"Excuse me, little boy, are you having trouble finding your seat?"

"Nope, it's wight hewe."

This article is about the group. You may be looking for the episode segment of the same name.


The Just-Us League of Supertoons (Group) is a league of super-powered toons who protect the world from evil. The group appeared in the "New Class Day" episode segment of the same name.



They first appeared when SuperBun asked Batduck to join their team. Batduck, thinking that this would help him sell more BatDuck merchandise, went to the Just-Us League HQ, not knowing that the Valet is nothing other then the league's mortal enemy, Wex Wuthor (Montana Max), who had waited for Batduck so he could do the final step of his plan. Inside HQ, Superbun welcomed Batduck and introduced him to all the members of the league. When asked about his powers, Batduck revealed that instead of having superpowers, he uses his fearsome image and his high-tech weaponry to fight crime (and for some reason is a great clog dancer), in which the league had rejected him. After he left, Wex appeared and planned to suck all of the powers of the heroes with the help of his super-power transfer belt, until Batduck returned when he realized that he forgot to get his parking ticket validated, and was shocked to find the League in trouble. Just as he was about to sneak away, Wex mistakenly captured Batduck and planned to steal his powers, only to realize that he doesn't have powers, and was easily defeated by him. Afterwards, the heroes cheered for Batduck and gave him a position in the league; as the new valet.


  • The Just-Us League of SuperToons is a parody of DC comics Superfriends/Justice League/Justice League of America.
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