The Lone Ant

The Lone Ant is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He appears in the You Asked For It Again episode segment, Hold The Sugar and makes a cameo appearance in the New Character Day episode segment, The Roches. He is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Lone Ant is shown to be a small red ant who wears a cowboy hat and a black mask on his face, and a star on his chest.

Hold The Sugar

In his first appearance, when he arrives at the anthill, The Chief Ant asks what he brought, and Lone Ant responds (with a sign) that he brought a Soy Bean. The Chief tells him that Ants love sugar and forces him to like it. During dinner, after taking only one bite, the Lone Ant rejects the sugar and gets exiled from the anthill. Later, when the Chief and the other ants are just about to be made into chocolate-covered ants, the Lone Ant appears and saves them. Later that day, when the Lone Ant serves healthy food to the troops, the Chief Ant tries to sneak in some sugar but the Lone Ant appears, giving him a dirty look then the Chief takes a bite and learns to love it.

The Roches

The Lone Ant makes a cameo appearance in the crowd, next to the Flea family as they attend The Roches' concert.


  • The Lone Ant is a parody of The Lone Ranger, complete with the Lone Ranger theme song being used.


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