The Kindly Lady (real name unknown) is a young attractive woman who appears in the A Cat's Eye View episode segment, Little Dog Lost.


The Kindly Lady is a young woman (maybe in her early 20's) with brown hair, who sports a pink shirt, a blue skirt, and black mary janes with white socks. She also wears a big pink bow on her head.


She first appeared when Byron was running away from Elmyra, when he fell on the back of her car, she began driving like a maniac up to the point where after she stopped the car, Byron smashed into her front window. Seeing that he was lost, She decided to let him to stay with her at her apartment. During their time together, Byron tried to keep her from noticing all things that would prove that Elmyra was his owner, even buying and launching an Acme Rocket Launcher to a sky message that Elmyra wrote, only for it to say, "I'M ELMYRA. HAVE YOU SEEN MY DO". While on a walk, The Kindly Lady noticed Elmyra crying on a street corner over Byron being missing. The young lady asked her if Byron was her dog and handed him over to her. As she handed Byron to Elmyra, he put on a Batman mask to disguise himself, and Elmyra told her, "No, my dog was drawn better." Byron was relieved, but Elmyra sadly moped home. After Byron remembered all the good times they shared together, Byron then jumped on the Kindly Lady and licked her on the face to thank her for taking care of him.


  • The Kindly Lady is voiced by Cree Summer, who also voices Elmyra.
  • Many fans believe that the Kindly Lady is a older opposite version of Elymra.
    • They both had Byron as a pet but lost him to the other.
    • They both wear a bow on their heads, short skirts, and black mary janes.
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