The Metropolis Marvels (right) facing off against Hamton, Furrball, and Saul Sheepdog

The Metropolis Marvels are characters in Tiny Toon Adventures.

About the Marvels

The Metropolis Marvels first appear in The Looney Beginning as some of the villains that escape from the Villains Box.

The Metropolis Marvels later appear at the beginning of The Acme Bowl, where they face off against Hamton, Furrball, and Saul Sheepdog. Before Hamton, Furrball, and Saul have a chance to make a move, the Metropolis Marvels zap them with their laser eyes.


The Metropolis Marvels are parodies of the DC Comics superhero, Superman, and the first half of their name references Metropolis, the city that Superman lives in. The second half of their name references Marvel Comics, the business rival to DC Comics. In the early 90's, Marvel UK was given the license from Warner Bros. to publish Tiny Toon Adventures comics in most of Europe. As of 2009, Marvel Comics is owned by Disney, one of Warner Bros. biggest animation rivals, making the Tiny Toon comics unlikely to reprinted anytime soon.


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