Note: Scenes that were cut in reruns are highlighted in red.

The Looney Beginning/Transcript

Act One

(The cartoon begins in Hollywood, California. The camera then moves to the Warner Bros. studio, where we hear Daffy voice about a new movie)

Daffy: "I tell ya, J.F., it'll be a smash; Honey, I Shrunk the Laundry, starring Daffy Duck! What do you say?" (The Camera then pans to the front of the entrance, where Daffy is then kicked to the curb and bounces right back onto his legs)

Daffy: "Phillistines!" (Daffy then looks at the camera angrily with his eyes squint together)

(In the next scene, we see a bunch of houses until the camera moves to Bugs Bunny's mansion, specifically to his backyard pool, which is in the shape of his head, then we hear Bugs as he is siting in a chair talking to someone)

Bugs: "Ah, light of my life, I'll never take you for granted, you're the only one for me." (the camera then zooms to Bugs) "And I love you..."

(The camera then moves to reveal that the person Bugs is talking to his is Shloskar award, he keeps talking to it while he is on his knees)

Bugs: "My precious statuette." (Bugs then notices the camera, then begins talking to the viewers) "Oh! Eh, what's up, Docs? Welcome to a speical edition of Tiny Toon Adventures. Eh, when Warner Bros. asked me to introduce their show, I said, 'For you guys, anything! as long as I'm paid in advance'."

(As Bugs holds right hand out, a human hand hands him a check, but as Bugs looks at the check, he drops it and it bounces)

Bugs: "I don't accept checks!"

(As Bugs kicks the check off the screen, a huge truck with a large amount of carrots and carrot products appears and drops them on to him. Bugs pops out and is shown to be happy about it)

Bugs: "Thanks! Ah yes, Tiny Toon Adventures, a fine show. It all began quite a while ago, but I remember it clearly as if it were a flashback."

(A flashback ripple is shown, which takes the viewer to what seems to be a tall building with the WB symbol on it)

Bugs: "It was late one night at the Warner Bros. Studio."

(The camera pans to a picture of Bugs)

Bugs "I was just hanging around, as usual, while the artists were coming up with brilliant new TV ideas."

(The camera pans to a sillhoute of the Animator and his boss behind a door)

The Animator's Boss (While tearing up a script and tossing it into the garbage): "This is garbage! Garbage!" (balances the bin on his hand, then dumps the trash on the cartoonist's head) "Nobody wants to see a show about some rich little brat named Monty! You'd better come up with a hit show by 9:00 A.M. tomorrow, kiddo..." (pull out an axe) "...or it's the axe for us! Now, GET TO WORK!"

The Animator: "Yes, sir!"

(The animator glumly walks over to his desk, but is unable to come up with anything)

The Animator: "Oh, it's hopeless! I don't even know where to start!"

Bugs Bunny: "Can't go wrong with rabbits, doc."

(The camera pans to Bugs' picture)

The Animator: "Hmmm. Rabbits."

(The animator puts a piece of paper on the drawing board and draws a picture of a baby rabbit)

Baby Rabbit: (giggles) "Golly, gee whiz! Aren't I just the cutest thing you ever saw? Uh-huh, uh-huh, I sure am! I'll go to your house and I'll live forever and ever and ever and you'll never ever ever get tired of me, and I'll go hippety-hop, hippety-hop right into your heart!"

The Animator: "Ewww! That thing'll give people cavities!"

Baby Rabbit: "I love everybody and all the world, and I even love..." (voice gets muffled as the Animator crumples his sketch up and puts it in the garbage can) "...being crumpled and thrown away."

The Animator: "Maybe something a bit more manly."

(The animator draws a picture of a Rambo-esque muscular rabbit)

Muscular Rabbit: "Aaaah! Prepare to fry, you insignifigant slug!"

(He fires his flamethrower, which sets the paper on fire. The Animator puts out the fire with a cup of coffee.)

The Animator: "Never get him past the Parent-Teacher's association. I'll split the difference."

(The Animator draws a picture of a young male rabbit, presumably a teen, think Bugs Bunny but smaller and a more raspy voice, all smiles and enthusiastic.)

Male Rabbit: "Hey! Nice shocks! How bout' a splash of color, pal?"

(The Animator paints the bunny in different colors, including green, pink, and orange)

Male Rabbit: "Whoa! Who are you, Ted Turner?"

(The Animator paints him light blue and white)

Male Rabbit: "Hmmm, better. Now, for the censors, how bout' some clothes?"

(The Animator paints a mexican outfit on Buster)

Buster: "Huh?" (sarcastically) "Har har. Tutu funny."

(The Animator removes the mexican outfit and puts a red shirt and white gloves in its place)

Male Rabbit: "A star is drawn!"

(The Animator looks at his new creation with satisfaction)

Male Rabbit: "Say, how 'bout drawin' me a best friend? A buddy? A compadre? Someone I can talk to rabbit-to-rabbit?"

(The Animator then paints two pink rabbit ears with purple ribbons, a pink rabbit head, then a pink rabbit body with a yellow shirt and a purple skirt, just about the male bunny's size. She too is all smiles and chipper.)

Male Rabbit: "A girl?"

Female Rabbit: "Welcome to the 90's."

The Animator: "Huh?"

'Female Rabbit: "So, how do I look?"

Male: "Well, you..."

Female Rabbit: "And how's my voice?"

Male Rabbit: "Well, it's, uh..."

Female Rabbit: (Imitating Glinda the Good Witch with a full fairy like attire and hairdo): "Is it a good voice or a bad voice?" (She then dresses like Dolly Parton) "I'm a-bustin' out all over!" (She then dresses like Veronica Lake/Jessica Rabbit in a purple evening dress and a peek-a-boo like hairdo in place of her ears, she snaps her fingers and a spotlight shines into view as sultry swing jazz plays while the girl bunny struts her stuff)

(The male bunny's jaw drops in a lovestruck state)

Female Rabbit: (Sultry like Jessica) "Or maybe... a bit more bunny heat?"

(The male bunny reacts lustfully with steamwhistles and wild takes as the girl bunny grabs him and kisses him, which electrifies the malefore melting him. The Animator reacts in question)

Female Rabbit: "So, which voice do you like?"

Male Rabbit: "I like em' all! How do you do that?"

Female Rabbit: "It's a girl thing. So what's your name?"

Male Rabbit: "Good question. Hey, what are our names?"

(The Animator writes BUSTER above male he's now christened as the name above.)

Male Rabbit: "I'm Buster Bunny!"

(The Animator writes BABS above the girl bunny, thus christening her name to Babs.)

Female Rabbit: "And I'm Babs Bunny!"

Buster & Babs: "No relation!"

(The jump off the paper and kiss the Animator)

The Animator: "When they start jumping off the paper and kissing you, it's time to call it quits!" (He grabs the paper and puts it in the garbage can) "Oh, who am I kidding? I could never come up with a cartoon show by tomorrow morning." (He leaves the office and heads home)

Buster (As he and Babs climb out of the garbage can and float down to the floor): "That poor guy is throwing his career away!"

Babs: "Not to mention ours. Requesting clearance for landing."

Buster: "Roger, rabbit!"

Babs: "You've got the wrong bunny." (She looks at her wrinkled state) "Darn! I'm fourteen and I already have wrinkles!" (She pulls out an iron and irons herself)

Buster: "He just doesn't know star potential when he sees it."

Babs: "Who does?"

Buster: "We do! We'll create the show ourselves, for everyone who loves toons! For the big guys, for the little guys, for the strange medium guys with bad haircuts!"

Bugs: "I like this kid, he's got moxie!"

Babs: "But Buster, it takes dozens of highly paid network executives years to come up with a TV show!"

Buster: "Which means it should take us... about as long as this next commercial break."

Babs: "Exactly."

(The screen blacks out, ending Act One.)

Act Two

(After the commercial break, we are at the front entrance of the studio, where Bugs continues telling the story of the origin of Tiny Toon Adventures

Bugs: "Eh, Warner Bros. need a hit series by 9:00 am," (Bugs is seen telling the story while in his picture) "And the fate of the project rested in the hands of two hard-working and brilliant young rabbits."

(The camera then moves from Bugs to the desktop, where Buster and Babs are work. But a closer look shows Buster doing the work by writing a list while Babs is fooling around with a eraser on her head)

Babs (Imitating Pee-wee Herman): "La la la!" I'm Eraserhead! La la la!" (Laughs) "La la la la la!"

(Bugs looks down at the two rabbits)

Buster: "I've made up a list of everything needed for a hit show."

(Bugs looks down at the two rabbits as Babs talks to Buster)

Babs: "Let's do Tiny Toons instead."

Buster: "Right. We need appealing stars."

Buster and Babs: "Done."

Buster: "Also, we need an exciting locale, wacky but lovable neighbors, arch-enemies, and stories.

Babs (as Buster rushes off): "Okay. What's our location?"

(Buster runs back with a pair of scissors, which he uses to cut a piece of paper with. The scraps fly past Babs)

Buster (standing next to a map): "Feast your eyes, Babsy!"

(The camera pans over the map as Buster and Babs speak to each other)

Babs: "So, what do you call it, rembrant?"

Buster: "Green Acres."

Babs: "Get current."

Buster: "Okay, Acme Acres."

Babs: "What do we need next?"

Buster: "Wacky but lovable neighbors."

(Buster jumps into the map)

Babs: "Last one in is eraser dust!"

(Babs jumps into the map. She and Buster fall, landing near a sign that says, Audition Today For Wacky But Lovable Neighbors)

Babs: "Audition today. Well, isn't that convenient?"

(A few moments later, Buster and Babs are dressed in robes and sitting at a desk, interviewing candidates for the show, who have lined up behind the sign)

Babs: "Next!" (A male pig in blue overalls walks up to the desk) "All right, baby! This is your audition! What do you do?"

Pig: "My name is Hamton J. Pig, and I, uh, uh... clean!" (pulls out a mini-vacuum cleaner) "I react to characters funnier than I am, and I have low self-esteem."

Babs: "Well, every show needs a straight man. You're in!"

Hamton: "I'll get my sponge!"

(Buster pulls a background of a pigsty towards Hamton, who lands in the mud)

Hamton: "Ick! Mud!" (Pulls out his mini-vacuum and vacuums up the mud)

Babs: "Next!"

(A little pink bird wearing a festive blue bow in her hair like feather do flies and lands toward Buster and Babs. Think of a female Tweety.)

Bird: "Hello, I'm Sweetie." (giggles) "I can be the birdie who is always being chased by that mean old Furrball." (Furrball -a navy and light blue cat- is standing next to her, licking his paw and not even bothering to catch her) "Leave me alone, you nasty vicious predator!" (She pulls out a mallet and hits him with it)

Babs: "That's what this show needs, more heart! You're in!"

(Sweetie and Furrball get launched. Sweetie lands in an egg in a nest and hatches out of it)

Sweetie: "I'm only three and a half minutes old." (giggles)

(Furrball lands near an alley, where it starts to rain. Furrball pulls out an umbrella, but the lightning strikes it, torching him.)

Babs: "Next victim."

(A Wackyland like Dodo jumps next to Babs and splats. Think of the Dodo in the classic Looney Tunes short Porky in Wackyland)

Dodo: "Hey! Who ordered the two-footie?"

Babs: "Not me."

Dodo: "I"m Gogo Dodo, and I shall perform Hamlet's Soliloquy. Ahem. Two bees..." (Transforms into two bee versions of himself) "Or not 2B..." (transforms into a door marked 2B, which he crosses out, then transforms into himself dressed as The Riddler) "That is the question." (Giggles)

Buster: "We have just the place for you, nut boy!"

(Buster grabs Gogo and he and Babs use a slingshot to launch him into Wackyland. When Gogo lands, he looks at the sign, and the WB logo chasing the Time Warner logo with a mallet in the background.)

Gogo: "Wackyland! Home surreal home!" (Singing) "Lo-do-de-o, lo-do-de-o, lo-do-de-o-do-do! Aaah-aaah-aaah-ooh!"

(Back at the audition, the other toons are in line, then the camera moves to the right and shows Buster and Babs looking at the list)

Buster: "We need a few more characters."

Babs: "Okay, you're all in!"

(Upon hearing that, all of the remaining toons then run past Buster and Babs (Note a goof is shown that both Monty and Dizzy are in the crowd) and as the clouds fade away, we see Buster and Babs on the ground)

Babs: "Give actors a break, and they'll walk all over you."

(Suddenly, Buster and Babs hear an annoying voice out of nowhere and reveals it belongs to none other thana little green duck in a white tank top, he has a somewhat Daffy Duck lisp to his voice but sounding somewhat younger.)

Duck: "Just a cotton-tailed minuto! You can't pull this show off without me!" I am Plucky Duck." (He hands them his card) My Resume. I'm a Swashbuckler!" (Plucky turns into a 16th century swordsman while doing swordman tricks) Oh, Ah! Perry, Thrush!" (Plucky then changes into a superhero) "Superhero!" (Plucky then flies up while saying a famous catchphrase) "Up, Up, and Up some more!" (Plucky then comes back down and turns into a romantic man) "A romanic lead," (Plucky then takes out a small mirror and pretends it was someone else) "Ah, you gorgeous hunk of duck! Let me take you away from this, and back to my place!" (Plucky runs to the side, then returns back in his normal clothing) "And funny duck extraordinaire!" (Plucky then takes out a pie and smashes it on his face) "So what do you say uh, hmm uh?"

Buster: "Ok!"

Babs: "You're in!"

Plucky: "Great! what's my role?  Musketeer?" (Plucky turns into a musketeer) "Romeo?" (Plucky turns into Romeo) "Or just king?" (Plucky turns into a king, then Buster shows up next to him) 

Buster: "You're our sidekick."  (Buster then kicks Plucky into a pond, where he is standing in mid-air just as he is about to complain his new role)

Plucky: "SideKick?!, no way!" (Plucky then notices the pond under him and falls into it. He then returns back to Buster and Babs in his normal clothes)

Plucky: "I am no sidekick! Hamton's the sidekick type! He has all the earmarks of a sidekick" (Plucky then shows one of Hamton's ears to reveal it has the word SIDEKICK written on it, then tosses Hamton off-screen) Plucky: "I am a superstar, a super duper nova star! That's what I am! I'm exploding with talent!" 

(Plucky then really explodes, we then move back to Buster and Babs who are checking out their list)

Buster: "Yeah, next we need are the villains."

(Buster then leaps out of Acme Acres, back to the desktop and notices a green box on a shelf  and climbs up to get a closer look. There, he sees that the box has warnings such as, Danger, Stay Out, and Go Away! written on it. Buster then tiptoes to the side of the box and pushes it off the shelf, where both him and the box land next to Babs. The box opens, releasing all of the future villains of the series, such as the Candy Bar Monster, a Brain with an eyeball, The Devil, one of the Metropolis Marvels, and even Dr. Gene Splicer. Buster and Babs are shown in fear of what happened, until they think all of the villains are gone. Buster jumps to see what is left and laughs)

Buster: "Hey Babsy, check out the leftovers." (The first leftover shown is Dizzy -a young purple Tasmanian Devil with a light purple shade instead of brown- who is both spinning and screaming in fear of the second leftover, a young girl in a bluish green top with puffy sleeves and collar and a pleated white skirt and mary janes. Her hair is red and has a little bow matching her shirt, adorned with a tiny skull. Her hair's of medium proportions. This )

Girl: "Come back, you spinny purpley puppy thing!"

Dizzy: "Dizzy out of here!" (As Dizzy spins to escape from his chaser, she jumps out of the box and chases Dizzy) 

Elmyra: "Elmyra just wants to hug you and squeeze you into itty bitty pieces! And then I'm going to change your diaper by myself!"

(Elmyra and Dizzy then run and jump into the picture of Acme Acres) 

Buster: "Eh, they'll be pushovers." 

(Suddenly Buster and Babs hear an explosive shout behind them, then notice an angry small boy who comes out of the box as he screams ferally while it is on fire)

Babs: "Who are you?"

Young Boy: "I'm Montana Max! That stupid Animator promised me my very own show!" (Monty then jumps out of the box) "Where is that no-talent hack?!" 

Babs: "He went that a-way!" (Babs points to the right) "If you hurry, you can catch up with him." 

Montana Max: "He can't do this to me! I'm rich! I'll Sue!" (Monty then jumps into the picture of Acme Acres) "He'll never work in this town again!" (Buster and Babs then walk back to the picture while Buster looks over the list)

Buster: "Arch-Enemies? check! now let's write some stories."

(In the next scene, we see Buster and Babs next to a pile of scripts as they are looking at their list while Hamton is finishing the last script) 

Buster: "How're we doing, Hamton?"

Hamton: "I typed down every word, Buster."

Babs: "And each script is jam-packed with comedy."

(Just then we see Monty on top of Arnold while they are hiding in the bushes as they see Buster, Babs, and Hamton with the scripts) 

Buster: "The scripts are done! we have a show!"

Babs: "All right!" 

(Suddenly Monty appears and scares Buster and Babs)

Montana Max: "I'm staging a takeover and you rabbits are out of here!" (Monty then uses a golf club to whack Buster and Babs out of Acme Acres)

Montana Max: "FORE!!!" 

(We then see Buster and Babs as they scream when they fly out of Acme Arces) 

Montana Max: "Ha ha ha! Welcome to The Montana Max Show."

(As Buster and Babs are out of Acme Acres, We still hear Monty's voice)

Montana Max: 'Where I'll be the only star! Got any last words, Duck?"

(Buster and Babs then see lots of explosions in the picture, then see Plucky's beak out of his face) 


Babs: "Oh, Peanuts! That brat stole our show!"

Buster: "Without those scripts, We're DOOMED!!" 

(We then see a dark cloud as it hovers over Acme Acres and shoots lightning over it. Montana Max's evil laugh is heard. The screen blacks out, ending Act Two.)

Act Three

(After the break, we return to back to Bugs' pool where he narrates the rest of the origin while a purple rabbit is giving him a back rub)

Bugs: "Time was running out for Buster and Babs,"

(we then see Buster and Babs see a picture of Acme Acres under attack while small explosoins are happening)

Bugs: "And Acme Acres was in ruins!"

(Buster and Babs are horrified to see and hear what's happening to their home while hearing Monty laugh so evilly)

Montana Max: "HAHAHAHA!"

(Plucky pops out of Acme Acres and then falls back down)

Plucky: "Send in the Stunt Duck!"

(Gogo also pops out of the picture, and then falls back down)

Gogo: "Redrum, redrum, redrum!"

(The camera moves to Bugs, who is in shock to see what is happening. The camera then moves back to Buster and Babs, where Babs is dressed like a tired boxer and Buster is her trainer)

Bugs: "Buster and Babs were ready to throw in the towel, so I decided to give them a little wabbit wisdom."

(Just as Buster and Babs are about to leave and throw away the towel, Bugs then grabs the towel and jumps out of his picture to stop them. As he jumps out, Buster and Babs run while on their knees and beg for Bugs' help)

Buster: "Oh, pater. Oh, mentor. Oh, great unaffordable one."

Bugs: "Eh, you can call me Bugs."

Buster: "Bugs! Monty stole our show and..."

Babs: "And stole our scripts!

(Babs wraps her arms around Bugs and pleads for his help) 

Babs: "Please, please help us!"

(Babs looks at the viewers. Buster does as well, while giving a weird smile)

Babs: "This always works. Please, please!"

(Just then, Bugs walks up to the picture with a large paint brush)

Bugs: "Well since you asked so nicely, sure."

(Bugs then takes the paint brush and paints a building in the center of Acme Acres. A closer look shows us that it's a school and its given name is Acme Looniversity.)

Bugs: "Now follow me, and I'll learn you something."

(Bugs throws away the brush, then jumps into the picture. Buster and Babs also jump into the picture. As they fall, they land on the steps of Acme Looniversity, where Bugs is waiting for them)

Bugs: "Welcome to Acme Looniversity, Institute of higher learning and lower comedy."

(As Bugs walks into the school, we then cut to Babs, who notices a green carpet on the ground.)

Babs: "Oh, I love the plush green carpet."

(The carpet reveals itself as a flattened Plucky Duck) 

Plucky: "I've decided the sidekick role is workable.

Buster: "What happened to you?"

Plucky: "A steamroller with Monty's name on it!"

(As Bugs, Buster, Babs and the corrected Plucky walk into the school, a musical number is about to begin)

Bugs (Singing): "Our faculty is like no others, the Looney Tunes of Warners Bros., now we'll proudly demonstrate, tricks to help you animate." 

(During the song, on the left side we see Pepé, Foghorn, and Porky closing their doors, while on the right we see Sam, Sylvester and Elmer close their doors)

Bugs (Singing): "There's wild takes," 

(Bugs opens the door to reveal Porky giving a funny wild-take while a sign that says, "Y-Y-Y-ikes" comes out of his tongue) 

Bugs (Singing): "Exploding cakes," 

(Bugs gives Sam a cake, and after a few seconds, the cake explodes with Sam looking like a strange creature) 

Bugs (Singing): "Anvil dropping," 

(We see Wile. E looking scared as an anvil is about to smash him and the only thing to protect him is a small yellow umbrella, which doesn't work, as he still gets smashed) 

Bugs (Singing): "Villain Whopping!" (Bugs opens the door, where we see Sylvester running from Tweety, who is trying to hit him with a a shovel)

Tweety: "Bad ol putty tat!" (Tweety then hits Sylvester with the shovel, which causes him to break into a million pieces. Bugs then rushes towards a Happy Buster and Babs and one unimpressed Plucky while wearing Elmer's hat) 

Bugs (Singing): "Imitations are a must, If you're to gain a bad guy's trust."

Plucky: "Is that all?"

(Bugs then appears behind Plucky, wearing a duck beak mask)

Bugs (Singing): "No, there's classes ducks will find appealing, Like for instance, spotlight stealing!"

(Bugs then points out Daffy, who comes out of a janitor's closet with a spotlight in his hand)

Daffy: "It's mine! It's mine! Woohoo! what luck!"

(The camera cuts to a close-up of Plucky's face)

Plucky: "Gasp, my hero, Daffy Duck!"

(Daffy then approaches Plucky and gives him advice while spitting on him)

Daffy (Singing): "Even though you're kinda little, I'll teach you how to spray your spittle!"

Plucky: "Anyone got a shammy?"

(The camera then cuts back to the front of the school with Bugs, Buster, and Babs)

Buster and Bags (Singing): "Thank you, Bugs, from both our hearts!"

Bugs (Singing): "You'll be okay if you use your smarts. So now my song is almost through. Welcome, toons, to Acme Loo!"

(The song ends and Gogo appears out of the clock tower, holding parsley and sage)

Gogo: "Cuckoo, cuckoo! You've got parsley and sage, but you're running out of time!"

(Gogo then appears above Babs, holding a sign that says, Plot Exposition)

Babs: "We've only got five minutes to get our scripts back and save our show!"

Bugs: "Eh, you'll be fine if you remember three things..."

(Bugs then brings in Elmer Fudd)

Bugs: "One; your adversaries have tapioca for brains,"

(Bugs removes Elmer's hat, revealing he does have tapioca for brains. Elmer laughs nervously, then Bugs puts his hat back on and pushes him away)

Bugs: "Two, always eat your carrots,"

(Bugs pulls out a carrot and eats it)

Bugs: "And eh, Three; villains always fall for cheesy disguises."

(Bugs spins around, and when he stops spinning, he is revealed to be wearing a costume of Taz the Tasmanian Devil. He growls like Taz, then removes the costume)

Bugs: "Eh, I think you'll find Monty at the big mansion at the end of the woods."

Babs: "Thanks, Bugs!"

(Buster and Babs head off to Monty's mansion to recover the stolen scripts)

Bugs: "Eh, good luck!"

(We then cut to Monty's Mansion that has a banner that says, "Montana Max's Estate Home of the Montana Max Show" while lighting hits. The camera zooms down to Buster and Babs)

Babs: "Buster, how are we gonna get in there?"

Buster: "Villains always fall for cheesy disguises."

(The camera then zooms into the front of the door where we see Monty carrying the stolen scripts and placing them in a vault)

Montana Max: "Ha ha ha ha! without these scripts, those rabbits will never have a show!"

(As Monty places the scripts in the vault full of money, his doorbell rings)

Doorbell: "Money."

Montana Max: "Huh?! Probably some razzle-frazzle charity worker!"    

(As Monty runs to the door and opens it, we see Buster and Babs disguised as Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd)

Buster (Western Accent): "Howdy, son!"

Babs (Elmer Accent): "Gweetings. Hahaha!"

Montana Max: "Wow! Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd. My Heroes!"

(Buster and Babs walk past Monty as he is surprised to see his "Heroes" in his home)

Babs (Elmer Accent): "I wish I cared!"

(Monty then runs to meet his "Heroes")

Buster (Western Accent): "Congratulations for getting rid of those varmints! How'd you do it? Did you flatten them, like this?"

(Buster drops a red bowling ball on Monty's foot)

Montana Max: "Ow!"

(Babs takes out a water bottle and sprays it on Monty)

Babs (Elmer Accent): "Or did you spawy them, wike this?"

(Monty gargles)

Buster (Western Accent): "Or did you do it like this?"

(Buster swats Monty with a giant fly swatter)

Babs (Elmer Accent): "How about this?"

(Babs hits Monty with a pie)

Buster: (Western Accent): "And this?"

(Buster wraps Monty into a tortilla, turning him into a giant burrito) 

Babs (Elmer Accent): "A buwwito is good. And what about this?"

(Babs takes out a large mallet and hit Monty with it, knocking him out of the burrito and onto the wall of the safe)

Montana Max (Woozy): "No. All I did was steal their scripts!"

(The scripts are shown to glow a golden light while Buster and Babs are amazed and run to grab the scripts out of the vault. Afterwards, Buster is seen holding all the scripts while Babs is reading one of them)

Buster (Western Accent): "Why that's a great trick!"

Babs (Elmer Accent): "Weally Well Written!"

(Buster and Babs walk out with the scripts)

Buster (Western Accent): "Well, we'll be seeing ya!" 

Babs (Elmer Accent): "Have a nice wife!"

(Suddenly, Buster and Babs' ears and tails are exposed. Monty notices them and gives out a large shout)

Montana Max: "AAAH! RABBITS!"

(Buster and Babs remove their disguses and begin to make a run for it with the scripts while the Tiny Toon Adventures closing credits theme is playing. Monty first presses one of the red buttons and actives his security system, which includes three giant pairs of chattering teeth, which are placed in the hallway. Buster and Babs dodge them, then they dodge a giant boxing glove that destroy a bit of the floor. Next, they run past a few cannons that shoot out bags of coins. Just as they get to the door, they try to open it, but then they spot a giant gold coin with Monty's face engraved on it as it rolls down the stair and is about to crush them. Luckily, they are able to open the door and escape while the coin bounce off it and now begins to chase Monty. Monty then gets squished by the coin as Buster and Babs are on the balcony above, and the music ends)

Buster: "Let get these scripts back where they belong."

(As Buster and Babs walk out to the right side, we return back to the office, as it is now morning, and we see the picture of Bugs as he is about to finish the story)

Bugs: "Buster and Babs did it in just the nick of time."

(The Animator then walks into his office, looking sad, as he is about to be fired, then notices something on his desk)

The Animator: "Now what's this? Tiny Toon Adventures?"

(The Camera then moves to show the viewers the scripts, the picture of Acme Acres and the opening title picture with Buster and Babs. We then see another sillhoute of the Animator and his boss behind a door)

The Animator's Boss: "The Network loves the entire concept! You're a champion!"

(The Animator's Boss gives him a trophy)

The Animator's Boss: "Congratulations, my boy! Here's that bonus!"

(A silhouette is shown of the Animator's Boss boss giving him a bag of money, which is so heavy that it causes the the Animator to fall. The Animator gets up and his eyes turn into dollar signs. The Animator then walks out the his boss' office with a happy face and walks back to his desk where he encounters Buster and Babs)

The Animator: "Thanks, guys! You saved my job. If there's ever anything I can do for you, I mean anything, just name it."

(We then zoom to Buster and Babs, who at first look at their feet, then come up with the favor)

Buster: "Okay. Can you get us a "Created by" credit on the show?"

(The Camera then moves back to the Animator)

The Animator: Yeah, in your dreams, pal!"

(We then zoom back to Buster and Babs, who are angry at what the Animator said. They leap out of the picture and attack him, With Buster pulling his hair and Babs pulling his ear. The camera then moves to Bugs as he is about to finish the story)

Bugs: "Eh, you know, I think they're learning."

(The screen then goes black, ending the cartoon. The credits roll, and true to his word, the Animator gives Buster and Babs their "Created By" credit in the gag credit)

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