The Man from ACME trying to buy Goopy Geer's piano

The Man from Acme is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Two-Tone Town". He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

About the Man

The Man From Acme first appears after Foxy tells Buster and Babs Bunny that the last time he and Roxy worked together was years ago at Toonywood Squares, when all of a sudden, Foxy sees The Man From Acme trying to buy Big Bee's buzz. Foxy, Buster, and Babs try to stop him, but are too late, as Big Bee had already sold his buzz to The Man From Acme in exchange for a jar of honey. After The Man From Acme leaves, Foxy explains to Buster and Babs that they've all had to sell their sound effects and music to him to make ends meet.

A little later, The Man From Acme appears in the Two-Tones' apartment to try to buy Goopy Geer's piano. He is surprised to see them alive, and tells them, "I thought you guys were dead." Babs then tells them that they aren't dead, but rather, they're big stars auditioning for the upcoming Warner Bros. cartoon, Acme Oop. The Two-Tones are shocked when they hear this, but Buster goes along with Babs' plan. Just as Goopy is about to sell his piano, since he has to eat and has nothing else left to sell, Babs barges in and tells The Man from Acme that if he takes Goopy's piano, she'll hop on his head. He leaves, but not before mockingly telling the Two-Tones, "Good luck on your audition, Two-Tones!"

Near the end of the episode, after the Two-Tones get turned down by the Warner Bros. Casting Executives, The Man From Acme meets up with the Two-Tones again outside the Watner Bros. studio, asking them how their audition went. He then re-attempts to buy Goopy's piano, even going as far as to ad an extra dollar. Just as Babs, Foxy, and Roxy are about to give up, Goopy stands his ground and refuses to sell him his piano, even if it leads to his starvation, much to their shock. The Man From Acme calls Goopy a has-been, and just before Babs and the Two-Tones can fight him, Buster, who is disguised as Robin Hood, swings in with the music and sound effects he stole from the Looney Tunes cast, and kicks The Man From Acme into the sun, where he meets his demise.


  • ”Ha Ha Yeah right. Ah your nothing but has been.” Final words before being kicked into The Sun to his unusual death


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