Three, Sticky Feathers Duck, and Duck in the Dark) December 12, 1992

Theme Song Lyrics

Singers: You're lucky, It's Plucky!

Plucky: I'm absolutely ducky!

Singers: Other shows seem yucky

Now that Plucky's on the air!

Plucky: I'm Wacky, I'm Quacky!

Singers: He's an ego-maniacy,

Hamton plays the lackey

of this duck extraordinaire!

Who knows the way to close his endless babbling beak?

Drop an anvil down upon his feathery physique!

Toast him, roast him,

the show will still be most him,

Singers & Plucky: It's The Plucky Duck Show and it's on each week!

Singers: His antics are frantic,

at times he gets romantic,

Plucky: My talent's so gigantic,

it'll burst from your TV!

Singers: The writers are hackers,

the artists all went crackers,

the actors are yakkers,

Plucky: But don't complain, it's free.

Singers: Plucky goes to Acme Loo to learn to be a star,

there're other Toonsters at the school,

Plucky: But who cares who they are?

Singers: So enjoy, don't be coy,

and don't fall for a decoy,

It's The Plucky Duck Show, come and laugh along!

Plucky: I also wrote this song!

Clips used in order

Plucky looking up and down-(The tag when it's a Plucky cartoon)

Plucky wearing glasses- (Dream Date Game)

Plucky changing channels on his tv- (America's Least Wanted)

Plucky jumping while watch tv-(Slugfest)

Plucky throw a pie in his face-(The Looney Beginning)

Plucky hitting himself with a mallet-(Hollywood Plucky)

Plucky with a moustache-(The Looney Beginning)

Hamton gets strangled by Plucky-(Hollywood Plucky)

Hamton nods-(Sticky Feathers Duck)

Plucky dancing-(Hollywood Plucky)

Plucky getting squished by Uncle Stinky-(How I Spent My Vacation)

Plucky avoiding anvils-(The Anvil Chorus)

Plucky being roasted-(Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian)

Plucky doing card tricks-(A Ditch in Time)

Plucky dancing near the words "Plucky Duck"-(Two-Tone Town(The word Hudson is replaced with Plucky))

Plucky acting crazy-(Migrant Mallard)

Plucky grabbing a romantic background-(Never Too Late to Loon)

Plucky with stars in the background-(Hollywood Plucky)

The Tiny Toons characters running out of the TV-(Intro)

Anvils writing a script-(The Anvil Chorus)

Plucky being scared by a clone of himself coming out of a typewriter-(Intro)

Gogo with a storyboard and Babs in a recording booth-(Animaniacs!)

Plucky watching tv-(America's Least Wanted)

Plucky running to school-(Animaniacs!)

Plucky with stars in his eyes-(The Anvil Chorus)

The Tiny Toons characters running out of School-(How I Spent My Vacation)

Plucky talking-(Never Too Late to Toon)

Plucky in midair, being crazy-(Hog Wild Hamton)

Plucky with two heads-(A Quack in the Quarks)

Buster and Babs Bunny laughing-(Two Tone Town)

Plucky talking in Looney Tune rings-(Ending tag of some episodes)

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