The Mother Whale is a large adult whale that appeared in the episode, Whale's Tales. She is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Mother Whale and her child were swimming gracefully in the ocean, Until Gotcha Grabmore tried to capture both whales to make her new line of cosmetics. Unfortunately, The Mother Whale was captured by Octavius and his pirates but thankfully, the Baby Whale escaped. The Mother Whale was seen again inside Gotcha's new cosmetics factory in the middle of the ocean, inside a tank where Gotcha planned to kill her and use her blubber for her cosmetics. After Buster and Babs failed to open the release valve to free her, the Mother Whale heard her child hitting the door, trying to free her. After Buster and Babs opened the value, The Mother Whale was then reunited with her son and both happily swam back into the ocean, but not before thanking Buster and Babs for their help.

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